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Section B

The second section of Station Prime to be built. The section spins counter-clockwise to simulate gravity - at the outermost layer gravity is 75% of Sirian normal. Most of the section experiences lesser degrees of Microgravity The middle of the section is effectively free-fall.
Section B is holds the majority of air refreshing, bio-habitat simulations, and food creation for the station. Medical and biological labs are found in this area as well. The central column of this section of the station is a large supply of fresh water which serves multiple purposes as a swimming and recreation area, fisheries, and water reservoir.

The park - the closest thing to outside for the residents of the station is found in this section, as is the section of the reservoir reserved for swimming.

The exterior shell of this section of the station feature transparent bands that provide light for the hydroponic food supplies for the Station. While neither fisheries nor hydroponic farms are enough to completely feed all of the population on the Station, it provides most of the food needed by the regular population.


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Since the skill loadouts are a bit different than normal, I'm gonna break down what to roll for the in sim rules. Any questions and I can refresh, otherwise this'll be here as a reminder. :)

1. Support- Basic tech rolls for Dust and Bandage skills. The Tablets do a set bonus, so just make sure to say who gets them (and you can hand out more than one per round, but the bonus doesn't stack, so don't double up until the target is hit).

2. Seeker- Goggles and Map both roll Awa (no penalty for rolling goggles twice per attempt, and Map gets a big boost to find one objective type). To use the cape special, roll a sneak roll.

4. Kickpuncher- Sword allows for two attacks in one turn with no penalty. Shield just make sure to roll attack (with it stated that you're blocking using the marshmallow shield). And Juice just adds to the attack, so you just have to specify when it's being used.



It had been a good run, and

It had been a good run, and the audience seems pretty shaken up by how it had ended. Something's in the south wing, that very few teams have actually been able to see clearly. A few audience members are offering out of game rewards for the first team to give them a good look at whatever has been ending so many good hunting runs.

After a couple minutes to get everyone unhooked from the sim, Pepper, Darcy, and Adrian are all called back to get in. The pods are similar to last time, they're just in a much quieter room. It's actually a bit nice given the slightly rowdy atmosphere outside. After a quick safety briefing (including one where they explain how to get out of the sim in a hurry), everyone is able to get into position and the sim can begin.

The haunted house is in a basic X shape and it’s broken down into four wings named for the cardinal directions. As the simulation boots up and everyone loads into the map, the team starts in the entryway which is situated right in the center of the home. The HUD pops up with a basic “You are Here” style map. Currently it’s heavily obscured by the fog of war, but the moment that the group steps into a wing, they will be able to see a basic layout. Seekers will be able to see a bit more just depending on what they choose to search for in their specialized map.

A message pops up on the semi transparent hub explaining that each wing also has it’s own set of objectives that come onto the HUD as you walk in. They will vary by area, and they have different point values just depending on how difficult or hidden they are. The goal is to make it through each wing and have the highest score at the end. Currently teams are averaging about 50-75% of the possible points, so it’s a reasonably tight competition. Most of it is for bragging rights, but there are a few sim rewards that can be earned as well.

Now that the team is in, the creepy mansion spreads out in four directions. This room is the staging area and it's not quite as spooky. But there are some torn portraits, flickering candles, and spiderwebs to set the scene. It feels a little bit like a theme park so far, but from the bits that they could see before coming in, that feeling doesn't last once you get out into the exterior of the house.



The programming team is

The programming team is pretty darn quick as they work to make sure that everyone will be able to get into the sim not only on time, but also with their chosen items all intact. It's a delicate dance, but one that they're getting quite good at.

Darcy will finalize her DJ Katt avatar with the giant mallet and the call sign 9Lives. Pepper will be in the sim as a very neat steampunk human-cat hybrid with a very retro pew pew gun and the call sign Pepper. And Adrian will have the spooky skeleton option with the big smashy bone and the callsign something humerus. As each of them confirm their final choices they are ushered over to a dressing area in order to get changed. This time they'll be hanging out in a small trailer of sorts once it begins. Since it's more of a spectator event, they're making sure that no team gets a special advantage by having someone on the outside to help them by shouting out cues.

But before the simulation starts back up, everyone will have a few minutes to watch the previous team wrap up. They've ended in the south wing (according to the scrolling information ticker at the bottom of the main video screen). It looks a lot like a spooky mansion, and while three of the competitors seem to be having no problems, the last two are jumping at just about everything that even creaks as they near the end.

Even though the audience can't see the current objectives, every so often a number total will ping on the center screen and show a certain number adding to the total. As they seem to be nearing the end, a sudden deep menacing laugh is heard. Suddenly the top right screen goes completely black and a "Caught" screen shows drippy blood lettering and the rest of the team starts to scramble. After a few moments there's a blur on another screen and a scream and another caught screen appears. Seeing two caught, the final three stop playing and abandon the rest of the wing objectives in order to finish out their playtime. As it all shakes out and they come out, it looks like they scored 55% of the total points. Not terrible by any means.



Adrian flipped through the

Adrian flipped through the character choices for a while, not really sure what to choose. Nothing really seemed to jump out at him really. Not for a while at least. But, as time went on and he slowly whittled down the list of possible choices he eventually found himself making a decision between two possible choices.

There was another minute or so as he tried to decide before eventually he made his decision. His chosen character was essentially just a skeleton wearing a rather tattered looking robe. Other than that the character didn't have many distinguishing features. Which had been part of the reason that Adrian had chosen it. Following up this choice was the choice of weapon, a club which looked to just be a femur bone. Then class was as simplest yet as he imediately chose the 'Ghost KickPuncher' class.

After that came naming. Which was more complicated still than everything else thus far. Thus far it seemed people either went with their actual name or something fitting the character. That or a joke name...

As he sat there thinking he let out a slightly amused exhale as he thought of a name. Admittedly, it was a bit long, but he'd already made up his mind and was already typing in the name "something humerus". Then it was just a matter of watching the previous team finish and waiting for his turn.


Pepper for a moment kind of

Pepper for a moment kind of blinks at Darcy, a tad overwhelmed. Though once it kind of passes what Darcy was saying finally kicked in. "oh, um no? I don't think so?"

"Yeah, I am, um, I dunno, erm..uh...ok..." Poor Pepper couldn't keep up.

Even more so as she got sucked into the character customization, however she ended up settling on a kind of humanoid cat cyborg thing. It had a kind of white leopard skin, with little mechanical ears, and an arm and leg, and its tail was as well. However its mechanicals were more steampunk looking with little gears and such. In a way it was kind of cute.

Her name was also easy, just Pepper, while she uses it normally, it is technically a callsign, any more its just habit.

With that settled, she peered at the classes available for the moment before selecting the Support option.
She would if she could customize her gear a little more to keep with the steampunky motiff of her character, though it probably looked closer to something from a rather old and very bad sci fi B movie.

She chuckled as Darcy went through her process. "This is why I just go the lazy route."


Darcy pans between the

Darcy pans between the options, agonizing over the choice. And here she thought the name would be the only hard part. Kit-wise, it's definitely between seeker and kick-puncher. The avatar is the one easy choice - she finds one of an old Rohearn cartoon character she used to slap on all her notebooks when she was little. Always nice when the classics come around again, and as a playable ghost-hunter? No question.

So with the tiny DJ Katt (who is an actual cat, but, apparently, also a DJ - the 'scratch' jokes write themselves) avatar selected, it's down to the remaining options. "Okay, okay, I think-- yes, okay, I've picked. I'm going seeker. The goggles, I can't pass those up, look at those things! Ugh, okay, that's okay, it's cool. I-- it's cool."

Moving on before she can talk herself out of it, Darcy debates on the weapons, wanting something genre-appropriate but not TOO derivative. She finally opts to keep the cartoon theme with the avatar going, selecting a giant mallet for her weapon design, giving a little shrug. "I mean, it fits? Whack-a-ghost! Why not, right?"

"Okay, now the REALLY hard part - the call-sign. I've already used Murder Bird, and DJ Katt isn't very creative. Kitten Fisto? No. MC Toe Beans? Cute, but, no, something more bad-ass and a little...ghost-y."

"Ooh!" She claps, keying in the name at last. "9Lives. There it is! Okay, I think I'm set. Cat-atar, giant mallet, 9Lives. ...this is gonna be so ridiculous." She cackles, clapping again and going to watch the current team finish out their run, already trying to think up good catch-phrases to go with her avatar motif.


3.Ghost KickPuncher- This

3.Ghost KickPuncher- This class lives to hit hard, and they are good damage dealers against spectral foes with a bonus to their base attacks as well as some special combat moves. The kit comes equipped with the following tools:
-Ghost Sword- (A long “totally not nerf” bat covered in a shiny substance that “totally isn’t duct tape”) Allows the bearer to attack 2 times instead of once with no penalty. (skill can be used only once per wing)
-Ghost Shield- (A large fat cylindrical shield that is white and smooshy and smells vaguely of toasted sugar) Allows the bearer to negate half the damage dealt to them as long as they are standing closest to the ghost.
-Aggro Juice (™)- (It tastes like… actually, it’s better not to say) A sip of juice that allows the drinker to hit twice as hard for a single attack (always counts for the first attack if attacking twice on that turn, and can only be used once per wing).

All players get basic ghost hunting tools in order to help keep the game moving. These include a basic weapon (Melee or ranged, and the player gets to decide what the weapon looks like for their avatar). Basic goggles (not as fancy or thorough as the seeker’s goggles), but it allows them to navigate the spectral haunts and see ghosts if they are in the same room. A single use ghost trap, which allows a ghost that has not been completely banished to be caught for study (which will be useful for certain objectives).

The extensive list of avatar options has been enhanced for this event. There are more 'basic' models, but there's also an extended range of more unusual ideas. There was one team who went through earlier in the day and used nothing but giant kitchen appliances as their avatar models. So to say some of the options are a bit weird is an understatement.

It looks as though the previous team will be starting their sweep of the final wing, so they'll be in the simulation as soon as they finalize their choices and get changed in the nearby room.


Please pick a call-sign, an avatar and a basic weapon (they can both be anything you'd like flavor wise), and your class out of the three options.

We won't be in rounds until the start so if you want to talk strategy with each other before you choose your class, please feel free to. :)


As Pepper, Darcy, and Adrian

As Pepper, Darcy, and Adrian make their way up to the signups they see that the next slot is completely open in terms of signups. It's a stroke of luck as some of the later times look to be filled up. On the sign up sheets beside the avatar and nickname options there are places to pick what loadout you want. Currently these are the options:

1.Support- This class is a real team player, and they have serious healing, shielding, and movement boosts for their friends. The kit comes equipped with the following tools:
-Ectoplasm Cleanup Dust- (Looks suspiciously like a pouch of carnival sawdust) This can be used to free someone from a sticky ectoplasmic situation so that they can move freely.
-Anti Ghost Sickness Tablets- (The size and shape of altoids, with none of the refreshing minty flavor to hide their chalky texture) These can be given to a party member to provide them with a defensive bonus. It lasts until the first time they ‘take a hit’ from a ghost. There are 5 total in the tin container.
-Ghost Bandages- (They look like rolls of toilet paper, but work surprisingly well) This can be used with a stat/skill combo built in to heal an ally if they find themselves injured.

2.Seeker- This class has the keenest ghost senses, and they get a once per wing (nearly guaranteed) free success to spot a one of the three types of objectives in order to help complete each wing with bonus points. The kit comes equipped with the following tools:
-Ultra Ghost Goggles- (They come in either mirrored cop shades, or retro fifties wing glasses) Allows a character to roll twice instead of once (with no penalties) in order to spot suspicious ghostly activity, secret rooms, or hidden objects.
-Helpful Map!- (It looks just like a theme park map, all it’s missing are corndog hut locations) This map gives the seeker a one time per wing sizable bonus to spot one of the following:
-A secret passage
-A hidden object
-The location of the nearest ghost
-Ghost Camouflage Cape- (Despite all evidence to the contrary, the makers insist that it is not just a long sheet of tinfoil) This state of the art technology allows the wearer to hide from view from the nearest ghost for one round (or negate damage if they are hit by an area of attack).


There's still time for folks to come in who might not have gotten to post yet. :)


Adrian's general opinion on

Adrian's general opinion on the last VR simulation had been positive. He'd gone in not expecting much, but had generally enjoyed himself. So when he found out that there was another instance of it being done he had kept tabs on it. Most of the folks here who weren't in the simulation had been talking about it on the net. So even though he'd not left his room until just a few minutes ago he'd been kept up to date on all the goings on as the other groups had progressed through the sim.

After a bit of deliberation he'd decided to change up his look a bit. Mainly due to the fact he had recently found himself in the spotlight once again so to speak. Meaning that another change had had to be made. He couldn't exactly erase all record of the various things he'd done that had gained him popularity. So he'd gone with the next best thing and tried to make it so that he couldn't be identified easily in person. Which essentially amounted to hair dye and a mask, as after that he figured he'd be indistinct enough to go unrecognized.

Walking through the crowd at a fairly leisurely pace he had to pause a moment upon getting to the sign up. Mainly because he usually simply used his name for things like this, but that wasn't an option. So, instead, after a bit of thought he simply signed up as "Crow" and left it at that. It wasn't exactly an original alias, but he wasn't exactly creative. It'd work, that's what mattered. After that it was a matter of looking through the various options.


It's rare that a single event

It's rare that a single event so perfectly captures Darcy's weird web of interests like this one. The VR events have been a damn delight, she's still using "Murder Bird" as a callsign, and she's turned up just to watch the others. Her remix of the combat sim over classic cartoon melodies is still bouncing around the station's network, a personal achievement for her.

On top of that, this time, it's ghost hunters? Ghost hunting, her very first profession from the venerable age of five when late nights in the desert led to all kinds of weird coyote noises practically designed to set child imaginations aflame. She briefly tried to run a ghost sighting segment on her pirate radio station in Sirian City That Was, but a group doing a fiction podcast about a tiny Dalhan town where weird stuff was just an everyday occurrence aired at the same time, and there was just no competing with it.

So this is right up her every alley, is the thing. She's so excited she likely gives Pepper a fright any ghost would be proud of, all but pouncing the woman as she gets herself free of the crowd for a moment, already laughing and planning for her run.

"Oh my GOD! Oh. My God. Pepp, are you SEEING THIS? You are, right? There wasn't, like, another rock shower and I died and this is heaven or something? Because I could believe it, except for the me being here part. That seems sketch."

"Hang on, I gotta go sign up. What class are you picking? Nevermind, surprise me! Holy crap this is gonna be fun. Aw hell, I have to think of a nickname, though. This could take all day..."

Mumbling to herself with possible naming options, she heads over to get signed up and scroll through the class options, less concerned with that than with what she'll look like and call herself in the sim. If the devs coded in any heavyset models, that's definitely where she's starting. The name, though - that is gonna be tricky...


There was very little that

There was very little that would get Pepper to come out of her little workshop hidey hole, and the buzz around this new VR game was one of them.

She was a bit curious as to what they had managed to cook up this time, and hoperfully maybe get some a behind the scenes peek of their set up. One could never know when they may come across a better way to build a drone deck, or at least something to practice with.

She stayed out of the way of the flow if people coming and going, before finally she saw her window to pop in and sign up before it would seem it would get too crowded again...or so she thought as it would seem that for the moment she was a bit caught up browsing through the options. At least the nickname part was easy, considering she always went by it anyways, so she would just dub herself Pepper as she got entranced by the customization options.


The simulation involves the

The simulation involves the players entering as a group of newbie ghost hunters sent to their first assignment on their own. Filmed ‘documentary style’ from cameras on their goggles, the setup is nice and campy. The players will be heading through a haunted house and the more objectives they can do along the way, the better their score will be. The teams with the highest scores take home bragging rights (and some titles and cosmetic items for use in future sims as well).

Those wanting to give it a go will be able to sign up with a young man who is currently standing next to a block of changing rooms. There are still plenty of sign ups for singles or groups, and they seem to be moving through reasonably fast to get people into the simulation.

As with most of their sims, the player avatars are completely up to the player (with hundreds of available options programmed in). They’re asked to pick their look, their nickname/callsign in the simulation, and one of three class loadouts they want to be given.

All three seem to be equally useful in different ways. Some teams all pick the same thing, and others are varied in their choices. But teams have been successful today with all team loadouts. So the makers are encouraging everyone to pick the class they think will be the most fun rather than anything else.

I'm aiming for one post per day. Feel free to post more than once per day if you want to socialize during these first couple rounds before the sim starts. I will also lay out the three classes in tomorrow's post, so feel free to just relax until then. :)


It's hard not to enjoy a

It's hard not to enjoy a ghost story.

Today the park is set up again to show off the ever changing themes of the VR team. The setup is a bit different. This time they’ve set up a big screen that the audience can view. The screen shows all the current party member’s views as they navigate, and a large central screen shows an overhead view of the map interspersed with some static shots set up inside the simulation to show the audience the creepy detail as the players actually navigate the house.

No detail has been spared on the simulation itself. They’ve clearly spent several months designing and programming in some pretty impressive assets to supplement the house design and the scenario they’re running. And their work shows as the spawn points and player decisions are just varied enough to keep the audience giggling and shrieking at the appropriate moments. They’ve got a reasonably impressive randomization element so it’s got some rewatch value for the crowd.

There are going to be a few walls of text, so I'll try to break it up as best I can now that we're moving to a slow post format. :)


Thankfully it seemed that

Thankfully it seemed that they were pretty well safe from any other surprises that might arise. Which, he'd expected, but one could never really be too sure. The game ended and he smiled, nodding to the others. "Nice work everyone. Got through the whole thing without losing anyone."

The cheering and such was perhaps the thing he enjoyed least about all this. Which wasn't something he fully realized until they were out of the simulation and back into the real world. "Well... I'm gonna go... I'll see you guys later I guess...Good job..." He said, sorta shuffling off into the crowd once he'd got out of the equipment.

Thanks for the great session LadyK. I look forward to seeing what sort of things like this you can come up with in the future.
And thank you everyone else for attending as well. It was a great time all around.


As the game is cleared and

As the game is cleared and cory comes out, he is all smiles and laughs "Well I should say that wasn't my smoothest adventure ever but it was still a hell of a time." He fills out the waiver and gives his time and consideration to the developers. Then he goes and visits the crowds, bowing and waving. "Thanks for the encouragement ladies and gents."


There was a rush of

There was a rush of excitement as they crossed into the throne room and the WINNER flag went up. And a whole bunch of relief as well.

She pulls herself on up out of the pod as it opens. Taking a moment to catch her bearings before taking off the VR gear. It was a bit of a thrill, and in the nice way, not the whole have several dozen flash back nightmare dreams kind. Which she was rather thankful for at the time.

She grinned at Darcy's excitement and chuckled. "You suree you haven't gamed some before?" she poked at her before she went scampering off on her little endorphin high.

Once she had finished up with the de-briefing, well ok it wasn't like that but sorta kind of is. Was hard for her to not think of it as such.
Her eyes kind of went wide as the crowd, and all of their excitement.

Standing there for a moment like a deer in headlights, she kind of just reflexively waves and returned other greetings until finally she saw an opening she could slip through and get away from. She could use a lil something to help get her mind away from the all too sweet smelling breath of the rocket cake thing.

was tons of fun! thanks for putting it on and the rp!


Climbing out of the pod,

Climbing out of the pod, Darcy finds herself strangely short of breath but smiling, nodding to the other members of the team. "Okay, that was pretty freakin' great. We make a good team! Do you guys, I there a game everybody's-- nevermind, I'll ping you later. Good game!"

She laughs, hopping out of the pod and throwing both hands in the air to pump up the spectators, pulling her headphones on to mimic her avatar's healing motion in the real world.

Once the endorphin rush subsides, though, she finds herself quickly yawning, her every limb feeling heavy and tired. Narrowing her eyes for a moment at nothing in particular, she nods affirmatively, waves a hand to the crowd and her teammates and wordlessly goes off to catch up on some very much needed sleep...

That was phenomenal, thank you thank you! Exactly what I needed :)


Darcy's last round of group

Darcy's last round of group healing casts gets everyone back up to 100% by the time they hit the threshold of the castle. With Pepper's keen eyes, she doesn't spot any further problems and they're able to get straight into the castle without getting traps sprung on them in the home stretch.

Cory's got good eyes too and as he takes a look around, he sees that the minions that had been flooding toward their base have reversed directions. They're now stampeding back toward the castle they're all standing in. This is a huge fighting force and if they were to reach them, they wouldn't be able to hold them off and the game would be lost.

With the skeletons quite literally nipping at their heels, the group scrambled into the throne room and as they crossed into the glowing green zone, the words "WINNER!" popped up in a transparent display over their views. The red crystal started to glow and then it shattered in a super cool explosion, bringing the simulation to an end.

After a moment, the pods would open and everyone would be back to the real world again. The crowd was still very excited from their excellent showing and it seemed to have inspired a lot more people to sign up for the rest of the day's sims. It wouldn't be hard to find footage of the whole thing on the programmer's website for those looking to download footage of their triumph.

The programmers thank the group and give them a brief form to fill out to tell them what they could improve next time around. Then everyone is free to go about their day. Whether that's watching more sims, or off to other things. They've earned some accolades today for sure.

[The End!]

Thank you so much for coming! This was a lovely session and I had a ton of fun running it. I'll be putting in a special session reward for future VR sessions like this one. So hopefully you enjoyed it! :)


"Geez..." Is Adrian's only

"Geez..." Is Adrian's only real response as Cory manages to quite literally disarm the creature. Were it not for the fact the thing is made of cake and bleeding frosting the sight might have been quite horrific. Especially as the thing continued to yell at them all.

"I'm going to have to get some of these." He says with a bit of a smile while watching the caltrops do their work. Sure, the ide would take some working on to really figure out, but it could be pretty useful to have.

The heal from Darcy, and the shield from Pepper put him in a situation where he was quite a bit safer than the others. Though he still stayed back a bit. "We didn't win yet." He replied to Darcy. "Still gotta deal with the crystal. I would say it wont fight back but... cakes don't normally fight back either so..." He shrugged.


Cory roars in victory as he

Cory roars in victory as he lops off the creatures arm and it goes flying. "Hell of a job everyone!" He then makes his way forward with the group, keeping an eye out for anthinbg that may further stop them, but he feels confident that they have it in the bag.


Her face kind of crinkled as

Her face kind of crinkled as apparently this sim also came with smells.. she could have done with out that. "I don't think I will eat any cake for a lil bit." she murmured.

Though finally the rocket cake thing goes down, however she pokes it a couple of times just to make sure. Nothing like you start walking away and surprise! phase 2.

"Keep an eye out for traps and stuff, the pathways were trapped, so wouldn't be unusual for some last moment surprises."

She says as she starts carefully moving towards their objective. Trying to make the most out of any turns and such to try and keep them at a good advantage in it all.


"AaaaaaAAAAH!" Darcy slaps

"AaaaaaAAAAH!" Darcy slaps the ultimate down and gets right back into rotation to try and keep everyone topped of. Tank first, then melee, then ranged, then every other rotation she spares time for her own health bar before starting over.

It gets to be such a pattern that she doesn't even notice the boss has been felled until she's gone around the wheel once and no one's taken more damage. "...wait, is that-- did we win? Do we--?" She continues to ride along, doing a bit over overhealing just to keep herself in the habit as they move in on the crystal, hoping there isn't a last-second surprise waiting for them.

"Okay, I'm spent as far as butt-saving mechanics go, so, stay close. Hopefully we just click on the thing and go home with our adorable winnings..."


Pepper pulls out her ultimate

Pepper pulls out her ultimate shields and just in the nick of time. It sprays another wave of the frosting which pings harmlessly off their shields. It keeps everyone still in the green. The creature gets too close to her and she can smell it's sweet breath as it shrieks. It sounds like a horrifying version of the rocket cake theme song without words.

And that's when pepper sees it. The health bar hovers there just a moment and she slaps out her attack, taking it's legs out from under it. The creature tumbles down to the ground and goes still.

The crowd watching goes wild. All they have to do now is head into the castle and break the crystal. It should be a piece of... rocketcake.


This'll be our last round before we wrap up. :)


With his ultimate activated,

With his ultimate activated, Cory can feel his swings going much smoother than before. Each 'pew pew' hits the mark and he quite literally punches the left arm off of it's body. It goes flying through the air and bounces down the south path and away from them. The creature bellows as frosting pours out of the stump.

Adrian shoots his AOE attack right on top of the creature. The caltrops do their job and little bleeding marks start to pop off of it. Of course they look like they're written in frosting. So it's a nice touch. And as it flails to try to attack anyone closeby, the bleeding whittles it's health way down.

Darcy's first heal pops out, getting Cory back up to 60% in a jiffy. Her bar seems to be taking forever this time, but as she sees Pepper's health hit the 35% mark, she pops her ability and watches everyone's bar shoot back up into the green instantly. Her exquisite timing is right on the mark and she keeps everyone in the fight. No one gets booted out of the sim early on Darcy's watch.



On the bright side, at least

On the bright side, at least the thing was humanoid, and thus it's weak points were similar to anything else he'd fought. He probably wouldn't have known where to attack had it just been a single giant cake...

The rainbow of icing was somewhat nice to look at. Had it not been for the fact that it hurt quite a bit when it touched them. "Okay. Ow." He said, quickly moving to brush the icing off of himself before raising his gun once again. "I can probably take another hit like that and be fine, but after that I'll need healing." He said, figuring the others were probably a bit more important to be healed, Cory in terms of percentage, and Pepper in terms of being the tank.

With the part currently keeping the thing relatively in one place Adrian took the time to ready his AoE again. Aiming to catch the creature right in the middle of it. "Anyone know if this thing can bleed?" He asks, taking just long enough to see if anyone has any insight he might not before firing the ability.


With most of the party

With most of the party hovering close to half and now the extra damage debuff, she goes ahead and activates her shield. The were half way there and close to the execute phase.

"Shields are out, we should be close to the execute phase. But keep watching your feet, never know where molten goo will come from. If you get trapped in a corner, holler and will see if this guy can move to a better position."

With that she gets her kittydragonbeast thing to hunker down some more while knocking the rocket cake all about. Rotating as she could through her cool downs to try and keep some of the heat off of her to let darcy have some time with the rest of the party.


Darcy grins as it looks like

Darcy grins as it looks like they have the fight in the bag, until the roar hits everyone for a chunk of health and she's right back into panic mode. "Hang on, Cory, I got you. I think..."

She switches targets to get Cory back up as fast as possible, confident the others can at least stomach one more hit from the AoE. She does keep an eye on Pepper's health bar, though - if it dips below 40%, she'll trigger her ultimate ability immediately.

She and Adrian will have to wait, but thankfully it looks like they can survive long enough for her to get the others back into safety ranges. "Hold on hold on hold on...dammit, little bar, move faster!"


Cory feels the icing burn his

Cory feels the icing burn his health down quite a bit. The creature was swinging at random, it didn't seem to care too much about a tank to focus on. "Well that isn't going to be fun if it spews again." He then looks out at the others, how far back their base is, assuming he has a chance to respawn say it doesn't go down, and the fact that the thing won't just slow down to let him get back to heal. He sighs and then clicks his ult button and ramps into overdrive. He charges back in onto the creature, hoping that Pepper pops her armor bubble or Darcy throws out a heal, and he swings for the fences. Should be able to beat the creature to the punch with is ult active.


Pepper makes a very tempting

Pepper makes a very tempting target. Perhaps the cake is sad that it's spongey and not furry. Or that it cannot be brushed quite as effectively. But whatever the reasoning, it lunges for Pepper. With her shield and her health pool, it manages to rain several painful attacks onto her. But she drops to about 60% and holds there.

As Cory slips around to the side, he finds that the creature is very fast. A hot blast of icing hits his leg and he loses a bit of health himself, taking him to about 60% life. But it affords him the chance to get closer and he carves a chunk out of it's health bar with his swing across it's leg.

Adrian was ready for the creature so as it comes into view he still manages to fire a shot directly into it's shoulder. It leaves a scorch mark that takes a modest chunk of it's health total.

Darcy keeps close eye on Pepper, and as the third hit takes her to 60, she casts a single target heal right onto her. it brings her back up to 90%.

With just over half it's health gone, the creature lets out a bellowing cry. Icing sprays away from it in a rainbow of vanilla chocolate and cherry. However it's searing hot and it doesn't pause at all as it lunges again. Everyone takes an additional 25% damage.

Health totals- Pepper- 65%, Cory -35%, Adrian- 55%, Darcy- 75%


The rest of the team getting

The rest of the team getting healed up was good. Thankfully he'd not had a second incident, and so he was still hovering pretty high when it came to his health. How long that would continue with the approaching threat he wasn't sure. But for now things were looking up at least.

As the thunderous footsteps continue their approach Adrian gets ready to pull the trigger. The familiarity of the situation seeming odd when combined with how many things were different. Though, it seemed that the enemy they were facing was not what anyone, least of all Adrian was expecting. ".................................... what" Is all he really says before the thing lunges at them and the fighting starts.