Ardiel Exploration (Camisila)

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Ardiel Exploration (Camisila)

It's right up Camisila's alley to explore the tunnels out in Ardiel, surviving on just what she could find and what is brought with her for a significant amount of time. I wasn't sure if this would merit an SH running this for her, but I'd like to check out what you guys had planned in those tunnels, and hopefully she can handle herself like the warnings suggest. I would be looking for something with slows as my free time is during the day usually and late late night. Let me know if this is possible or if I can just do this from scenes, though since I have no idea what is down there I'd say scenes would be kind of hard.

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Scenes may be best

Most of the tunnels are just empty and treacherous purely due to failing infrastructure - it's spelunking :) which is dangerous but shouldn't require direct A/SH intervention at every turn the way interactions with hostile locals would.

The exploration would include dark tunnels, abandoned habitation, broken shafts for mining or elevators, even caves of natural rock from unfinished expansions. As far as I'm concerned on the Setting front, you have a lot of leeway for the particulars of the environment itself - you could easy say she found abandoned labs, living quarters, even secret shrines or things in the tunnels. That should allow for several posts of exploration, and the ruling A/SH could let you know what, if anything, she found of significance while poking about in the abandoned corners. Or if they wanted to introduce a more immediate danger and leap off into a session from there, they'd have a clear starting point :)