Current State of the Elven Outpost

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Current State of the Elven Outpost

What is the current status of the outpost? Has it become more of an independent community with reps from Ramsalon and other Elven Alliance clans or is it still predominately ran by the wood clan and Ramsalon? Also what kind of jobs are in there? And how much has the invasion changed the outpost?

I am mostly asking as my character Nuriel is mostly tied to the outpost. Last I really played her Seph was kind of beginning to take her under his wing and stuff, but without him around all of that kind of is stalled and just trying to see if there is a way I can revive her story.


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What i know off the top of my head

They are not that happy with Vaxia, Ramsalon, or SI.

During the Naga Nori War the Outpost and clans abstained from the war. However feeling were bruised when the SI "borrowed" some of the forest for resources, and the Vaxian military did the same once they realized that the SI hustled troops into Ramsalon through the river, and were building rafts and such in the forest. With Ramsalon battered, there was some more harvesting of dead trees and such.

So, as soon as the war was over, there were apologies from the SI, and Ramsalon delegates, but elves have long memories.

More answers later

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Same as always!

What Jimmy said is correct. Additionally:

The elves largely stayed out of the Naga Nori War. (Unlike the Orc War, where they allied with the three great human nations against Necromos and the Orcs, they decided they didn't really have a dog in the race between Vaxia and Shi Inkahan.) So they were largely left alone by the events of the War. Though obviously the representatives from the Vaxian Empire have been replaced by representatives from Shi Inkahan.

My vague sense is that the Outpost is still largely a Ramsalon Wood Clan endeavor, just because they're the closest and it's convenient. Jobs... I'm going to out onto a limb here and speculate about what one might need to support a small military/diplomatic outpost. Lots of guards; lots of scouts, including hunters and gatherers, though they import supplies from the Elven City, too; administrative personnel, to keep everything running smoothly; various diplomatic attaches; dockworkers for the landing site; merchants and people to keep the merchandise flowing smoothly; gardeners?

Side note: I know the Portal Project has been semi-suspended. It was a collaboration between the Elves, the Mage Guild, and the Royal Labs, and with two of those parties more or less out of commission, it's left to just the Elves on their own, and they don't have the resources to accomplish much (consider that the three groups working together for a decade wound up accomplishing very little already). They're certainly not going to get any help out of Shi Inkahan, who have deep cultural superstitions and phobias about portals in general.