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Gargorian Station

With the return of the Southern Coalition Fleet and the four thousand refugees from the Gargorian homeworld, the Gargorian Colonists have been going through some tumultuous cultural changes. Their strongest generation was born on Sirian Planet and knows their homeworld and its traditions only second-hand - the sudden influx of those desperately clinging to those traditions after watching their planet be overrun is causing a lot of friction among them.

In hopes of holding the last of the Gargorians together socially, the Gargorian leadership leveraged the knowledge of the homeworlders to repair and relaunch the crashed colony ship (with a healthy amount of Zuxian patchwork they’d gathered over the decades). The new “frankenvessel” is not deep-space-worthy, but it is a serviceable long-term orbital habitat, and will give many Gargorians shelter and isolation from the Sirian Humans to allow for a period of healing and the reconstruction of a shared political and cultural identity.

The station is much smaller than Station Prime and has a capacity of roughly 10,000 people living comfortably. The smaller size also means that it lacks the means to feasibly synthesize gravity through significant rotational force, so the entire station is a zero-G environment. The Gargorians combat the dangers of long-term zero-G living through medicine and regimented exercise, along with a slight boost from the harvested Zuxian technology that makes up roughly a quarter of the ship and its systems.

Homeworld Hydroponics
The particular atmospheric filtering and farming setup on Gargorian Station utilizes many homeworld flora and fungi, along with the bioluminescent bacteria that naturally grows on them, giving the hydroponics installation a familiar glow for those missing home - or those who have never set foot on it.

The space doubles as both the lifeblood of the station’s closed environment and as a public venue for spiritual and psychological renewal and healing.

To encourage the regular exercise needed to maintain healthy living aboard a zero-G station, the Gargorians have a pair of dedicated holorooms specifically designed for a variety of exercise options to accommodate a variety of ability levels. These rooms have also been linked to the station network to allow for shared experiences with other holorooms, like those on Station Prime, if the users desire.

It’s extremely common for those on their regimented exercise shift to engage in virtual reality online gaming with the neighboring holoroom or those on Station Prime as a way to exercise without really having to think of it as such. This has made Gargorian gamers somewhat notorious in certain types of hologames in a relatively short time.

Laboratory Wing
An entire section of the Gargorian station is dedicated to a variety of science and medicine laboratories for further advancement, development and study. The lab equipment is currently the most advanced in orbit, and collaboration with scientists and doctors from other Treatise Body nations is frequent.

Pear-shaped station with outer ring


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Even though they were to be

Even though they were to be in a time acceleration, its moments like this that even still it seemed to move at a snails pace.
She did what she could to keep urging the others to keep going, thankfully she had spent enough time on certain front lines to still have the habit of 'don't look back', for any pause could mean their doom, and you never know when delaying that from happening each second, would be the one you would get a break.
Such as a sudden little burst of flak from Jake buying them more time.

Once Dr. Kim was settled and out, the attention was turned to Jake. This was going to take some time, especially when there was a need to rummage for something to pry him out of there.
When he was loose he would get a quick once over, mostly habit, and part not knowing when a certain unhappy bot was about to bring the party.

Then in a blink there were out.
Yalara would jump in a kind of startle, for after all the last image before the shut down was a rampaging bot about to make the place 'quiet'.
Then with a gasp and a quick look around, she would hop up. First to see what the alarms were about and if she could be any service, and then to check on Dr. Kim.
"Hopefully you are feeling better now that you are out?" Giving Dr. Kim a bit of time, and checking up on her to make sure she was doing ok.
"If you ever need someone to talk to, or even need a hand, the offer is always open."

Yalara had a soft smirk as Sona comes up with a follow up, after all science rests for no one. She could kind of sympathize, it took her a bit to work on that whole, timing thing.
She would give a bit of a nod, really the concept had her quite curious, perhaps even more so with this 'bug' in place. Plus even still the uses that it could have in certain predictive diagnosing... Perhaps it is a good thing Yalara knows how to let her mind wander while keeping up with a better bed side manner. "Of course, after a bit of recovery I would like at the very least keep up with how this is going, and if my services can be useful. Well, you know."

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Sona hurries to join those

Sona hurries to join those checking on the rescue team members, remembering to exhale only after they've all been checked and cleared.

"Thank goodness you're all all right. And you were able to recover nearly all of the original team members! Naturally, I...I'm eager to hear what you learned about what caused all this, but...I'm reminded of the ordeal you just went through on our behalf."

"That is, please take some time and focus on your recovery. We will suspend any further testing until you've had a chance to rest and give us a full report as to what you learned and experienced. In the meantime, we'll continue working on extracting Mr. Patterson and Mx. 8-Ball as safely as we're able."

"I cannot stress how critical your assistance was. The entire Gargorian Deep Space Initiative is in your debt. may not be the greatest time, but, I feel I should mention if any of you are interested in participating in future tests once we've sorted out this bug...?"

She cuts herself off, shaking her head. "Nevermind that. Rest. We'll handle the details later. You've done more than enough already. Thank you."

[SESSION END! Open posting for those interested in epilogue, I'll keep an eye on the room for a couple weeks just in case Sona or any of the rescued team need to respond to follow-ups. Thank you all for your patience, I hope you enjoyed!]


As 8-Ball tries desperately

As 8-Ball tries desperately to reload the clumsy bolt gun, Yalara, Cydelia and Dr. Kim are able to seize the opening to rush past and join Jake in the cryo chamber with the angry robot not far behind them. Thankfully, Jake's squelch is enough to disorient him and buy them a bit more time.

Dr. Kim nods to Yalara and dives into one of the cryo chambers to get set for the transfer. It takes both doctors, but they're able to pry Jake free of the safety foam just in time to see 8-Ball barreling up the hall to the cryo chamber.

The chamber doors close, and Yalara will have a tense moment with the angry robot lining up a shot from outside the chamber just before the sequence kicks in and they all wake up, safe and sound (if a little disoriented) back in meatspace with Adrian and the already-rescued members of the original crew.

Alarms are beeping from Patterson's station as the medical techs work to handle the fallout from his sudden unplugging, while the others begin working on a way to get 8-Ball safely desynced from the simulation.

The rescued members of the original simulation team look at one another with a mix of relief and concern, perhaps worried how much of what happened in the sim will follow them back to reality. The remaining medical techs make their way through the ranks slowly, checking everyone's vitals, and grateful not to find any anomalies.


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Of course now would be the

Of course now would be the time when words would fail, and a slight twinge of guilt for not having kept up with any combat skills was suddenly creeping its way in as 8-ball has seemed to gone the route of wanting some quiet in one of the worst ways for everyone else.

She had remembered that 8-ball so far had a history of being in a way hostile with the others, of course it would be just their luck its not escalating. Though now with Dr. Kim's confession on being an active psi, there was this unending gnawing suspicion that perhaps it was the very thing causing everything in the sim to get unbalanced...
But there was no time to ponder as she steeled herself for what may came next as the gun was moved to point at Cy...
"Unfortunately we were sleeping when she was around, we would be more then happy to let you tell us what she was, but first we can work on making it more quiet without the mess." She tried to say as calmly as possible, however the gun went off - fortunately the shot was wide missing them all, and leaving them with an opening to get out.
First Yalara will shove Dr Kim on ahead past 8-ball. "Get to the cryo-chamber and get into one, don't worry about anything else, understand?" She has the hopes that if they get Dr. Kim out that perhaps it will help allieviate things in the sim. Then she will turn to make sure Cy was right behind her and give her a hand if need be.

Then she would que up their little secret channel, hoping was stil intact and being alittle reckless about using it, but Dr. Kim was aware, and now was the time to let caution fly a bit more in the wind.

[8-ball has joined in, he had us cornered, was about to shoot Cy, but the fire alarm distracted him. Running to meet in Cryo Chamber. Have a sedative on hand for Dr. Kim as a precaution. Whatever happens, don't panic, and just use that.] The last part more for the team waiting out in reality, as she had no idea how delayed she may get as they wrap things up with the last bit of them in the Sim.

Should Jake's message get through, it would be essentially the same.

And since Dr. Kim was now aware of everything, there was no need to be candid with her any more, and the woman prolly didn't need any more surprises. "We do have a line of sorts with the team out in reality. Since you mentioned your control slipping I have put a request for someone to have a sedative on hand just in case ok? And I know you have other worries on your mind, but we can address those later. For now, we just need to get you to wake up, as that will pull you out of the sim. Its ok to just focus on that for now. One step at a time alright?" *she would say to Dr. Kim as they hauled butt to the Cryo chamber.

Assuming they can get to the cryo bay - if not feel free to ignore.
As they enter, she would immediate usher Dr. Kim to her cryo pod (She would start up the controls if Cy doesn't) and get that started.
When that is done, then she would go to help Jake out of the foam.

first set for dealing with Dr. Kim, just in case, second trying to free sticky boy there.

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"ohshitohshitohshit" Jake

"ohshitohshitohshit" Jake muttered as the hardening foam spluttered out and coated him and more importantly his legs. He hadn't calculated for that situation. Sure the foam would give him armor when Patterson tried to cave his head in but he'd much rather just dodge and this wa... and then he vanished. Jake help back the cheer, barely.

He was still stuck and all sure, alone. But not totally helpless right? He tested what space he could get to inside the foam glad he was able to touch type. A quick log in to check cameras later...

[@Doc: Patterson's down. How's your end?]

If he catches a glimpse of the events in the other room with 8Ball though:

There's a blue streak a mile wide as Jake tries to wrench free of the foam again. Then he slumps back with a sulky pout and goes back to the digital realm. It wasn't like he was gonna be punching the robot anyway - so this - this might work instead...

He started rummaging through his scripts looking for things to do from this end that would assist the others in their fight. A quick script later and Jake was flooding the room with radio and wifi pings from the ship systems he could access. A DDOS from hell trying to overwhelm 8-Ball's defenses and awareness to buy the others some time to flee.

Assuming i can still move fingers - if not then there's gonna be a plaintive 'guys? guys uh... little help please?'

The 2 rolls are in case i need a roll to get connection back online in the area to see what's going on. If not, then ignore second. ;)


Down in the Cryo Bay, Jake

Down in the Cryo Bay, Jake and Adrian seem to be trading off for Patterson's attention. Adrian wins the initial bout, just long enough for the enraged Patterson to slam him head-first into the door of one of the unopened cryo chambers, knocking him out instantly.

Jake catches the blowtorch, making use of his makeshift obstacles to slow Patterson down long enough for him to try and set off the fire suppression systems. Alarms start to blare both in the cryo bay and the med bay as jets of foam are piped into the space to try and put out the flame.

Jake catches the worst of it, being nearer the source of the alarm. It isn't long before he's completely stuck in quick-hardening foam, still holding the blowtorch as Patterson approaches him with the heavy wrench in both hands.

Just as Patterson is lining up his strike, he flickers and vanishes from view, a look of confusion appearing for the briefest instant on his face before the connection is terminated. Outside the sim, one of the assistant technicians has already triggered the emergency disengage on Adrian's command.

Medical techs are currently checking Adrian's reflexes while Sona's team is checking Patterson's vital signs. Back inside the sim, Jake is safely trapped in foam in the cryo bay, all alone.

The sounding of the fire alarm catches 8-Ball off-guard, and his shot flies wide, burying itself in a bulkhead mere inches to the right of Cydelia's head. They have a brief window if they wish to rush him or escape the med bay before he can reload.



That worked better than I

That worked better than I thought it would. Jake ducked, sparing half a glance towards the dent over his head before kicking off the wall and bolting for the door. Opps.

"SHI-" Jake grabbed for the nearest piece of light but cumbersome equipment - rolling sheet walls, IV poles, whatever he could find in the area even if it was just clipboards - to throw in Patterson's direction to slow him down and distract him from Adrian. "Go f't'doors - we need to get t'others!"

He caught the blowtorch as Adrian threw it his way and shoved it in the direction of the fire / heat detectors, aiming to at worst throw all sorts of messy goopy mess in the works to slow Patterson down - at best the fire escape protocols might kick in and give them an exit from the area.

"Adrian don't make me kick your ass in the afterlife here -" He growled.

sorry for the delay!! 1st roll for distractyness - second for... figuing out how to trigger the fire alarm>


Adrian let out a slightly

Adrian let out a slightly frustrated groan as his attack with the torch. This would have been so much easier with a gun. But alas, that was not the case. Which put him at a distinct disadvantage.

"Hey Blue!" He said, turning off the blowtorch and tossing it in Jake's direction. "Back in a bit." He said, rather quickly before turning his attention to Patterson and raising his arms almost smiling as he provoked the man. "Let's see this 'Darkness' you're crying about then!"

He made no attempt to fight back against the attack from Patterson. In fact, he was hoping it'd do him in, and thus boot him back out to the real world. Provided that that was what happened, the moment he awoke he'd sit up and turn to whoever was nearest to him.

"Patterson's lost it! Unplug him, now!" He said, trying to sound Authoritative despite being pretty groggy after just waking up. Sure, it meant killing the guy. But it'd get him out of the sim. His was hardly something Adrian would lose sleep over. Not when there were still two, possibly three depending on Nina's state, lives on the line.


Dr. Kim nods weakly to Dr.

Dr. Kim nods weakly to Dr. Vengerov, catching her meaning. "I-I think so. Honestly I'm most scared all this is my fault somehow. I should've told the test runners, they should've known before they put us in here. Of course this could throw the whole--" She stops short on seeing 8-Ball appear in the doorway before Cydelia moves protectively between them.

"You friggin' meatsticks," 8-Ball mutters, metal finger tightening around the bolt gun. "A little chemistry out of whack and suddenly it's just open season on everybody in here. This is why, you know - this is why we'll outlive you all."

Hearing their plan, the robot shakes his head with a dry laugh. "You're not getting it. Sure it's Patterson - that makes sense. That guy was always way too helpful. Hung around the old doc too close anyway, but then none of you saw what she really was. Didn't want to."

"Let Patterson finish the job. Then I'll finish Patterson, and finally, finally, I'll have some goddamn quiet on this ship." He trains the bolt gun on Cydelia, and looks to be about to fire.

[MORE - Waiting on the cryo bay team's posts, then we'll kick off the next round]

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As Dr Kim gave the confession

As Dr Kim gave the confession on what she did, Yalara placed a hand upon her shoulder "Its ok, i promise. Desperate times and all. But are you ok?" she let her infliction and tone carry the implication of what kind of ok she was meaning with that question, for she also hoped that while Dr Kim did her mind scan she would have seen Yalara has plenty of experience in working with those that are psi active are you feeling any better now? You think you can hold on until we can get you into a chamber? the concern was genuine, she could only imagine what the sim effects may have on an active psi, considering what was happening to the other's neuro chem, and everyone's safety was her concern - sides Jake was scrappy and probably could use the exercise...
"I do believe there is an exit plan in place, as you mentioned we just have to get everyone back in their cryo chamber. the simulation has been affect people rather differently then anticipated. I was able to do a more in depth tox screen on the doctor, and her neuro chem charts were rather abnormal. It was something that appeared to be unexpected, and whatever the root cause seems to have different effects, even more so pending on exposure length"

Between the three of them, it looked like they had something that would do the trick one way or another, though no sooner then they opened the door, surprise 8-ball was there. A bit instinctively Yalara would try and back them up to where they would have a chance for more cover should they need to dive for it.

"Will have to forgive the reaction, was not expecting to be greeted in such a manner. We have lost communications, and the other members from my team haven't responded, they are in danger and we would like to be able to go and give them a hand. If there is another pressing issues I would be more then happy to listen to you, however if it is something a bit less urgent we could use a bit more help."

she tried to be as calm as possible, to see if either she could get 8-ball to make a momentary truce and hopefully they deal with one problem at a time, or at the very least they would start talking.

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Once at the Med Bay, Cy, now

Once at the Med Bay, Cy, now with a larger group, turns more quiet, and follows along with the blood draws and the eventual decision to start sending people back to the cryo bay. But, hanging out with her kind meant she would stay behind in the med bay as part of the group moved forward.

She would help Yalara with Dr. Kim, once she woke up,
going so far as to assist with getting her back on her feet, if requested. But, as events forward unfolded, and Dr. Vengerov started seeking tranquilizing materials, Delia would, of course, work around the bay opposite the good doctor as a second pair of eyes, putting her expertise to good use (or so she hoped) in getting something worked up.

Once set and ready to move, it seems that it would be a mere matter of moments to get to Patterson, until 8-ball suddenly appeared in front of them. Cydelia gives a bit of a gasp, stifled with a hand, before she tries to regain her composure enough to regard the bolt gun and its wielder. At that point, she takes a few hesitant steps forward to put herself between the projectile and the patient.

Well, ... surprised to see you here. We tried to find you, earlier, but you weren't at your door. Though, I think you're pointing that in the wrong direction, don't you think?

It was about as sweet as she could muster, trying to convince the automaton to at least lower the bolt gun.

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Meanwhile, in the cryo bay,

Meanwhile, in the cryo bay, Jake takes off and Patterson gives chase, but his hefty swing with the lug wrench, actually denting the wall just over Jakob's head. Adrian's follow-up with the torch doesn't connect, but it does act as a good deterrent to keep Patterson from tearing forward in pursuit of Jake. They've effectively got him cornered for the moment, for good or ill.

Patterson next takes aim at Adrian, looking to try and swipe the torch out of his hand.


I wanted to get one more narrative up before the holiday break. I'll be traveling the next few days so our next round will be a bit delayed, but we only have 1-2 left in the session. Thanks everyone for sticking with it!


Dr. Kim nods emphatically to

Dr. Kim nods emphatically to Dr. Vengerov, hurrying to help her assemble what they need to sedate Patterson. Between the two of them, they have a rudimentary compound in a syringe that seems like it will at least slow him down. Hopefully that'll be enough.

"I'm sorry, I try not to go into people's heads, I just..." Dr. Kim winces. "Something's felt off, with all of us. I felt my control slipping. I know all about the simulation. If we can get the others into cryo, maybe Sona's team can figure out how to gracefully exit everyone. I'm sorry we got you into all this..."

She shakes her head. "I didn't know what else to do, I needed to talk to you without the others around, so when the lights went out, I hit my head on a pipe. made sense to me at the time. But now--we have to hurry!"

The moment they reach the door with their compound in tow, however, there's a 'clunk' as 8-Ball's imposing frame lands in front of them. He has a bolt gun in one hand, currently aimed at Dr. Kim.



Nothing like a containgen

Nothing like a containgen outbreak scenario to convience people to go to the one place that would be the safest - the cryo chambers, and fortune had handed them just the platter they needed to sell that kind of story without risking getting caught faking it.

Though part of the plan was that if it wasn't enough that between her and Cy they could have come up with something to give that extra little push, but it would seem Jake and Adrian was able to make the close before anything else had to be done. With a nod to Jake as he spoke "I believe that should be the protocol for a containgen exposure anyways."

She would be quick and gentle in collecting the samples, being sure to set them up to run before turning her attention back to Doctor Kim.

When Kim woke up, Yalara did as she could to try and calm the woman, trying to help her to a sitting position as she clung to her arm. "Ok, ok, do you remember?" she prodded gently as Kim exclaimed she knew why they were here. Though when she says it was Patterson in the panic.

"Are you sure?" it was more of a just making sure things didn't get scrambled in the panic, as she tried to reach the others on the comms only to find silence.

a quick mutter under her breath. "How are you feeling?" she said as she scrambled about the med bay gathering up anything that looked like a tranq. It may not have the complete effect considering, but perhaps she could get a strong enough dose for a moment's reprieve so they could contain Patterson. "He is with the others, back to the Cryo chamber"

Once she had something to work with, she would turn to Dr. Kim "You feel well enough to move?" Hopefully then she would be able to get herself and Dr Kim heading towards the Cryo bay.


Once the doc was done with

Once the doc was done with his arm Adrian rolled his sleeve back down, watching the others as they were all tested. Thankfully, it seemed folks were at least willing to go with this plan even if they were responsible in some way. Which made getting the rest of them in the pods much easier.

Of course, he certainly wasn't expecting how things went relatively smoothly in getting most of the people put under. He gave a shallow nod as Nida had begun speaking, brow immediately furrowing as she was cut off. Patterson revealing himself at least pointed them in the right direction, though Adrian just hoped Nida wasn't dead yet.

Patterson's speech was just short enough that Adrian didn't ignore it outright. Though, perhaps that was not for the best. As, upon hearing the reasoning Adrian couldn't help but to laugh. It wasn't much of a laugh, but it was far more than present company, or anyone for that matter, would have heard from him in a good long time.

"That's it?" He said after a moment. "Fuck man, I know some people can't swallow the darkness but you could've just killed yourself. You certainly wouldn't be the first." He paused as if realizing what he'd just said and looked somewhat ashamed for having said such a thing. Another first in some time. Though a moment later it had all passed in exchange for the determined look on his face.

"You're in a simulation, dumbass!" He said rather bluntly as he kicked on the blowtorch and headed for Patterson. The flame directed at the arm that as holding onto the wrench.


Jake waited for the blood

Jake waited for the blood draw then took his arm back, scrubbing at the skin to get that crawly 'people touching' thing out of his system. There's a reason he only let one doc work on him for the most part. But as the rest went, he kept alert in case one of them bolted. So far so good right?

Like the others, Jake followed edging towards the back with datapad in hand. And missing his glasses HUD to be honest - like badly - he didn't realize till he had to type out his responses how much he'd gotten used to the thing -

"We'll take care of her -" Jake reassured Nida as she started to get in, then yelped - actual full on yelped - as she went down. "OH Holy shit not who-I-was-expecting -" He muttered, "But now the techie side of this makes sense."

It's the rant that gets Jake really sort of blinking and staring at the man. "SERIOUSLY?! Oh screw you. I spent years on the Extravia - t'dark's full of light." It was partly just blurting it all out cause it was the first thing to come to mind - partly pulling aggro in hopes that the doc or anyone else could help assist with taking the signal operator down. Cause Jake was really feeling his missing rifle right about now - "You know jack and shit about space-dark - call me when you've actually spent a few years out there, wannabe."

Jake was planning to retreat and quickly back the way they came, trying to get Patterson to chase him while he kept one (hopefully more than just one) step ahead of the attack.

using social to taunt / draw him - and freefall to GTOF and hopefully not get hit ;P


Nida shrugs outside her cryo

Nida shrugs outside her cryo chamber, smiling to herself. "Welp, guess it's all in your hands now. Try not to ding my ship up too much hunting that metal bastard down, okay? I haven't finished making all the payments ye--"

Mid-quip, the woman grunts in pain and crumples to the side, dropped in one hit from the lug wrench Patterson is holding. The tall man looms over the unconscious mechanic, glaring at the newcomers manning the cryo controls.

"You don't know how long I've been wanting to do that," he says, barely restrained anger finally breaking free in his voice. "This was all going so smoothly...I had a plan, I was carrying it out, and"

"The doctor was an accident - I didn't use enough of the drug, I guess. I didn't expect her to fight back. Your clever medic figured that one out for me a little too late. Shame she'll meet the same fate."

"Do you know what it's like being trapped in here, a billion empty miles from anything? It gets...dark, in space. A darkness you can't even imagine. You have to let it out sometimes, you know? Or else it eats you up inside."

"That's all this is," he says, advancing on the person working the cryo controls, lug wrench raised to strike, "just letting a little darkness out..."

As if this weren't bad enough, it seems as the Signals tech on duty, Patterson has scrambled communications. The med bay and the cryo bay are cut off unless they can find a way to bypass the shutdown.

[GO! All but Yalara, let me know if you remained in the med bay or went to the cryo bay with the second crew. If you wish to have been the one working the cryo controls, you have an attack incoming. Else, I'll roll randomly among those who went to the cryo bay.]


The four crew grab a handful

The four crew grab a handful of makeshift weapons from the medbay and Nida's kit to keep themselves safe en route to the cryo chamber. Yalara remains with the unconscious Dr. Kim and anyone else who stayed behind while at least one of the second crew go with to activate the cryo sequence.

Tensions are still high, but it's clear there's a lot of trust between the first team and the second that's making them go along with this idea so smoothly. Even Sid has stopped muttering objections and is content to keep an eye out for 8-Ball along the way.

They reach the cryo chambers safely, hearing the occasional clatter of metal here or there as 8-Ball seems to be skirting around them. More than once Nida tries to angrily bolt off after him, but Patterson and Omi keep her corralled.

They reach the cryo chamber and line up to resume the process. Omi goes first, still shaking a bit but reassured that, for the moment, the nightmare is over. Sid goes second, seemingly out of an eagerness to get this all over with.

Meanwhile, back in the med bay, Dr. Kim gasps herself awake. She clutches Yalara's arm, eyes wide in panic. "Oh thank god it's you. I know why you're here.
Patterson. It's Patterson. Oh god--"



The first crew seem amenable

The first crew seem amenable to Yalara's suggestion, with Nida and Sid already rolling up a sleeve to get ready for a sample being taken. Patterson and Omi seem a little more hesitant but aren't raising any objection to the idea, watching Jakob carefully as he volunteers to go first.

Jakob's suggestion seconded by Adrian of having all those cleared going back into cryo initially seems just as agreeable, with Nida and Omi nodding along. Omi spares a quick reassuring smile in Cy's direction, trusting her and the others to get to the bottom of this while the first crew is safely on ice.

Sid seems a bit less convinced. "That would make sense, if 8-Ball weren't our killer," Sid says. "We still don't know WHY you all woke up - what if he triggered the sequence and this was the plan all along?"

"You really think THIS was the plan??" Nida scoffs. "8-Ball doesn't have the attention span for a proper game of Spades, I doubt he's playing next-level chess on us all just to settle a score with the doc. I don't know about the others, but Adrian's all right - I trust them to see us through this. Lot more than I trust any of you, that's for sure."

Patterson just sighs. "It's the only plan we've got. We know none of them were the killer. Let's get everyone tested and then go to sleep. When we wake up, this will all be like a bad dream."

The others nod, lining up to get samples once Jakob's gotten his taken and then waiting for the others to finish before heading toward the cryo chamber where all this started.


Going ahead since we're in the last few rounds, still plenty of time to catch up for the thrilling finale :)


The blowtorch was sorta a

The blowtorch was sorta a spur of the moment attemt at a weapon. But it'd work. Certainly better than his own two hands would. Especially against a non fleshy opponent. So he kept the torch at the ready the entire time they were waiting, and a good chunk of the time they were all traveling to the med bay, just in case.

"Of course, start arguing again." He said with a long sigh once the others began to do so. "That'll solve everything..."

Jake's plan on how to figure things out was met with a nod. "I'm with him. If for no other reason than so that the lot of you can realize who the real enemy is and stop going at each other's throats the moment shit gets rough." He said, rolling up his sleeve and offering his arm to Yalara. The indifferent attitude he currently held contrasting with Jake's nervousness.

Once that was done it was back to readying himself with the blowtorch just in case anyone seemed to think that now of all times was the time to try to start something.


Jake hums a little off-key as

Jake hums a little off-key as they go, keeping an eye on the datapad and mostly hoping that someone nearby will keep him from walking into a wall as they go. As he notes the brownouts though, Jake wrinkles his nose but keep quite to avoid blowing the cover. Still, he set the system to track that - aiming to build a pattern to anticipate where the next brownout is most likely to occur.

Once they get to the medbay, Jake looks up with a bright smile (faking it) and settles on one of the tables there to watch the crowd as they work and the arguments get started... lending a bit more weight to Yalara's assessment that the whole team might all be compromised.

Jake cleared his throat. "... if I can make another suggestion? I... hi, hey -" He waved the datapad to get everyone's attention. "Going to three man teams is not a bad idea... but I think there's a better one, ok? We're all in the same room here - it's not a rush."

"I think Doc's right. We should check everyone here to see if you're hit by this too. If someone was doing this on purpose - I doubt they'd stick themselves with the same thing. And I don't think they've had a chance to stick the new crew so we can be controls for the test too. So let's get the test results now, before we go running off. Use fresh samples tested in front of everyone so everyone knows there's no risk of the results getting mucked with."

"Once we know who's clear and who's not - then let's get anyone who's hit back in cryo. It'll pause whatever is going on so we can analyze it before anyone else is hurt. And the new crew -" He gestured at himself, Yalara, Adrian and Cy - "We just take over your shift early and we wake you up when we have a fix. Even if it's just us, we outnumber 8-Ball if it comes to it."

"Fair? Anyone have an issue with that... I'll go first even." Jake took a breath and offered Yalara his wrist - tense, given his personal issues with docs - and that this is exactly the sort of suggestion that might make a guilty party bolt.

aiming to set up a little bit of setting up a catch-22 for the badguy if it's one of the old crew here, and/or trying to be reassuringly sensible to get them all in cryo if it's not one of them crosses fingers


Yalara was a bit relieved to

Yalara was a bit relieved to see that Dr. Kim was stable enough to be moved right away, with all that is going on she wasn't too keen to having to triage at the moment.

Once back at the med bay she started a more in depth look over Dr. Kim. Double checking to look for a cause for her state and prep for treating her for a quicker recovery as the others talked.

At mention of her revealed discovery. Yalara nodded her head. "of which, before anyone goes running off, I want samples. Just to make sure, and once we know we can work from there on finding a solution." she would said with a quick gesture to the collection kits.

"I can stay here, tend to Dr. Kim and work on the samples, should also give a back up group that can meet up quicker if needed."


"What the hell happened??"

"What the hell happened??" Patterson demands, looking at Nida.

"How the hell should I know? I was busy fixing the relay!" She gestures at Adrian. "We were packed in their tight as sardines, there's no way I could've gotten around Adrian and clocked the doc and been back to my station before the lights came on. I'm a mechanic, not a ninja!"

"So far as we know," Sid added, drawing a hell a stare from Nida for his troubles.

"Well, we know it wasn't 8-Ball," Omi adds, looking to Cy. "But he's on the loose. I don't know how long he's been out of the control room but he's been pretending to be penned in this whole time until Cydelia here spotted him. We didn't run into him on our way back, but he's still out there..."

"So if he didn't knock out Dr. Kim, who did?" Nida asks, looking at the others. "Even if 8-Ball took down Dr. Moore, he'd have to have an accomplice, and we're the only ones awake!"

"That we know of," Sid added. "Remember: 8-Ball monitored life support. He could've woken someone else up and never told us. Plus," he adds, nodding to Yalara, "Dr. Yengerov said Moore's levels were off. There's something funky messing with our systems. Maybe this is a reach, but, one of us could be the killer and not even know it."

"That's terrifying..." Omi said, clutching herself tightly and backing toward the wall.

"In any case," Patterson added, "we can't just leave 8-Ball running around causing havoc. We should form up into teams again and hunt him down."

"Someone has to stay with Dr. Kim," Nida said, "but if that metalhead is prowling my ship looking to cause trouble I'll take him apart bolt by bolt."

"But if one of us is helping him, we need three-person teams," Omi said, looking at the four newcomers. "If we really can't trust ourselves, maybe you all should decide who goes where and on what team."

The others shift uncomfortably but after a number of exchanged looks all eyes wind up on the four of you, waiting expectantly for the only people above suspicion to help them organize the hunt for 8-Ball, his possible accomplice, and finally some answers.



Cy doesn't spot any more sign

Cy doesn't spot any more sign of 8-Ball as she starts down with Omi to cover her back. She reaches the bottom of the ladder unimpeded, spying a few fresh scrapes in the floor that weren't there when they went up. It looks like 8-Ball came down ahead of them and is now on the middle level with the others, but at least he's not lying in wait.

She and Omi will be able to reach the med bay without any more sight or sign of 8-Ball. Wherever the robot has gone, he seems wise enough for the moment to stay away.

Adrian has no trouble finding a spare tool within reach - a blowtorch used for minor repairs. Very much a close-range weapon, but it should serve as a very good deterrent for any fleshy persons trying to get too close. It's designed for cutting metal, so it should work against a robot in a pinch as well.

Yalara and Sid reach level 12 similarly unassailed, finding Adrian and Nida squaring off against an unseen enemy with the unconscious Dr. Kim between them. It's not hard for Yalara to determine that she's safe to move - the knockout blow was surprisingly precision and shouldn't do any permanent damage.

With Sid serving as lookout, they'll have no trouble getting Dr. Kim safely out of the power relay access tunnel and ferry her to the med bay with the others.

Patterson nods to Yalara's explanation, looking a bit sheepish for his remark and focusing on shepherding Jake to the medical wing. He's quiet as they walk, giving Jakob plenty of time to focus on trying to solidify his access.

Unfortunately he can tell he's still not alone in the system. 8-Ball hasn't booted him, but he also can't lock 8-Ball out. He's able to set up the alerts on door access and monitor camera feeds, but he'll start to notice that the Level 12 outage is not unique.

The virtual ship is now experiencing rolling brown-outs as isolated sections temporarily lose power, then regain it moments later. The power cycling is killing camera feeds and door logs. The good news is it won't be difficult to isolate where 8-Ball has run to - just look for the section that's offline - but it does mean he won't have eyes on him during the brownouts.

All groups reach the med bay intact and are able to set Dr. Kim on one of the tables to get a better look at her condition.



Jake may be a little

Jake may be a little distracted as he walked - type and walk? Hack and walk? Something like that. He was getting into the system while he could. Once he had them he added some alerts - doors opening without anyone's account listing them present, life support if doors opened to get to those areas of the ship or if they dropped below warning levels, and of course seeing how many people he can ping on the cameras to make sure he had everyone named and accounted for. (And just in case, to see if there's an extra there.)

If Cy and Adrian's paths back to the medlab are clear Jake'll be doign this:

Once he got a firmer grip on the system he'd be adding in checking for holes - but for right now - best to get top dog and keep it. He didn't want to be fighting 8-Ball while trying to save him if things got ugly.

So he worked on expanding his admin access, adding delays so he could intervene before 8-Ball executed a command, and generally - discretely - downgrading the robot's account and securing the hardware he was now currently in to keep from getting kicked back out.

For obvious reason, that was holding most of his attention so it was sort of a miracle he didn't walk into a wall while he was doing this. "mmmhm. Medlab good."

If they aren't clear - then doors will not be cooperating for possible opponents in an effort to keep them safe on the way.


"Not all leaks get detected,

"Not all leaks get detected, especially if non lethal. And if you have been having even the slightest delay or even malfuntion, its something that could very easy have slipped by. And at the very least we can check and then go from there." She added in after Patterson's not possible.

No sooner then the words were uttered that something had happened to Dr. Kim, Yalara had gathered up whatever could be useful from what was left behind in the mess hall with a nod to Sid, and a glance over at Jake, one last check if they would be good while She and Sid went off to fetch the others.

Should there be an all clear, she would head out with Sid post-haste.


The lack of evidence to be

The lack of evidence to be found was... frustrating, to say the least. Though the fact there was no blood was at least somewhat encouraging. At least they didn't have to worry about Dr.Kim bleeding out before the others could get here.

Adrian nodded softly as Nida agreed to his plan, spending the time while she worked keeping his eyes and ears open for... anything, really. "Adrian." He replied as Nida asked his name. "I can't exactly say that my word will mean much once the others get down here. Still looks pretty bad. So you might want to start thinking about who might want to frame you." He said as she thanked him. "I'm going to be really pissed if you do end up being the killer..."

Adrian squinted in the sudden change in relative light, rather glad to see that they were alone. Which lead to a relative sense of safety for the time being at least. Though, he still looked around for something to arm himself with until the others could get down to level 12. After which point it was a matter of keeping an eye out for any movement.