IC Employment Overhaul

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IC Employment Overhaul

So we have had some preliminary talks, and now I think we have something workable.
(which also should hopefully help the foundation for the business overhaul too)

Employment is by no means necessary in any way, but it does offer chances for some constant rp topics and something that could be done in lieu of other activities on the site or to enhance the experience.

The idea would be to create a kind of token of sorts to represent a character's employment and would reward a set amount of silver.

The Basics:

Three ranks to the token - which will also cap out the total amount possible to earn.

Each rank will add a set amount of silver that could be earned from it.

Gaining and adding ranks to the token will be done via a mini session.
--- Doesn't matter if it is getting another job or seeking a promotion with a current one - will be the same for the sake of standardization
--- The character will have a set amount of PP they will have to get to during the session in order to succeed
--- This will be the set standard, no matter if the employer is a PC or NPC to have uniformity in the system
--- Each rank will be attributed to the session, which will help track when a rank loss may happen by loosing a job or similar cirumstances

Silver from the token can be earned once a month by doing a scene
--- The character will also have a set amount of PP to achieve in the scene

Inactivity after 6 months will cause the token to reset to 0
--- The player will then have to repeat the steps to get their employment token back up to the ranks they desire.
--- It is not required to redo this with any employments that they may previously have had (so they could get whole new jobs if desired)

Loosing a job will be handled by the rank system as businesses and guilds which would usually hire will be following that.
--- So in most cases it would be a matter of hitting negative rep or a voluntary leaving


Preliminary Numbers
Nothing here is set in stone just yet, and are subject to change.
But these are what came up while working with some numbers to get a better feel on how this could work out.

Values for the ranks:
● Rank 1 - 200 silver - Diff 25 for Mini Session
● Rank 2 - 400 silver - Diff 35 for Mini Session
● Rank 3 - 600 silver - Diff 45 for Mini Session

A rank can be earned via a mini session where the character has to achieve 200 PP in order to succeed.
--- This PP can be earned by demonstrating any relevant skill as well as using social skills
--- This is the same if seeking a new job for a rank, or a promotion with a current one
--- The employment scene will have the following rules:

    A critical failure will reset the PP earned
    3 failures will result in failure of the scene
    --- (This is mostly to prevent occasions where failures may drag on eating up more time then intended. We may adjust these numbers as we get more data in)
    A player may attempt an employment gaining scene as many times as they want
    --- Failed scenes will have no affect on future gaining scenes difficulties. Though SHs may elect to award relevant rep due to them

    The monthly scene to 'unlock' the silver requires a set amount of PP to be earned based upon the rank. (Currently basing off of 75% of the value)
    This scene will follow the same rules as the 'earning silver' type of scene - Difficulty of 25.
    ● Rank 1 - 150 PP
    ● Rank 2 - 300 PP
    ● Rank 3 - 450 PP

    The monthly scene will default to award rep to the character.
    --- The default rep will be the organization employing the character (This will be the favored rep in any splitting, and always the first awarded)
    --- Players can request to split the rep with other groups that would likely association with the organization

    A player may opt to have the monthly scene award silver instead.
    --- They will earn the usual rate based upon the total minus the required for the token. (IE KJ decides they want some extra silver, they have a rank 2 token. In their scene they earn 378 PP. So their extra would be 78 silver which is 378 - 300)

    That is pretty much it.

    Going to let this sit for the usual two weeks. So please feel free to post thoughts, questions, number tweaks, etc.

    Sorry for the delay, found my other notes.

    It has been two weeks so it seems the core part is good to go.
    Added in notes about difficulties where applicable.
    Going to leave it up for a lil bit longer for any further feedback and review of the changes.

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I like this structure

One question: are tests in the mini-session against a fixed difficulty (say, 25) or do they scale with the token rank?

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Good question.

Good question.

I had totally forgotten the difficulties in that part.
Thanks for catching.

I think the original concept of this did have increases of difficulty with each rank.

This also had something about failures.
I think my preliminary notes had something about after a set amount of failures the scene would fail, but I can't find if I ever tried to work out a set number,

So more things to chew on.