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Limbo is our primary OOC location. It's the break-room of the site, and a good location to get to know your fellow players. It is considered a strictly OOC location - so you area allowed to post on your personal account in this room. This room is a great location to ask for casual RP, or coordinate more complicated plans between players. During a session it may also be used by the A/SH to coordinate players or answer OOC questions during play.

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Chronomancer never quite fit Larth appropriately in GW2. However, the upcoming Mirage elite spec has me giddy. That one seems far more appropriate.


God freaking grenades! #$@!#@ more ranting and swearing and something about shoelaces and dictionaries


I have watched 5 different people and I about want to rip their heads off for being indecisive and so freaking slow. Then instead of tactics, they make dumb decisions. That is fine, but the sheer amount is just frustrating to watch. Almost almost makes me want to make a video series, but my puter would crash and my playstyle is knowingly not wise. Plus my comments would probably irritate people.

Okay, done ranting and venting. Thanks all. Hope GenCon is being good to you.


So after watching videos of people playing the early access to the new XCOM expansion, I have come to the realization that I am far far more aggressive of a player than I thought I was. And too many people rely on grenades. Grenades trivialize tactics. I dislike them. Flashbangs and smoke are fine though.


just giggles with glee at Uncle Scrooge David Tennant McDuck


oh and harpy eagle, harpy eagle, harpy eagle

Goooo Tigers...and harpy eagles. And the mighty lawn jarts of the ocean, the gannet. Plus a lot of other animals.


shadow passes by Climb! Climb like the wind!

WHOOSH, thud Too bad the only wind you climb like is that of a lazy fart. says the harpy eagle to the now dead sloth

On another animal note, it always cracks me up at how the term weasel is applied to people. And how poorly portrayed they are in comics. Pound for pound of their true potential, if there was X-men's Wolverine and some other person named the Weasel, I would be a lot more terrified of the Weasel than the almost slothful, in comparison, Wolverine. Wolverine, one kill is a good day. Weasel, 10 kills in one day is a slow day. Tiny psychopaths.


I love re reading some of the stuff I write cuz its like "what the hell was I thinking" or "where the hell did that come from" or just a flat out "confused look eh?" Yes people, I do indeed confuse myself. Zxe ever asks me if I listen to myself when I talk. Obviously I don't, otherwise I would be laughing and or just as confused as everyone else. Always know you are off and a few marbles short, just never acknowledge it in the moment. Hindsight is a safe and sanity keeping way of well...keeping your sanity.


Get a medical license and up a chain of birth type clinics and name them C-Mart....Somehow I don't think it would necessarily market very well. Or at least tastefully.


If only it were that simple. Though I suppose that would make D-Mart really really stupidly busy. D for deity, since each religion has it's own deity. Maybe C-Mart would be better, you know, Creation Mart.


Ugh, swollen , tired, weak, chuckles and apparently that wasn't enough. So, my stupid body decides to add in some heartburn too. shakes head Hello, Customer Service, I believe my parents bought a lemon, is it possible to exchange their son for a new body.


Thanks, will do if needed


As for moi, I need to finish prepping for GenCon for a bit, and then, video games time :3


Bah, no worries on that front - if you do want us to grab you something, PM me :) I can make a trip in a jiff


back...sighs Shouldn't take 10 minutes to get a glass of sugar tapwater.

Maddy, no, I'm fine. I have no cash on me, so no way I can pay anyone either unless they happen to have a card reader.


Yeah. That makes sense.

I suppose that part of why I like watching others analyze such things is because I don't really "get" such things until I've had them explained to me. Even if I enjoy said media and have watched it multiple times.

This becomes even more apparent with horror media. Especially those with original creature design. Because while someone might tell me all the deeper meanings behind The Thing, the reason it appeals to me on such a deep level is because of how much I find the enjoy the monster. Both in concept, and in actual visual design in the movie.


@Boblet: Do you need a liquid shuttle? :)

@GE: I think a lot of meaning exists somewhere between the creator and the audience. While there are totally works where the creator didn't insert much intended meaning, that doesn't mean the work doesn't have meaning, but I get what you mean


Speaking of writing, I find it odd just how much my writing doesn't actually have any deeper meaning considering how much of a focus such things get when analyzing a form of media.


sighs ugh...wish I could just have groceries delivered here. I'm out of liquid and I really don't want to force my shoes on. I wonder if I put on extra socks if that would afford enough protection to go shopping.

...oooh maybe not. I think walking might be a challenge irregardless of footwear. Ugh, gonna be a long night


Yih, memes and other viral colloquial linguistic trends always resonate around chords in the common consciousness, which...don't always line up with what would make sense linguistically ^^;


and do realize you all don't really count. Your roleplayers. Which means you have a very strong artistic side. Doesn't mean your painting or drawing or such or belting out rock ballads. Zxe does different crafts, Bast is a code writer for imaginative sites, Maddy is a writer...need I go on.


Generally when it comes to naming and language, Americans are a lot like Disney Pirates: not very imaginative.


Speaking of Turtles, here's hoping that the IT remake is better than the last 2 Stephen King adaptations to come out this year.

@Madius, in that case, here's this if you haven't seen it.


I just always chalk it up to the ludicrousness of the English language and the American culture


I have the same thing with tagging ever scandal as -gate
Like the Watergate scandal wasn't a scandal about water, it was a hotel, that's the whole thing


The (blank)ception thing has always been something that's bugged me.
Cause the inception was the implanting of the idea, not the dream within a dream concept.

That said, it's become a meme so I can't really do much about it.


Aww, poop

I bet three lashed together would've gone three times as fast

Or, more realistically, somehow even slower than just one


less of a flop here, more of a hobble stumble fall flat on my face. Trust me, chuckles darkly happens about once a week.

Maddy: nah, like any mmo, could only have one out a time.


Tortoises are a strange choice for a mount from a logical standpoint, but they are pretty cool regardless.


@GE: Procrastiception!

@Boblet: Did you lash them together and make a raft?