The Juren are one of the many descendants of the Zuxian and the most likely to reside primarily in what was originally Zuxian space.

Having forged an empire that spans more than a third of the Rutaren Galaxy the Juren make use of advanced technology to expand and maintain their impressive galactic holdings and keep their most significant rivals in the Mutaren Confederation at bay.

Growing out of the aftermath of the schism that fractured the Zuxian people, the Juren are a conglomeration of humans from a number of nations and worlds who banded together under a common banner, initially against other Zuxians. Emerging triumphant after decades of conflict that spanned several worlds and systems, the Juren are now the largest and most advanced population of humans in the galaxy.

Based on brief encounters with the Southern Coalition Fleet it's clear the Juren military follow a policy of 'shoot first' when it comes to first contact with new species. Their long conflict with the Mutaren Confederation has led them to xenophobic policies, at least toward the edges of Juren space.

Politics and culture outside of the military, toward safer interior territories in Juren space, are currently unknown.