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4 years 10 months ago
A suggestion...

I was thinking about it and was curious -

Wouldnt it be good to add a requirement to being an ASH in that they should take and pass the social, system, and settings tests before stepping forward into it officially?

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Separate duties

Someone can become an ASH and SH simply by passing the required SH course tests (which cover system details in depth, responsibilities in running sessions, and character and item evaluation) because being an A/SH doesn't automatically award any authority outside of running sessions and character/item evaluation. Being an A/SH doesn't automatically make you a competent mediator, an expert on IC matters or even a system guru beyond being able to follow the written rules, so it doesn't confer any authority in those areas, either.

Leads, I believe, are already required to pass their respective walkthrough (admin, can you confirm?), but someone can be an ASH or SH without having passed the walkthroughs if they simply want to run sessions and not take part in departmental discussions on the forums.

Naturally, A/SHs are all subject to the restrictions of all three departments just like anyone else, so just like anyone else, it can help to have taken the walkthroughs to avoid running into problems later, but it's not essential.

That's the System take on it. If the site feels otherwise, I'm up for amending A/SH policy :)

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Speaking from a Setting PoV

The setting walkthrough is more along the lines of a introduction walkthrough, to help people get more familiar with the basics that encompass our two settings.

Our wiki (especially once are able to sit down and clean up and better organizing the information) is the go source to learn everything about our settings. It would be very improbable to try and make a walkthrough that would be able to quiz someone on every single bit of information that would be found it in. While we could do it... for one I don't want to write over a few hundred questions to make sure everything is covered.

This is why we do have a min HXP requirement before one can even be considered for an ASH. Now this number might be too low and we may be reconsidering where to put that line to ensure a better representation of players having experienced the setting (and by experience I mean playing in the settings either through casual rp with other players to help expand each other's feel for it and knowledge, and by participating in sessions to get to know the more major events that affect the settings)

We also have a set amount of sessions ran between each level, these are what we review to make sure players becoming ASHs are learning the rules and familiar enough with the setting. Again the amount of sessions needed to run may change if we feel what we have is too low, or if a particular ASH just needs more practice if the review of their work shows significant complications or problems that arouse during their 'training' time.

Now as mentioned the setting walkthrough we have is more about the basics and a general introduction, which would not fullfill the level of need to know for a player to become an ASH, it can help them get started and thus it is encouraged, but in the end keeping up with the wiki and actually experiencing the IC of the settings will provide the best foundation to help a player prepare for what they need to know as an ASH.

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From a Social standpoint...

As far as social goes, the test is basically just used as a way to help remind people of our code of conduct rules and some general etiquette points. It's a really great test with some really good information in there. But it's not as important from an A/SH standpoint. Much of it is common sense and it doesn't have as much bearing on being an A/SH as the other two tests do. It's nice to have that as a basis if the A/SH gets into a conflict or if they need to help stop one in a session they are running. But it's not necessary for them to train for that.

It's the same thing with the Helper programs we're going to be starting up. While it would be nice for an A/SH to also be a newbie helper, it definitely shouldn't be a requirement. I worry that asking people to wear lots of different hats just to become an A/SH could lead to confusion about what each of the departments actually does.

Potentially adding a higher xp requirement, or even a [X] xp and [X] number of sessions would work very well to make sure that people start to get a handle on the game before they start the A/SH course.