Bastlynn's Wayward Home for Lost Plot Bunnies

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Bastlynn's Wayward Home for Lost Plot Bunnies

Plot bunnies breed like... well - like bunnies!

You may find yourself not able to run all of the ideas you have - and sometimes we'd just much rather play one than run it... Here you'll find a safe place to drop off the plot ideas you have, in hopes that another A/SH may be interested in adopting it. This thread is meant to be a great spot to collaborate and share our ideas with our fellow A/SHs so we can work as a team. If you want to run, but you're stuck for an idea... that's what the plot bunny is for!

If you adopt one, please leave a note that you have adopted it so others know it has been taken off the list.

(Take a plot - leave a plot.)

For sanity's sake, please use the following format:

Setting: Vaxia or Sirian
Type of Session: Combat or Social or Sneaky-stuff or Whats...
Is this one you want to play? Yes / No
Short Summary: No really, like two sentences or one small paragraph! Keep it trim! Plot bunnies don't mean 'do all the work for someone else'... these should be idea germination points for things we might want to see run by someone at sometime. :)