For Returning and New Players

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For Returning and New Players

Welcome back returning people, and welcome to anyone new.

Some have already had questions about the site, so consider this a quick intro/transition guide to hopefully expediate the process.

Need help learning the new site?
Never fear Madius made videos:

What the heck happen IC?

Is there a last 13?

    Not that I am aware of. However there is a way to find posts:

    1) Search Function - just type in the name of the place you are looking for

    2)Power Search link it shows posts for everywheres - from ze Bast

    3) Just searching for new posts? Easy do the following:

      I) click on locations
      II) click on last activity
      III) now there should be a small gray triangle by last activity - click that
      IV) You should now be able to see which locations had some recent posts at the top of the list

How do I remove a picture?

    1) Go to your artwork - click on the artwork link and then click on the tab that says my art
    2) Once there you should see your art collection
    3) From there click on the image you wish to remove
    4)Then click on the workflow tab
    5)Then select the removed from site dot and then hit the update workflow button
The image should now be gone.
The process is also similar for characters. items, etc.

How do I add a picture?

    First, the art rules have changed:
    We are now using the Fair Use legistation - that means no more having to obtain artist permissions.
    Also you can have bigger pictures now - the restrictions are now under 200 by 200 pixels.
    This also means with the change there are no more art evaluators - everyone can upload their own images.

      Now to add a picture:

        1) Scroll down to Navigation
        2) Then under the add content - click on artwork
        3) Fill in the fields that are at least required (which is basically title and the image you want to upload)
        4) After you have the image you just uploaded on the screen hit the workflow tab
        5) Then select the approved button and hit update workflow
      There you have new art!

    If you do not see the image in your drop down, go back to the image - chec the workflow is on approved, or refresh the window.