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Green Grape Inn

The Green Grape Inn is located in Haven Croft and is considered semi upscale, but accessible.

There is a clear sign outside: No unauthorized magic allowed

The main room of the Green Grape Inn is a lively area, it is round with lights pouring down on the center from the hanging lamps between the many plants and flowers that adorn other hanging plaques from the roof. The outside ring is kept in dim light, and all around the branches and delicate leaves from the hanging nature pour down in gentle waves. Candle lights light every table, and to the north is a dancing floor, with a separate alcove for musicians. The doors for the kitchen, bathroom and office can be found in the northwest, and in the west is the bar, filled with a rich selection of drinks and exotic beverages. In the east side are doors leading to the garden and bath area, and the stairs to the guests hall.

The management office is cleverly hidden on the first floor, just off the main room.

The Garden and Bath RP Chatroom is located on the east side of the Green Grape Inn, full of exotic and beautiful flowers of different types year round. It is well maintained with little pools, bridges and benches placed throughout to add to the atmosphere. A high stone wall borders it on two sides, with the GGI and the bathhouse forming the other sides. A single gate allows access in and out, if not entering or exiting through the GGI building. A fair structure across the garden from the GGI, there are a few private baths, small, single or double person tubs, as well as two large communal tubs that can fit half a dozen or so people comfortably. Hanging plants, a few statues, and steam seem to be the décor. Hot and cold water is provided by the harried sparse staff, as well as towels, oils and soaps.

The guest hall can be found by going up the stairs that lead to the beginning of a large hall. Five doors are on either side of the hallway, each leading to a guest room. At the end of the hallway a large mirror has been placed, giving you a view back behind you into the rest of the inn.

Each room is a quite large room. It has a mirror, a dresser, a night stand, an oil lamp and many other things in it. The bedroom area is separated by fine wooded screens. Each room has it's own fireplace, couch, chairs, desk as well.

The luxury suite area can be found by continuing up the landing takes one to the suite area. This has a total of nine rooms, eight very large, and one at the end of the hall that is massive. The extra space was achieved by adding spreading the length of the building, rather than stopping against the music hall, as the second floor does. The main eight suite rooms are meant to be incredibly upscale with marble touches, a few statues, lots of mirrors, full balconies with enclosed areas for privacy, lavish baths, and roaring fireplaces. Divans, spacious beds and gossamer curtains are the norm.

The master suite, as it is known, is available by request and has two bathrooms, a sitting room, a drawing room, a library, family room, and three balconies: one for the dining room, and one for each bedroom. A butler and maid come with this room. Discretion is key.

Security and Staff

The Green Grape is currently being managed by Kari Blackwood, whom is a distant cousin of the original owner of the Green Grape Inn. Having found a copy of the original deed she came to town looking to work with the current owners, only to have found them missing. She ended up taking over after talking with a couple of advocates and accepting to pay some back taxes. She is a very charismatic woman with sharp features and dark brown hair. While there have been some snags her take over, it has been barely noticeable to the patrons as she didn't believe in messing with what has already been successful.

There are two guards on duty during the morning and afternoon shifts. Then, at night and on weekends there are three guards. During nights and weekends, typically, one guard will monitor the dance area, and the other two will take the main bar, and garden area. On occasion a guard may go undercover.

There is always a healer on staff and with a 60-80 might.

Guard's Stats and skills.

    Life- 35, End-35, Str-35, Dex-35, Int-30, Spr-30, Cha-35.
    Crowd Control and Spot: 30, trained in how to read a crowed and bring it back under control, and general awareness (discover, convince, discover).
    Combat Training and Control: 35, in the nutshell able to take someone down with out killing them (damage, avoid, weaken) .
    First Aid: 25, the ability to treat wounds in a non-magical manner, thus being splints and bandaging (repair).
    Disguise: 25, the ability to alter there appearance so as to hide there true identity (conceal).


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"Yes! There she is!" He

"Yes! There she is!" He smiled at Stephyr, "You're getting good - all of you are - she's gonna have to up her game isn't she?" He smirked, holding the cards up once again - he'd teach them the secret of it after getting at least one round in - cause you've got to have some fun with it first, right? All wholesome wholesomeness.

"Now watch close this time -" He sped the card dealing up at the last second, sliding the card up his sleeve, "Everyone see that, you know where she went?"

He asks the crowd, "Gotta tell me where she's hiding out now - and everyone's gotta agree..."

ty ty! your characters are always a blast to play with :)




Okay so the sucky news is it's 11:30 and I need to sleeps, but since next round is the time Stephyr tragically loses her newly won and defended hide-and-seek: city edition title I figure it's a good spot to NPC her out ^^; Thanks for the RP!


With the game afoot again,

With the game afoot again, Stephyr takes flight again with more determination, landing square on Seryi's head as he looks down at the cards, knocking a lock or two free as she stares intently at the cards. She leans down and keeps her eyes as wide open as she dares, trying to track the movements. It's dizzying, but she's pretty sure she has it this time.

"I GOT HER! I was right! Ooo, she's a clever queen, I bet she could even be hide-and-seek champion if she wasn't playing against a former CHAMP! Middle - she's in the middle! I know it!"

Without waiting for Seryi she darts down with a pink streak and triumphantly flips the card end over end with both hands, dancing when she spies the queen. "AAAH! I DID IT AGAIN! Okay okay okay okay," she claps, fluttering over to land on Arturo's shoulder, any semblance of uncertainty complete gone from her voice.

'Which one should we pick this time? You choose, I'm getting too good at this, I'll pick whichever one you say. Gotta keep it fair." She nods with severity, crossing her arms and sitting up as straight as she can with her best serious face, remembering the judges during the tournament competition earlier this year.


The shot of pink light gets

The shot of pink light gets an "oooh!" from Arturo. He's conditioned by fireworks, it's an involuntary response. But the pink is quite pretty. She just looks so excited, that it's hard not to giggle himself. "She did great, right kids?" He said, hoping to encourage all of them to be good sports about cheering others on.

Trying to imagine Stephyr on sugar momentarily makes Arturo black out as his brain shuts down imagining the colors and excitement that would entail that his mind cannot even comprehend. "Ok, lets see..." He said, coming to his senses just in time for her to pick the middle card.

He can't help but smile over at Seryi. He owes him a drink after this. He's not just making Stephyr and the kid's evening more exciting, but also Arturo's. It's been a while since he's seen such wholesome three card.

"Ok, watch really close." He agreed, pointing over the kids shoulders a bit so that he could gently wave his finger to help them follow the card a little bit. "Do you think she's got it this time?"


Seryi winked real quick, sure

Seryi winked real quick, sure, letting her win a second time. This time aiming to slow his hands down enough for Stephyr to really 'get' the idea of following the queen visually instead of guessing. He didn't want to have to palm the card in place on this round at least.

"Gotta watch her - running from tree to tree and hiding - but you've got sharp eyes, am I right, yes?" He asked the pixie lightly, shuffling the cards this time a little bit slower for her and the kids who were maybe a little too distracted by the flash to make the connection.

This time the lady clearly ended up in the middle - tricky lady! "Where is she now, eh?" He asked the pixie, and once she gave her answer - "You all agree too?"


The tension Seryi's working

The tension Seryi's working up about her choice has Stephyr humming with uncertainty again. Before long she has both hands over her eyes, unable to see until he announces that she got it right. Even then she peeks between her fingers to confirm before rocketing off his shoulder in an arc of pink light. "WOOHOO!"

"Yes, yes, yesyesyesyes-- oh! Unless someone else wants to go? But yes I would love to go again and also I should've brought more candy I ate all mine already or else it would be ON, mister! I'll have you know I was the forest hide-and-seek champion for eight years running! It would've been more but Mrs. Weasel has a VERY good nose..."

She clears her throat, watching as Seryi gets back to shuffling the cards. She hovers next to Arturo, leaning in conspiratorially. "Well, last time she was on the right. If I were the queen, I'd pick the left side this time. But I'm NOT a queen, so I'd hide in the middle. They'd never see that coming..."


Actually, Arturo rather likes

Actually, Arturo rather likes Stephyr's plan. It's a good strategy to point at random. And actually it's probably got better odds than actually attempting to follow the card would have. As she swaps, he nods, giving her the thumbs up. "I think you've got it in one!" He gushes.

As Seryi plays up the playing to the gaggle of youths, Arturo grins. It's just too cute. He nods. "I accept that punishment if we are wrong..." He agrees.

He grins as Stephyr is offered an actual bet. Oh, that could get sticky in a hurry. And not because of all the candy that would be won. And then he gasps alongside! Pretending to still be slightly shocked and stunned for the kids benefit. "Well, my goodness. What luck!" He gushed.

"Stephyr, I think you're on a roll. Before he even deals, I want to see which side you think it'll be on..." Arturo suggests, giving Seryi a bit of a look to see if he's willing to let her win twice like that to really boost her spirits.


"Ohhhhh - are you sure? That

"Ohhhhh - are you sure? That one? She's tricky - I thought I saw her go left. What about you all?" He asked the front row, to a small chorus of 'Left!' "... well, they said right first so... let's see, ok?" He whispered to the kids, "And if their wrong he doesn't get to pick next time, yes?"

He waggled an eyebrow at Stephyr, "Up for putting some candy money on this? No? Maybe on the next round..."

He peeked under the card on the right, playing up the gasp! and amazement! "Oh you've got sharp eyes! There she is!" He flipped the card over dramatically, playing up the discovery for the small audience.

"... shall we go again?"


Stephyr spins about,

Stephyr spins about, returning to Seryi's shoulder to get out of the way of the card game, listening to his explanation of the rules. "Ohhh - hide and seek! Right! When we play hide and seek in the forest I check under everything, so this must be the city version. That's so cool!"

She sits and watches the cards with intensity, humming a little tune to herself. Unfortunately she loses track of the queen almost immediately as all the cards deftly blur into one another. By the end, she's clearly guessing. She hums with uncertainty for a long moment, pointing to one card after the other without committing to any one choice.

Finally she claps a hand over her eyes, pointing at random, peeking between her fingers just as Arturo makes his recommendation. Realizing she's pointing at the middle one, she plants a hand firmly on Seryi's cheek. "WAIT I CHANGED MY MIND!" She points at the card on the right. "That one, she's hiding under that one! ...right?"


As Stephyr mentioned the

As Stephyr mentioned the Barrelless, Arturo bites down on the inside of his lip to keep from laughing. It doesn't keep the pink from momentarily blushing his cheeks as he holds back the giggles. But that's ok.

"Third time's a charm." Arturo agrees, giving her a polite grin.

He smiles brightly at Stephyr. "You are." He shrugged though at the mention of money nests and angry people. "You're absolutely right. I don't know why that is either... It's a mystery."

Arturo nodded as Seryi mentioned checking up skirts. His mouth started to run away but then the particular audience around them stopped that right quick and he just kept nodding.

The subtle tap on the table just catches Arturo's eye. He does a quick blink wink to show he's got it and then he politely leans toward the table. Not quite looming over the kids, but also making sure that he's seen.

"You know... If I were a betting sort of person... And I wanted to get some candy money from this nice gentleman... I would bet this one." He said, pointing carefully toward the right card that Seryi had mentioned.

Gooood lord. He's grifted us all! ;D


"Well - everyone who wants to

"Well - everyone who wants to call themselves a lady can call themselves a lady, there's no judging here -" He lightly tapped Stephyr on the head with the card gently. "I'm not gonna check up her skirts to find out, that'd just be rude."

"Now then -" He nodded to her, "Yeah, you found her - but she still won - cause you're supposed to only guess one card. Cause she's hiding. If you just run through all the cards that's just taking all the fun out of it, right?"

He grins at Stephyr, tapping his finger lightly by the far right side while everyone's attention is on the pixie - in hopes that Arturo will pick up on the cue. "So - let's play another round, yeah? See if you can track her as she runs around?"

Hands and cards started flying again, a little slower than normal for the kids, but not by much cause he's going to palm the card to the right. "Now then... you already went looking for her and found her once, who else wants to try?"


"...that's not a lady,"

"...that's not a lady," Stephyr points as Seryi produces the card, much to the awe of the crowd. "That's a car-- OH! I GET IT! Wait, I thought 'lady' was a different thing. I got yelled at for that once." She glances at the three cards on the table, hand on her chin again. "Which one is the duchess? Is there a barrelless? That's another one, I think. So many. Did you want me to find the queen or the lady? This is very confusing..."

She sits back on his shoulder, swaying for a moment before finally shaking it off. "Wait, I remember - cards have queens on them! Okay, so, find the queen, no problem." She flutters down to the table to begin peeking under each card before finally flipping over the queen card. "Found it! Phew, only took me three tries, I must be pretty good at this..."

"Did I hide now?"

Hearing the voice behind her, Stephyr glances back at the not-so-smallish one in the crowd, giggling at the question. "Nope! I must be a natural! But I watch people play a lot while they're building their money nests. For some reason, the bigger the nest they make the angrier some of them get, I don't know why that is..."


It took a moment of watching

It took a moment of watching the man's hands (looking for tricks, of course) before Arturo realized he knew who was attached to them. It was Seryi. The rather handsome companion of Mo (his most adored coworker and favorite eye candy). A smile lit on his face. Oh, this was too serendipitous.

At the quirk of his eyebrow, Arturo nodded. He would love to help with the show. He's ready to step in as soon as Seryi gives the signal to do so. In fact, he makes sure to carefully make his way just to the edge of the kidcrowd to make sure he's able to get up there soon.

Then as Stephyr spoke, his smile widened even more. Her charming attitude was so refreshing and pleasant. It seemed like she was destined to mess with Seryi in the most innocent of ways this evening. As Seryi pulled the card out, Arturo made a grand show of seeming totally shocked. partly for Stephyr's benefit, but also partly to show the kids that Seryi might just be completely magic after all.

"Yes, I'm curious as well..." He agreed, smiling at Stephyr. He's never seen a Faerie play cards, but he assumes that they must. The urge to find out where to buy tiny cards nearly overwhelms him before he focuses once more. "Do you play cards?" He asks her curiously.

As Seryi corrects the rhyme, Arturo gives him a thumbs up right behind the kids. Excellent instincts.


Seryi glanced up as he

Seryi glanced up as he realized he was starting to gather a bit of a crowd. Adults too - and if he were a bit less uh... moral than he was he would be making notes on how to use kids to drive a crowd and keep them friendly. But for now - nope - just entertaining some kids. Though Arturo might be able to help teach the kids the other half of this particular show... he glanced at the man, quirking an eyebrow in subtle question.

It's when Stephyr shows up that he almost facepalms into his cards. Cause any hope of his day not getting terribly off track was gone now that the pink pixie of peril was present.

Still, he didn't have anywhere to be today in particular - it was a day off. So fingers flit and hands flash he 'pulled' the queen out from behind Stephyr's left wing - "Why there she is -" He showed her the Queen of Hearts.

"You know hide-and-seek right? That's what she's up to today -" He held the card up so all of them could see her - then set her on the table and started shuffling the cards. "Hide and seek, come and go - this lady's a fickle sort of - gal..." He corrected the cruder word of the rhyme just in time given the audience.

"Now - hide-n-seek right? Where do you thing she's hiding, Steph?" He nodded to the three cards in front of him.


Seeing the gathering of

Seeing the gathering of smallish people around a tall one - clearly the leader, possibly picked based on size, she's not up on all her city customs - Stephyr flutters over from the garden where she'd been having the most wonderful time with a trio of sadly very drunken bumblebees to see what all the fuss is about.

Flittering down to land on Seryi's shoulder, she watches the cards flying this way and that, not really knowing what she's watching for but it's much too distracting for her to notice anything else.

As he continues with the lesson, she looks up to notice the small ones in the crowd seem just as rapt, and just as lost, which is a weird kind of relief. She listens in, rubbing her chin as Seryi explains about a lady and her whims.

She slowly raises a hand. "Umm, I have a question. When does the lady get here? Ooo, does she have the rest of the cards with her so we can play a real game, is that what's happening?"


After a long day spent

After a long day spent fiddling and flirting, Arturo had stumbled out of work looking like a man who'd been doing an awful lot more work than he had. One really could hardly call it work. It's what he'd have been doing in his free time anyway, so why not get paid to do it as well. But he'd needed a change of scenery after that, and his feet had carried him over to the green grape with very little planning on his part. So it was a lucky thing he had ended up here and not halfway into the ocean.

After stepping in to the fresh air of the main restaurant, he'd taken a few deep breaths to appreciate just how much cooler it was in here. Plus the smell of the food and the plants made it awfully hard not to float around. He was tired after all.

It looked like quite the crowd had gathered. At first Arturo didn't think anything of it, but rather quickly he realized that they were all much younger than he'd first noticed. He wasn't sure what was at that table, but it had them enraptured.

He'd taken a handful of steps toward the gardens and then he heard the voice coming from the person hidden in the kidlet crowd. He picked up the words lady and the sound of cards shuffling he just had a feeling they were talking his sort of game.

Detouring over, he sidled carefully up behind the mass of children and he peeked over the top at the table. Sure enough, there were the cards and someone seeming to teach kids to play. Or perhaps grift. But Arturo certainly wouldn't judge about that...


He didn't mean to start a

He didn't mean to start a thing. He really hadn't. He'd been shuffling one handed while skimming a newspaper and waiting for a cheese plate. Only to glance up to find a six year old staring. Intensely. Just... staring.

So he'd started doing a few small tricks. Kids right? No call to be mean to kids or anything.

And then more of them showed up. Older siblings and their friends and now... now he was sort of trapped between the bar and the kids.

"Ok - look, this is really important, ok? The lady's got ... whims. She might pop up here, or here -" Seryi 'plucked' a card from behind the ear of one of the girls. "Wherever she likes. Cause she's a lady and she gets to do that, yes? Lady's prerogative."

"So..." He started shuffling the cards on the table in front of him, "Pay close attention - and you might even be able to guess where she'll show up..."

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"Aye, especially as there has

"Aye, especially as there has been much on my mind as of late. So my apologies for the lapse there. I promise I am not always this out of it when having a conversation with one." She said with a warm smile.

"Consider it a promise." With a slight little playful wink as well, though chimed a laugh at his comment of the main road. "If you should ever get the chill of that you think you are being stalked for the contents of your purse and pocket, you can always duck into any of the establishments. They are rather protective as they would prefer you hand them the coin before someone else can snatch it." She said with a slight laugh.

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No problem! Thank you so so so much for the RP! I had such a lovely time, and I'm so glad we got to play! You're awesome! :D




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"Those poor eggs..." Linden

"Those poor eggs..." Linden agreed.

He nodded. "That is true. Usually in the worst possible moments... Not that there are any good moments to have bad memories surface. But some moments are even worse than others."

"Well, I will hold you to that as well. We can do a swap some day." Linden said with a little smile. "Now that is where I expect to have my pocket and purse picked first. So as long as it's a good night, I won't be too worried. Hopefully they'll do it after I spend most of my silver for the night..."

Sounds good. :) Perhaps a fade out so that we can try a new and exciting locale next time too!


"Truly you do, for you never

"Truly you do, for you never know what ill will lurks abound and about every corner."
"Aye it is tempting to try everyone all at once, but well it is as they say about eggs and in a single basket."

"No its ok, and I do get like that from time to time." she said with a slight laugh. "somethings always come up when you least expect it and takes center stage."

"Well I have an entire trunk full should you ever be in a dire wardrobe emergency." She said with a wink. "Aye everything is lined right up along the main road, so really not that hard to get lost or be at a loss for anything to do."

Sounds like a plan, we can fade out here or pick up later if you would like. :3


Linden chuckled. "That I do."

Linden chuckled. "That I do." He said with a nod.

"I do need to guard that pen more carefully... It has purpose. A grand design that is beyond it's normal use." He said. "So I owe that neighbor a debt." He nodded as she mentioned it was just good advice. "That is true. It's wise in most ways to start small and go from there. Baby steps around my front step..."

"Ah, I understand. I didn't mean to pry for details or anything untoward. You just looked very faraway..." He admitted. "Sometimes we go on those sorts of memory journeys and it's hard to get out of them."

Linden nodded. "I've never really gambled, but that does sound like an interesting spot to see." He mused. "Although I think I may end up losing my shirt and needing to borrow one of yours to get home without causing a scene." He said with a little laugh. "Court of heroes seems... wild and wooley in the evenings. I admit that I like it already."

Owies! Perhaps a good place to stop then. I do not want to incur the wrath of the Nimby and this way you can find a cuddle position that works for you both... He would mess me right up. ;)


"Well if I do, at least you

"Well if I do, at least you know where to find me to lodge a complaint." *she said with a wink."

She couldn't help but to laugh, though she did look at least apologetic as she did. "The poor dear was just worried your pockets may be got, and then whatever shall you do when your pen disappears." she teased. "Many people that reside here I find are displaced in a form or another, so its solid advice really, especially no matter the size of a new living space."

"Oh my apologies, this has been something of a century quest for me. A bit too many memories you know?" she said softly

"She laughed a little. "Well you will never be at a want, The Last Chance does have day round entertainment at all hours, keep people glued to the chairs to gamble away aye? For the night you have some of your more, mature, entertainment in some of the more small clubs and such. I mean all one has to do is walk into nearly every door in the Court of Heroes once the sun sets."

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"I'll hold you to that.

"I'll hold you to that. Though I don't expect that you're steering me wrong." Linden said with a little smirk. It's not quite innuendo for the first bit, but not quite innocent either. But it isn't flirting either. He's just being a bit cheeky.

"You're absolutely right about that. It's similar to what a neighbor suggested. I think he was tired of finding me standing two blocks away looking lost. Now I try to do a bit more to keep my bearings by making shorter trips when I can." Linden said.

He nodded. "That true peace seems to not just be for the deceased, but also for those left behind." He mused. As she trailed off and seemed almost... faraway, he spotted it. "Where did you go just then?" He asked gently.

"Mmmm, true." Linden said with a smirk. "Perhaps I should skip the amateur night at the bards inn first, and see the professionals a few times before delving into those deep waters..."

Awwww. You made his bed cooler. He's trying to heat up all your injuries... for healing.


"You won't be disappointed, I

"You won't be disappointed, I promise."

"Aye I get that. It can be very exciting being in a new place and the such, new sights and places to get to know and see. And nothing wrong with a brief trip. It will keep you from getting overwhelmed or frustratingly lost."

"It is in its way, people always wonder what if, what will and they such..." Her voice kind of trailed off. She didn't have taht issue as it was within her power to go and look... but she always had thos of other caravans coming, bringing tribute for a request for find a missing loved one. She couldn't always see past the barriers in place then. Least now though...

She laughed a little. "It does tend to be the enthusiastic ones that get out there the most, I mean just take a close listen at most of the popular songs..."

I now have a cat climbing all over me and being mad at the ice pack on my


"A good location, all that

"A good location, all that tea, and dumplings too. You've sold me on my next adventure through the city." Linden said with a little grin.

He nodded. "Some days I like to relax and spend time alone, but I admit that since I've been here, I've mostly wanted to go out and look around. Even if it's just a brief trip."

He nodded. "Aye, I would imagine that would help... Not knowing... That just seems like such torture..." He said. He looked up, eyes fixing on her as he realized. "I'm sorry to say that. I hope it doesn't seem like I'm trying to salt the wounds. I just... I am sorry for what happened."

"All in good time." He said with a chuckle. "And you know, I would actually not be surprised. For the polish he lacked, he certainly had enthusiasm. So I wouldn't be stunned if he'd managed to parlay that into more practice in order to hone his skills enough to be published..."


"I wouldnt doubt there is a

"I wouldnt doubt there is a couple others here and there Mann's also has the fortune on being one some of my routes to work though."

"Precisely, it also helps keep your daily routine from getting too dull, if you are used to a bit of moving about."

She nodded a bit solemnly, it hadn't been easy and even worse the feeling when some were too young to even remember much. Making it all the harder to have a reunion as their life in their current state is all they truly know. But at least their family do get to know they are alive and trying.
"Thank you, unfortunately it happens alot considering, but even in teh saddest of them we find some comfort at least getting to know what happened to them."

She raised a brow at the mention of just the pen. "Hrm, now I just may have to go and see if tehre are any composers of the Davy Collions sort, I am rather curious of your pen now."