A question that may or may not have to do with my present saga

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4 years 1 month ago
A question that may or may not have to do with my present saga

If I have an idea that hinges on the PCs getting put to sleep or pulled into a hallucination via song or something, how can I handle that without seeming like I'm god-moding or forcing the issue?

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1 month 3 days ago
See Below.


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Two answers :)

The easiest by-the-rules way to do it is to have the singer or source of the sleepification charge up PP over several rounds before attempting to affect the PCs, who then have to attempt to 'break free' by matching or beating the PP stored - something that may be numerically impossible in a single round. Once they're asleep and in the dream, giving them hooks and a reason to stay will convince most PCs to stop resisting, though someone who wants to can sit in a corner and keep rolling SPI until they finally generate enough resistance PP to break the spell and wake up, thus ejecting themselves from the sesh. That's their call :)

Naturally, giving the singer high mights will also help - most folks won't have a magical resistance skill, so you're trying to beat back SPI stat alone for the most part, so the NPC doesn't need to be stratospheric to have a high chance of success. Depending on the nature of the NPC, you may be able to work with your mentor or Setting ahead of time to get something approved at very high mights, if appropriate, but you don't likely need anything that high to assure success if they charge up ahead of time.

And of course, any player who wants their character in the session and doesn't want to chance beating the spell by accident can always willingly choose to let their character fail the roll, or just not roll and succumb to the effect :) Letting players know ahead of time that the effect is to put them to sleep and that the actual action happens in the dream realm afterwards is also okay, and may make the issue largely moot as a result.

If you or your mentor need advice on exact numbers at play, let me know, we can discuss those privately during session prep.