The XP System: Feedback and Questions

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The XP System: Feedback and Questions

Hey everyone,

Zxehenia and I have talked a lot the last few days because I had a) a number of questions that were unclear and b) a lot of feedback on the wiki and things to help new players get settled in more.
While talking, I asked Zxehenia to add maybe a topic on Feedback/Questions so everyone could see what we talked about and add in their two cents - and as a result, we now have this forum! YAY!!! (And thank you.)

Anyways, enough of the preamble (getting everyone on the same page really), let's get to the poodle's core!

One thing that was very unclear to me was the XP System as described in the Game mechanics Walkthrough and on Care and Feeding of Your Character ( as of Friday, 05/27/2016 (the wiki article has been updated since as of Sunday, 05/29/2016.)
For me, the writing was unclear and difficult to comprehend with regards to kinds of XP and conversions and calculations. Furthermore, I could not follow the calculations taking place to determine how much XP a player had in total.

As of Sunday, 05/29/2016 (version I read: 05/29/2016, 2:49pm GMT+0200), Zxehenia has added the explanation of the XP System they wrote to me to make it clearer to the Care and Feeding of Your Character page, as well as the example they used to illustrate the usage of this XP system =D This text has made in much easier! (I also checked back with Zxehenia to make sure I understood.)

Feedback on the new explanation for the XP System

- I really, really like the example used here! It's very hands-on and concise.
- the longer text clarifies a lot of things I found difficult before, and provides a detailed account. I think this is especially important because this XP System is so unusual.
- there are one or two sentences on page that have been written twice ("BXP stands for banked experience points. These points can not be spent, but have to be unlocked. These points can not be spent, but have to be unlocked through roleplaying.").
It would be great if this could be corrected^^

Other suggestions

- a few things on formatting: I was thinking if it would be a good idea to emphasize terms like XP and BXP in bold text.
This would make it stand out more to the reader, and, in my opinion, could increase the readability of the layout.
(another possibility would be colour coding, but this might be difficult with the page background since it changes colour throughout the day.)

- since the XP system is complex and unusual, it takes a bit to get into. Maybe it would make sense to make it a seperate wiki article?
My reasoning behind this is the following: Long texts increase the risk that people might skim it - which is a completely natural reaction - and thus accidentally miss important bits of information. Furthermore, some users could be intimidated by very long, information-heavy articles such as this; by breaking up vital information into smaller, self-contained articles, the processability of this could be heightened. Lastly, by making the XP system a seperate article, it could a) be added to the Help And Tutorials page for new users, and b) be easily accessible for older players to access and check again if they wish to do so.
Does anyone else feel the same way?

- when talking with Zxehenia, I said that I would appreciate a more formulaic approach to this system (which has been provided in text form by rewriting the respective pages - thanks!!). After receiving a more detailed explanation, I recapped the XP system to Zxehenia, and to keep it in mind by explaining it to myself in a way that I found easy to comprehend and easy to memorise.
This is what I used to understand the system:

Spoiler: Highlight to view

KXP & XP & RXP = rewarded for casual RP
XP = rewarded in sessions as well
XP = spendable
BXP & RXP = not spendable

70 KXP = 1XP + 1RXP
BXP = XP rewarded in session - RXP (as in, RXP unlock session XP and what cannot be unlocked becomes BXP, ie the substrate)
spendable XP from session = number of RXP (RXP = 0 after unlocking)
total XP = XP from casual + XP from session unlocked with RXP

Does anyone else find this way of breaking it down useful/handy?
If yes, I would suggest adding this or something similar to it to the explanatory article.
This way, people with a more mathematical learning approach and people with a more textual/verbal learning approach could both be accomodated.

Thanks for this open approach to feedback and questions!
I hope this is useful, and I'm glad to be able to contribute with this!

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Tweaked the formatting of the care and feeding of your character. Added in headers and line rules to break it up into visible sections which should help allievate the feeling of a block of text to read. As the idea of the article is to have a one stop place for new players to get the general idea on how to manage some of the more number aspect of the character in relation.

Bolded the XP terms in break down at the top (which is the tldr version of things) of the XP management.

Working on an image to add the formula in, though with some tweaks cuz as it reads, it actually does confuse me (I had to read it 6 times over to get it in the pm) so it will be there if people find it useful, but won't add in more text