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Some questions

I had some random Vaxian questions, mainly to deal with character back history and such thingies.

1 Are Vaxian Direwolves like DnD dire wolves which are HUGE or are they like real life extinct direwolves, which were just big modern day wolves essentially with a little more mass?

2 So according to the Shapeshifter rules, a 25 diff would be expected for transforming into a wolf from a human, since they are roughly the same mass correct? So a larger one such as a direwolf would be upward of 40-70 dependent on question number one.

3 A biomancer obviously has to cast, change, and still not be naked when all is said and done. So that means stripping beforehand or using magical clothing. So getting magical clothing that's attuned to you so that when you change into a raging dire wolf, it doesn't rip, would be a bound effect correct? I'm trying to figure this out myself, but as you know I'm not so good at it. So for a clothing that if triggered by the wearer can magically meld harmlessly into the body and back out again when triggered by a method we have this?:
Non-numeric effects (on/off situations): 1 PP
At will use/permanent effect: 150 PP per PP of the desired effect

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1) We have had both types appear in Vaxia, and it is possible to actually have both types kind of exist and be under the same name - like deer, a person says deer and the people that hear it will think of the type of deer they are most familiar with pending upon their region - as such someone from the west end of the US may think mule deer, while someone from the east may think white tail.

From a setting pov it doesn't break or threaten the setting to have both types of possible dire wolves exist, which in turn will allow a player some freedom in which version they may want to go with for their character story and such.

2) I will leave that one for system, as I am terrible with math atm.

3) Magical items can be purchase (I think we even had one that did have an item, maybe even a couple of people have an item, that would also ensure their clothing would go with the shift).
From the item cost thingy at will use is: At-will use: 750s per PP of effect - so a 1PP thingy at will will be 750s
However I think in the past we have labelled such items under as one without point value, just a kind of effect, which is around 250s. And can be something like an amulet or ring or something and will still affect anything the person is wearing.

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re: #2 - I need to go refresh

re: #2 - I need to go refresh my understanding. I'm inclined to think it has more but it may as much be the numeric benefit of the shape as the mass of it. Bang-for-buck principle ther.

re: #3 - That's right. It would be a "utility" item, since there's no direct material bonuses. So the cost is based on the PP strength of the effect. In this case it's a binary effect: "It works or it doesn't work", then you only really need 1 PP to make it work. But if someone were to dispel it... they would only need 1 PP to pop the spell... so sometimes there's reasons to make a higher PP binary effect item. This isn't the item I would make a high PP for - but there are other binary effects that you really don't want to have fail when you need them that you might want to put more PP to.