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Code Schedule / Bug Report Format

We've gotten to the point where we have stable code, so we're in a good spot to get some structure around this piece so I don't burn out over time. Which is always a good idea - y'know? Here's the plan.

I'm going to assign one day out of the week to handle code requests. At the moment, that's Saturday.

I'll collect code requests, tweaks, CSS changes and the like here on the requests forum during the week and address them on Saturday as a set assuming there's no session being run at the time. That way all the changes can be handled at the same time and we can otherwise be assured the site is operational in the meantime. (There's always a risk of breaking the site while fixing it - so it's not a minor thing.)

Non-critical issues:

I ask that you not ping me over PMs or in Limbo on non-critical issues - especially not if I'm in a session or playing in casual RP at the time. If you do that, I won't be able to not think about it and then the night is pretty much wiped for me. :-/ That happens too often and I'll be faced with the choice of "I can play" or "I can code" and have to drop playing at all.

Critical issues:

If the issue reported is critical, then ping me in AIM / PMs / Limbo or the like. It's likely I'll already be working on it and be able to tell you that. Please keep in mind what critical means: It means the site won't load and you can't play at all. AKA: You can't work around whatever it is going on. If you could tell me about it in Limbo - it's probably not critical. Inconveniences in layout for example, or having to click an extra link to get to your information - not critical.

When reporting a bug:

Before you put the report in, please do the following:

1) Refresh the page - hit F5 or reload it in the browser

If it's still an issue:

1) Logout
2) Clear your cache
3) Log back in

That way you have the freshest copy of the CSS and javascript for the site. If it's still there - then it may be an issue on the site's end - and then post up a bug report in the forums. Please include your browser, and exact steps so I can replicate how you're seeing what you're seeing.

A good format to use for bug reports can be found here: