Chibi Fight Night!

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Chibi Fight Night!

Short notice for this session. Now that I've got my feet under me a bit, I'm hoping to pick up a few slots. :) But if it's too short and we don't have enough folks, I'll push it back. I'm hoping for at least 4 PCs though, just so that we have enough for both game modes.

After the success of their giant Mech fight, the technicians behind the holo adventure have expanded their sights into making something a bit more zany. They've created an army of chibi soldiers and a cartoonishly cute map. And they're inviting anyone interested to come down to the park and give it a try. Like before there will be a holo up for spectators who don't want to actually get into the VR to be able to watch the action. The rules will be determined at sign up. Either pvp based attacks, or Horde mode where everyone works as a group to fend off the waves of baddies.

There will be opportunities for everyone (all stats will be the same), so you can play any basic role on the team that you'd want. So if your character normally shoots and you want to heal, that's totally fine. :)

The classes are:
Ranged- Projectile based attacks, high evasion
Healer- Group healing, low health
Tank- High health, lower damage
Mage- Projectile AOE attacks, lower damage (but hit more targets)
Melee- High damage, Moderate defense

Please note the following three things! :D

1. In your sign up please let me know what class you'd like to play. You can definitely double up on roles as well, so don't be afraid to pick the same thing as someone else. Literally pick what sounds fun for your character and yourself because there will be NPCs to fill in the gaps. So I cannot state this enough: go with what sounds the funnest. :)

2. Also, please let me know whether you prefer team play, or PvP. The majority will win on this one and it will determine the layout of the map. So I need to know in advance.

3. And finally, let me know what sort of animal/vegetable/mineral character you'd like to play. Even an IC pop culture reference is fine here (sentient rocket cake, anyone?). Whatever sort of avatar you'd like should be just fine, I just want to have an idea in advance if at all possible so I can think of good descriptions for the announcer/spectators to describe your heroism. :)

Any questions, please let me know! I'm hoping this can be a fun one, so I look forward to seeing you there!

Sunday, December 18, 2016 - 18:00 to 23:00


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I should be able to attend

I should be able to attend (unless the hubby wants to do something as its a couple of days before I head to my moms).
For this I think I will go with the tank, prefer team play, and for the avatar:

Interested, but wait-list me for others
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Can't think of why not

I need to stretch limbo out some more before anything else happens, and this sounds pretty cool. Limbo would probably be some kind of anthropomorphic Panther and he would switch it up and be a basic melee fighter. Doesn't matter to me, team or PVP, I can work with either.

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Solid maybe

We have a friendsmas gift exchange about an hour into the sesh, but it shouldn't take long, so Bast and I may be able to duck out and get back without too much disruption if that's all right.

If that's cool, count Darcy in for Healer, preferring Team Play, and with an avatar not all that dissimilar to Lucio, for obvious reasons :)

I don't know / uncertain
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Kinda a late sign up

With that in mind, provided that it's not a problem, then sure.
Adrian will go with what is perhaps a more "boring" choice of character, in that it essentially just kinda looks like a chibi-fied version of himself. And he'll go with Ranged.

As for the combat, I would prefer Team Play.