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Well back to sending out my fireteams on missions. Though I think my next one might need a whole squad. About to liberate north eastern Asia, which means having to take out a regional base and it's commander. Just waiting on my heavy weapons expert to get out of the medbay.


My goal is to get to a full platoon, which is composed of 3 squads (in turn composed of 3 fireteams) and one Command fireteam, for a total of 40 soldiers.


chuckles a bit 29 soldiers, 4 engineers, 6 scientists and not a single one of them is an American. 4 of my scientists are Russian. My soldiers, well my biggest nationality is a group of 3 Brits, 2 Aussies, 2 Russians. Otherwise it is one of everything else.

Of course my pre created character pool (doesn't save class or stats, just customizable options like appearance, race, voice, etc.) has like maybe 4 Americans in it total.

So I got my pre defined parties set up in groups of 4 (fireteam). Easier to click one button and 4 people pop into the mission box rather than click a bunch individually.

We got Nightmare team, led by a Canadian
Chudovishche (Russian for Monster) team, led by a Russian.
Blue Angels, Brit led
(Nikola's) Lowcy (Polish for Hunters), led by the Polish woman, Nikola
Badai (Indonesian for Storm), led by you guessed it, an Indonesian.

Closest I come to an American is a Columbian, a Mexican, and the above Canadian. Ah the poor U.S. of A(lien) is probably exactly where one of the primary alien bases are snickers.




i don't doubt it
and EW - yay for complicated finances on top of all of that :-/


still not the worse condition I have seen of a house

oh it gets more fun, as they had taken out a loan agaisnt the house as well... least we did manage to get the trust set up, I think, sounded like last I talked to mike about it and yar


oh GUH - yeah that sounds like a right and Proper mess to try to handle at a distance. yay for having someone to help with moving things, then it's... powerwash and pray i guess. ew - very very ew. :-/

LOL oh god yeah, she would - and probably be giving him lectures "For your own Good! It's for your own good, Howie!"


most of it would prolly be abby having duct taped him to a chair to prevent him from hiding under a table like nikola tesla


but yeah pretty much have just opt'd to withdraw from everywhere, cuz kinda dunno what else to do.

well think we got his grandpa and uncle squared away, his mom seems ok atm now that she is out of the hospital, still wanna go punch her doc in the face - could have totally caught that bladder infection if he had given her better instructions

the house is a night mare... there is a bunch of damage to a couple of rooms due to not proper taken care of and human excrement is, very gnarly when left to rot on its own.
Plus the basement flooded...twice...

but atm mike had a pal of his that gave him a deal on moving the stuff out and what not, so time to see what all needs to be done to get it sellable as a fixerupper.


and oh gawd, now i'm thinking of how bad HPL would fit in at ncis... like he'd Try to snuggle up to mcgee as a fellow writer but he'd flee anytime Abby was in the room... and abs would probably throw things at him for the racism and sexism and just general -ism... maybe a salad. the man was genuinely scared of lettuce after all...


oh Ewwwwww - that's double the drama quota :-/ i'm hoping mike's fam stuff with the house got sorted maybe? crosses tentacles tentacles can be nosy...

mostly it's other people's noses though - i've been told that's uncomfortable for m̠͖̭̜̅̓̈̽ȏ̝̳̱̫̠͈͖̃̆̓r͕̰̟̬̻͛͌̓͆ͅț̩͈̺̦͐̓ͪ͗ͮ̌̑ã̦̲͇͓̣̩̪̗̍ͣͭ̅̓l̗̘̬͙̮̺̟ͥ̌̐̈́͗ͣ̂̆͗ ̣̺̗̖͆́͛̑ͩ̊ͅf̥̟̃̂̊̏͑ͤͣ̅l͖̩̞̘͔̫̦͓ͩ̅ͤ̍̿ͅe̘̮̹̺̗̗̓͋ͥ̌̿̐̍̽ͬs̝̦̣͓̣͛̓͛h͈̠̏͗͛̏ͬ͌͌̓ͮ ͍̳̦̙̖ͪ̋̑̂̌͂


guildies, fams, and its just kind of leaked all over the place, like a puddle

ima puddle, weee, puddle

how can't you be nosy? you all tentacles, thats more probey,
which also in a way soudns like a bad ncis/lovecraft cross over porno


i'm also being nosy to tell me to bugger off if need be :-P


bleh :-/ guildies?


its not just the wine thing, and not just the stuff i do wit mike


:-/ guh - is he doing wine tours That regularly? or are we talking about not-wine too? i really hate how much of yourself you end up having to hide b/c your you is awesome :-/


yeah well we know how teh world reacts to some things they can't 'fix'

just draining to go out there hear people push things and have to be all polite and shit, even more so when you have to do this every day, basically keep everything to yourself smile and nod and hope no one notices when you go to hide under the desk


but yeah, it's like cilantro - if you taste tannins there's No Fixing That - you're stuck, cause that's what's in wine. like me and hops - that's whats in beer and i just Can't


aye, prolly the most annoying part is if the people get pushy, I get they love wine and stuff, but ugh.


true :-/ being a strong tannins taster does Not help you there


I have done it any time they offer chocolate with the wine... cuz its better then sandpaper


not that i've done that before looks off to the side innocently*


yeah many of the combos I have tried haven't worked, but this one does, its like short cutting stuffing your face with chocolate before chugging the wine XD


ooohhh? ears perkulate that's got me curious :) and yay tim tams! i haven't been able to find any locally


pokes the marshmellows

ooooo, I may try and bring some wine with me, but not just any wine...its a very nice tasting port, that is infused with chocolate (not like that stuff you can find in a grocery store)

and apparently one of our grocery stores here Tim Tams


yeah but it still sucks to deal with and is exhausting, wraps the zebra in blankets and masrhmellows


eh just learn to deal with it after a bit.


well overall i'm guessing it's not really let up on you in awhile


rough pain day?


snugs back barely conscious would be an improvement atm