Buisness Models/ PC organization owning Overhaul

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Buisness Models/ PC organization owning Overhaul

To go with the IC employment overhaul we are also having a massive overhaul for business play in the system.
The term business has been used when referring this part of the system as it is the most common form of this kind of play, but it will apply to essentially any kind of organization a PC wants to startup and/or own/manage.

In the past there has been no hard rules, so different players at different times had to go through vastly different things in order for their character to gain an organization.
Even more so there was essentially no rules on how to -grow- said organizations either.
So this kind of play was very easily gamed unfairly by some, and others would get shafted from time to time. Which is a problem.

We hope by building an actual system to handle this we can avoid past issues from returning, and also open new avenues of play for those players willing to take it up.

Multiple ways to have your pc own their own organization, which depends on the intent of the organization.

    If its all about flavor - you don't have to do a thing, but also the organization won't do a thing either.
    You only need to participate in this system if you want to gain something from the organization or have some affect on the world via the system. Once numbers are needed then you have to

    Just want to make your PC's organization their job and not do anything else with it - you can use the employment token then.
    It will be limited in comparison, but also much less work and upkeep. Though if you would like to convert it in the future you can do so!

    You want an organization that has a chance to make a more notable impact, something to grow and play out more - then this is what the following Business rules will make happen.

The Basics

At its core this is essentially combining aspects of the Companion Rules, Crafting Rules and the Employment token, as organizations can have stats.

An Organizations stats will determine its value
♦ Total Stats = Build Points = value/price to buy
♦ There will be a cap on the stats starting out

Organizations will be assigned a rank based upon its build points
♦ The rank will determine what perks the owner can unlock per month doing a scene.
♦ Rank will also serve as general rep scale for allies and enemies in game and for players as they chose.

Starting such an organization works like some of the methods for getting a companion
♦ RP/Crafting - will rules listed under the growing part
♦ Purchasing at the value of the Build points
♦ There will be a set cap on how high one can do either.

Growing the organization will use similar rules as to crafting a stat/skill boosting item
♦ Rank will determine the 'base' difficulty and pp required instead of busing the raw build points
♦ Adding points will use the currently laid out additions: +1-5 Build points = +10 diff = +25 PP per point
These numbers may be adjusted as time goes on and we get better data.

These organizations will have a Monthly upkeep
♦ Can pay in XP, Silver or combination
♦ Rank determines upkeep
♦ Missing a payment on upkeep results in the business loosing a rank
♦ If missed for 6 months in a row then the Organization will be set to 0 and need to be rebuild, or if it is a staple in the world setting then Setting can assume control

Possible to have multiple owners
♦ Everything will be split according to the % of the value each owner put in - each owner is responsible for their share, and no other owner can 'cover' the other - this is to prevent other owners from going inactive leaving all the work to one person and coming back to reap the rewards.
○○ Example: Will put in 60% of the xp/silver value and Frill put in 40% of the xp/silver value of the business they started. Will only has to pay 60% of the upkeep, but they will only get 60% of the perk value as well.
♦ Growing - all owners have to contribute at least their % ownage value to the scene. If one owner does not, then nothing happens until they do (no work is ever lost). If other owners grow unhappy with the lacking owner they may petition to the Staff to help resolve the conflict.
♦ Upkeep - each owner is responsible for their share of the upkeep. If 2/3rds (75%) of the upkeep is missed then the overall Rank will go down. Though the other owners may petition to buyout the owner that missed the upkeep as soon as it happens.
♦ If an owner goes inactive the remaining active owners will be given the chance to buy that share of the organization before it will be given to the NPC. (see the other organization rules of always needing 1 NPC in a management position for such cases). In the future should the desire strike the remaining owners can then follow the usual RP rules on possibly purchasing shares from the NPC.
♦ At any time an owner can sell only their share of the business to another PC or NPC. (This also may be used as a form of conflict resolution between multiple owners)

Surrendering an Organization
♦ If at any time this play is no longer desired the player can contact Setting about surrendering it. In most cases this will be done as a sale, and the PC will be given the value of the organization. If the player would like to open up the sale to other PCs then Setting can help organize that as well.
♦ Once it is surrender the player no longer has an say in what happens to it.
♦ After it is surrendered if a player wants it back, they will have to pay for it following the usual rules.
♦ At this time it will not be allowed to gift an organization to another player (this is to prevent situations where players may trade a business back and forth to keep the perks rolling even after going inactive.)

♦ There will be monthly perks that an owner can unlock doing a monthly scene
♦ Will have same rules as the employment token - the only difference is the rep will default to the organizations main ally or whomever the player requests that would have an association with the organization.
♦ They can still make the request to earn more silver in lieu of rep.
♦ TBD - Additionally at certain ranks may gain the ability to use organization in a scene (Such as rolling with the organization stats to see what kind of favor or resources they can use in that moment.) - will have X amount of uses per rank per month.

Things to Still flesh out completely
Build Point Caps
Stat Caps
Reward Numbers
Filling in the rest of the numbers based on above
Having membership size be part of the build point pool or leave it to be set by Ranks


Ok that should be the base structure of this.

Some of this also means we will also have to add in to the organization rules, an owner picking a set amount of reputations to associate with - so for example what population organization may use their services, 1 ally/partner/friend etc. Enemies shouldn't be required but encouraged where applicable.

Questions, suggestions and all that welcomed.

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Better late?

This seems solid to me on initial inspection but I confess my brain is too jumbled to give much in-depth feedback at the moment. Nothing jumps out at me as bad or incomplete other than the areas you already mentioned were still to be filled in