Feed Back - dice ruler and quick buttons

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Feed Back - dice ruler and quick buttons

Unsure of the new dice ruler is finished or what not, but just happened to notice during some casual play.

Single trait ruling is missing.
Single trait rolls have not been removed from the game, but rather more rare and more about contesting something in the environment or a basic stat check kind of scenario. (or things like hardcore as well which is a single trait END/CHA roll)
So we still need a way to rule them.

Recommend remove magic as its own since it is ruled no differently from mundane actions.
With this change there really is no reason for magic to have its own lil section.
Make the combat interface accept magic combat stats as well, and then the standard two trait ruling can handle non combat related just like the mundane actions. Even more so as magic stats have matching physical stats
End = Cha
Dex = Int
Str = Spir