Haven Croft

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The richest district in the city is the Haven Croft is in the south-eastish corner of the city. Before the Darkest Night some of the most wealthiest citizens and nobles of the city had lavish and luxiours beach side estates all down the eastern coast of the tip of the peninsula. There was even a couple of personal docks. However after the Darknest Night that part of the city rose as earthquakes moved the stone under the city to form a risen cliff. The beach front property may be gone but with the new geography. the seemingly constant string of attacks, and the building of Congreth Kane Castle, Haven Croft became all the more favored by the city's elite to build their lavish homes in what soon became some of the more secure sections of the city.

The largest mansions, nearly castles each one, can be found all in elegantly and cleverly crafted neighborhoods to be the height of elite and luxury living within the walls of the city. The mansions along the eastern edge are still prized for their wondrous view of the ocean.

Mixed in with the elegant mansions, and lined along the part of the Royal Road that ends in Haven Croft, are some of the more high class boutiques, restaurants and artisans can be found here, as well as some of the political and bureaucratic offices.

  • Kanestronia Cathedral RP Chatroom - With the destruction of Congreth Kane Castle (now known as Congreth Kane Crater), the cathedral has become the chosen seat of power and residence for the Emperor and Empress of Shi Inkahan and their chosen representatives and court for their territories on the Vaxian Continent The cathedral is hard to miss, towering even over the most impressive mansion in the city with intricate carvings and statues all about its walls and area. There is a very heavy guard presence, with some of the finest soldiers from Shi Inkahan acting as the personal guard for the Inkahani court. It is also many layers of magical wards.

  • Ramsalon Guard Barracks - When Congreth Kane Castle sank into a crater it took about one quarter of the Ramsalon Guard Barracks with it. They have since then been rebuilt and fortified as much as possible, restoring the second main office location for the Ramsalon Guards. Though it also houses many soldiers of the Shi Inkahan Empire as they have integrated some of their ranks into the guard.

  • Marble and Mineral Bath House and Spa RP Chatroom - The finest bath house and spa Ramsalon has to offer. It offers nearly every type of bathing, from public to more intimate, experience one could hope to one in extravagant marble pools and tubs. It also has some of the best spa services to be found in the city with steam rooms, massages, and nearly every kind of spa pampering imaginable.

  • White Rose University RP Chatroom - One of the top institutes of learning to be found in the region. They offer a wide variety of courses to take in a wide range of subjects in both the mundane and magical. The university also has a very expansive and extensive library that is open to the general public to take advantage of.

  • Mage Guild Hall RP Chatroom - Still under some construction since The Mage Hunters exposed their use of dimensional magic to make their hall larger on the inside, the Mage Guild has worked through much of their remodeling making it more welcoming even to outsider. They have also changed much of their policies in order to try and repair lost trust between the population and the guild, allowing more visitors in, public classes and opening parts of their library for public browsing.

  • Traders Hall - The main headquarters of the Merchant's Association Here they conduct much of their business and occasionally host events.

  • Beautiful By Nature Jewelry RP Chatroom - A small artisan jewelry shop attached to the Green Grape Inn

  • Green Grape Inn RP Chatroom - A semi upscale inn that offers a range of affordable to some of the more finer drinks and dining experiences. It has its own exotic garden providing a kind of comfort year round and a small bath house that has a couple of simple baths, both private and communal.

  • Sweet Eats Cafe RP Chatroom - A small cafe along the road that passes by the Mage Guild. It specializes in coffee, tea, and a variety of pastries that compliment their selections. Has a lovely patio for warmer weather.

  • The Marble Goddess RP Chatroom - A lovely and high class restaurant. It has gained popularity by giving an upscale dining experience within a more affordable and comfortable range then most other extremely upscale restaurants and inns. It can be found right along the Royal Road Main Street in the western area of Haven Croft.

  • Winter Garden Estate - Nestled away among the various mansions of Haven Croft, the estate is the former site of the Shi Inkahan Embassy now turned into a upscale and luxurious guest house for high profile visiting emissaries and dignitaries.





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