Removal of Derived Stats Play Test

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Removal of Derived Stats Play Test

*To note while this playtest is now in effect 6/26/2017, any currently running session does not have to enact the changes to help prevent possible disruption. However any new rp and session from this day forth does need to use these changes.*


This play test is part of a continuation to better streamline our system in all aspects.

The above links cover the reasoning of why we are testing out this change. However a quick summary of it is: derived stats have become too clunky, a few never used and seemingly outdated in the current system especially as we work to make no difference between mundane/physical actions and magical/psi ones..

For the next 6 months we will be play testing the following core changes:
No longer use any of the derived stats.
Have two trait rolls be the most common form of actions
Have one trait rolls be more about checks against the environment and more situational checks.

Derived Stat - an average of two prime stats that are used for very specific actions; these are: Con, Agi, Fin, Awa, Pre, Appearance, and Health

Prime stats could already been used to do actions of which derived stats could, as derived stats were just tied to very specific situations which were already covered by the description of the prime stat.

Any action that would use a derived stat will now just use the combination of prime stats that would make up the derived stat. In some cases just one of the prime stat that would make up the derived can be used.

For example:

    Awareness rolls, formerly Awa stat would now be rolled with Int and Spirit
    Stealth rolls, formerly Fin stat would now be rolled with Int and Dex
    Anything Presence would be rolled for Spir and Cha can be rolled roll
    Anything Con would be rolled for End can be rolled

New combinations

With the removal of the derived stats we should also expect new combinations of prime stats for some actions, especially non combat.

The general rule in this regards will be: So long as the combination of stats fits with the idea of the action, then it is ok. In other words, have fun, but use common sense.


Int and Spir is the pretty standard combo for awareness rolls, though in some cases Int and Dex could be applied as well (using tech, or using touch). However it wouldn’t make sense to use Int and Str, as the Str stat is not defined in any way that would make sense for such an action. However Int and Str could make for a good combo to try and do an intimidation action instead of Spir and Cha, a a planned out demonstration of one’s physical power or application of power does make for an excellent intimidation.

In terms of assigning difficulties when up against a target with stats, it should come down what type of action counters the applying action. In that case the SH can just default to the most common stats associated with that action.

We will be watching this to see if there are further problems that develop in that regards.

Combat actions will still have a specific mapping of stats to actions - this is due to the nature of combat and how difficulties are assigned to such actions.

Risks and Traits

This is more for the session design end.

With this removal we no longer have to worry about putting a prime stat up against a derived stat.
This also removes a lot of the more common One Trait rolls in the game.

Thus we will be looking to make Two Trait rolls/actions the baseline. Meaning using 2 stats for actions will be the default, no matter how complex the action may be. Any risk will be reflected in the difficulty always.

One trait rolls will still have a place. We will begin referring to these as checks, rather than actions.
These will often be in the form of ‘checks’ against something in the environment (IE using dex to navigate rough terrain quickly, using str to knock down a door, using end to resist falling damage, using Cha to resist a plant’s hypno gas, etc).
However there are also some other situations where a single stat check would be useful, such as an arm wrestling competition, and both of the competitors can make a strength check to see who wins.

This for the most part doesn’t really change in our system, other than shifting the nature of how we reflect more complex or risky tasks. Which is not to remove a trait, but rather increase the difficulty without the worry of creating too much of a famine scenario that a 1 trait roll would in that situation.

Items with derived stats on them

I will be making another thread specifically for that. But a quick summary to have - we will either split the stats out, or let the player choose (in case they already have an item with one of the prime stats that make up the derived - since items do not stack when giving a bonus to the same stat) while accounting for the price of the item.

During this playtest feedback is highly encouraged during the process, as well as any questions that come up.

If you can not post in the System Forums, then putting it up in the general forums is completely fine. Or you can pm them to me, or use the Anonymous mailer.
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Just a month and 2 weeks to go until the playtest ends!