Recent history and the state of things

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Recent history and the state of things

I'v noticed that it's a little difficult to figure out what the state of affairs in the world are. I'v picked up things about the Naga War and that Ramsalon is being occupied... but maybe there could be a section of the website that is dedicated to a monthly recap of what your character would know by means of the press and rumor mill if there isn't one already? What is the mood of the populace at whole and maybe some key factors? What has become of the defeated soldiers of the former Iron Army etc? Thanks, as always!

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We had these for a while after the recent invasion, since it seemed pretty necessary with the whole city changing so much so quickly. Stuff like this one:

I think we should definitely bring the pattern back once we have active Setting leads again - it seems logical for it to fall to them to determine what's changed and keep everyone on the same page. But they were vital after the invasion and I suspect they still will be for a little while yet.