How time works in Vaxia and Sirian

How time works in Vaxia and Sirian

The worlds are persistent. Though real life may intervene, and players and even Story Hosts may come and go, it is important to remember that Vaxia proceeds in real time. Each day that passes on Earth is a day that passes in Vaxia and Sirian.

How does this work with roleplay and sessions?

While what can be a three or four hour roleplay may only take ten or twenty minutes in-character, this is a necessary evil, because of our limitations as humans -- it takes more time to type out a description than it does for those events to occur.

The same goes for sessions. A session can take four to six hours, and while that may only be ten minutes (in some cases with combat one minute), this is because we the players and storyhosts describing the actions take time.

How does this work with roleplay and sessions that take place over multiple days?

Sometimes there are sessions or roleplay that are started but not ended on the same day. IE, a player got tired, something came up, or the session was too big for one day.

In these cases, the day that the roleplay or sessions begins is generally the day that all the action takes place. So, while something may start on a Friday, and end on a Saturday, in the game those events all took place on Friday.

Sometimes there are roleplay or sessions started one day, but the players can't get back together until a few days later. In these cases, the action still takes place on the day it began.

Any exceptions should be discussed with Setting so we can keep events documented in order.

What if I was gone, but my character would have done something to stop ABC XYZ?

Unfortunately, that means your character was not involved. If you're not there to participate then we can't retroactively add your character's actions to the story. You need to be present to participate.

How does this work with roleplaying previous events (before sessions, world events, things that happened earlier)?

Sometimes you may want to roleplay before an event happened, or before a session happened. That is acceptable, so long as you are explicit about the timing. You should not, however, use this as a chance to roleplay things from more than a few weeks before, or to do anything that conflicts with prior RP. Please check with Setting for exceptions - we want to keep the course of events organized.

How does this work with roleplaying things in the future?

Sometimes you may want to jump forward a bit and rp something, because of out of real life interference, time constraints, etc. Unfortunately, that can't be done. That future roleplay may come to interfere with a session thrown that weekend, or some kind of in character event. Even if that seems harmless, it can very quickly have ramifications.

What about running a session involving an alternate past, present or future of Vaxia or Sirian?

There are alternate dimensions, pockets, Realms or whatever ever term may be used to describe these situations. However, they are non-canon. The only canon timeline is the shared timeline. Any sessions involving alternate timelines can only be run with Setting approval beforehand.

How does this affect skills?

Divination is a form of seeing into the future, however divination is either accurate or precise, it is never both. As an example, the character may see it raining and four dead bodies are found in a bakery. However, when that event turns up it may be sunny and four bodies. Or raining and three bodies. It shouldn't be raining and there be four dead bodies in the bakery. That would mean the characters can not affect their future.

Chronomancy is a very regulated skill requiring world approval. Official policy is that when a character goes back or forward in time, they're going to a different timeline, leaving the original one intact. If this is only a minute or two forward or back, and not at all world-affecting, that's usually fine, and the new timeline is declared the canon one. But if they travel farther than that, or do anything that would cause any sort of nontrivial paradox, then the original is the canon timeline after all, and since the character has traveled to a different one, he simply winks out of existence from our perspective and is irretrievably Gone, with a return to the canon timeline possible only with careful thought from the character and multiple 100s rolled.

Slow Post Session Guidelines

1. If a character is in a regular session or a slow-post session they should avoid participating in any other sessions until the first is completed. Casual RP and casual slow-post RP which seldom results in lasting consequences, is easy to nullify after the fact and your character may be in as many of those as you would like. Please try to avoid using information from unresolved sessions in your casual RP to minimize situations that may need to be nulled.**

2. SHs and Players are expected to post daily. This character is effectively tied up until this session is finished so SH's should make the effort to move things along as quickly as possibly, especially for those Players with single characters. Keep in mind that the pace for a slow post is even tighter than that for a session - keep it brisk.

3. SH's should present the idea to World ahead of time to prevent any issues down the road, such as in the event of the SH having a RL issue. That way World or another SH could step in for a short time to keep things progressing. Also, this prevents any problems coming up that may end in changing or even nulling weeks of rp.

**Specifically for the players, please keep in mind if actions happening to your C will impact more than just them. These would be life altering events such as death, jail, etc. Generally, this is related to other characters such as loved ones, friends, or family members. This may also include your involvement with other plots or businesses. If something comes up, please inform the SH so that they may make any necessary decisions or prepare for post-session events as your character will be out of time with other C's on the site.