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sleep well!


Anywho, gonna head out. Nigh nigh and sleep well when you get there.


I always knew it was super high in salt, but you would be better off having a chug sea water contest.


Oh gods....


yeah nothing like the idiots that tried to make a soy sauce challenge where you chug one of th ebigger bottles...


It is still pretty high. 1 tsp is equal to about 1/3 to 1/2 your sodium intake. No one uses a single tsp. And regular soy...don't need salt for like 3 days straight, lol.


nothing wrong with experiment.

they do make low sodium soy, not sure if it is low enough though


Yeah...though I hear cocunut is similar tosalt/soy, so I may have to make my own soy sauce too, considering how much I like asian food.

Least of all experiment with their other sauces...ugh.


in many just remove the salt easy peasy


I think I will have a grilled chicken salad for the dinner. Add some shrooms, bell peppers, shredded carrots, a bit of parsley, and slice up one of the tangerines all on a bed of baby kale. How does that sound for a salad dinner to you?


But i am expanding. Glacially probably.


Yeah, I would after some more knowledge replace the salt with something else I like.


basic dressing is 2 parts oil to 1 part vinegar really, a touch of salt and pepper for taste


I figure I will try cinnamon and maybe ginger or cloves next, try and get a feel, or taste in this case, for them. Just so many seasonings exist, I think I get intimidated by them.


My seasoning cabinet is pretty slim: pepper, vanilla extract, and sage...or parsley, forget which.


Least of all my taste buds and overall seasonings knowledge.


In time, I still don't trust my cooking skills.


could always make your own


I am eating more salad now, which is a bit weird. Sucky part is findin dressing that isnt loaded with sodium. Found one, but ugh expensive, almost $25 a bottle


Heh I was thirsty


... not even with the whol demolishing of gallons in seconds :p


Be that as it may, never realized how much I truly like milk


the cows are prolly relieved


Works for me...ugh low salt diet sucks, I miss my milk


day/night schedules nuttin to do wit it, though if you gonna be picky

fine you can be boblet the fuzzy wuzzy vampire bat turned part time fruit bat


Though the North American giant speckled fruit bat does have a nice ring to it.


Yeah I bought veggies too, but rather wimpy in comparison. Gonna even try this quiwa stuff as an alternate to cereal. I hear it is supposed to be good and good for you.

You do realize most fruit bats are diurnal, not nocturnal.


nah you gonna turn into a fruit bat


stares at fridge I am going to grow a tail and short brown fuzzy fur.
2 crates of strawberries
3 bags of grapes
4 oranges
4 tangerines
2 mangos
And a thing of bananas on the counter

That might last me the week.


I think I am returning to my fruit a holic days I had as a kid. Which isn't bad, just even Zxe never saw me glom fruit like I used to.