Kane Coliseum

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Kane Coliseum

Kane Coliseum

South central in Beth Bow is a great octagonal structure called Kane Coliseum It was constructed shortly after the Park Of Hope was started as a means to help provide jobs, hope, and a means to provide the citizens with entertainment and show case their heros. There was also the underlying goal of having strategically constructed wards and reinforce security on sections of the area which had shown to be vulnerable during the Darkest Night

After the Naga Nori War and the attack of The Mage Hunters upon Storm Hold, Ramsalon has moved the Tournament of Champions to Kane Coliseum, making it the premiere event of the city.

It is 30 meters in height, and each outer wall is 250 meters wide. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and three fountains. There are entrances on every face of the building, but the south entrance is the largest and considered the main entrance. Just outside the main entrance is a magnificent bronze statue of Kane Foraiya, the legendary emperor, and two golden lions.

The entrance at north face of the coliseum is lined with a row of trees and the path that merges right into the Park of Hope.

The entrance at the north west face of the coliseum has undergone some renovation for in the after math of the Naga Nori War, now leading to the newly Victory Portal Courtyard where the Victory Portal was moved to a in order to grant more public access. Smaller samples of the statues and artwork within the coliseum can be found along with many small cart vendors and merchants dot the entrance and courtyard hawking their goods to the passing crowd of portal travelers.

Once inside one can find an almost labyrinth style of hallways lined statues and other various artwork depictions of heroes, warriors and terrible beasts. Though all hallways eventually leads the visitors to the seats and common ways that surround the great arena at the heart of the coliseum. There are small stages strategically placed within the seating to provide places for performers to accompany any events going on in the arena, making use of both magic and acoustical engineering to ensure any entertainment on those stages could be heard.

The seats are divided up into three sections:

  • The golden zone, which are considered premium seating and make up most of the very best seats within the arena. They are a bit roomier then the other seats, some even having tables, and also have roof coverings to help protect against the run and weather and provide more personal comforts.

  • The silver zone, which make up most of the seats that surrounds great part of the near arena and stages. Some of the seats have small sun shades that provide some cover and comfort but not as well as the roofs in the golden zone.

  • The bronze zone, that is the top part, very far from the arena and are divided from the other zones by common ways where various vendors of all kinds can be found during the event. On occasion some street performers may be dotted along the vendors as well.

A barrier is set up around the arena so stray weapons and magic will not go through into the crowd, though people can still be thrown from the arena.

Special Tournament Arena

A special section separated from the main arena, specifically for special tournament events like the Tournament of Gala. Entry is not permitted except by proper personnel or combatants for the Tournament. This section of arena has extra enchantments and mechanization that can be activated as needed to enforce additional rules for these special tournaments.


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Azura shrugs. "I didn't have

Azura shrugs. "I didn't have anything else planned today but this. Besides, just because I don't die doesn't mean I won't be sore from it, because frankly, I am." Azura lets out a small chuckle at this remark before continuing. "Though to actually answer, yes a drink or three would be nice." From there Azura would let Arturo lead the way, after all it was his offer so wherever he wanted to drink was fine by him. Meanwhile Reaper would come bounding up to Azura's side. Happy to be there and even though Azura lost he'd still be praising him for doing his best.


As Azura paused, Arturo

As Azura paused, Arturo greeted him with a bright smile. "Well, you know they say the key to a good battle is to just go with the flow and think later." He said, shaking his hand briskly. "Which could be why I never quite have the right strategies like you managed today." He said with a very sincere smile.

"You definitely earned a drink, so if you're interested, I'm buying to celebrate your fighting prowess." He offered.

Should Azura not have anything too pressing, Arturo would be happy to buy him a drink or two and pick his brain about his magic and what sorts of life had led him to such skill in battle. Then it'd be off to bed after a very long day with a lot of excitement.

:) Thanks again you two!


Azura did all he could. He

Azura did all he could. He still wasn't used to the type of battlefield that is beyond unpredictable and he was sure that didn't help. Domitia was skilled and especially so considering she could keep up with erratic movement. When he would be up and conscious again he'd congratulate her and exit the arena alongside her.

nodding along to any fans that were cheering, giving waves and the like. He was glad that even though he lost people still thought to support him. He'd see Arturo in the crowd near the exit and stop for a second. "Well, I don't know if we've met before, but I swear I could hear you screaming in the stands more than my own thoughts on the field.Thanks." Azura would offer the man a hand, good sport is good sport after all.


The two competitors just kept

The two competitors just kept clashing. Arturo was amazed by their stamina even in the face of odds like these. Both of them deserved a trophy at the end as far as he was concerned. It was just a lot of good moves all around.

However it looked like Domitia was just able to hold out a bit longer than Azura could. The hummingbirds seemed to have other ideas and it was a pretty intense time as she was chased. Arturo found himself transfixed by the sight of her waving that beautiful hat around not to dazzle, but to try to rid herself of the swarms chasing her. He couldn't help but giggle just a bit as she was finally able to shake them off.

As Azura got to his feet, Arturo joined in the applause. It had been a hell of a fight.

With the two of them both headed off toward the exit, Arturo got to his feet and smoothed his hair a bit. He smoothed his coat and started down to see if he might catch one or both of them at the exit. Perhaps he might even be able to buy a drink for the pair. After all, they were both definitely deserving of one.

No apology needed! This was a really exciting finale! Thank you both so much for letting me come along and spectate. It was a blast! :)


Moments later, once the staff

Moments later, once the staff had deactivated the obstacles and saved Domitia from the rather persistent hummingbirds (they did not want to relent at all. It might have been the hat.) Once it was safe the healers would be able to get out and check up on Azura.

Even for the wound he had managed to take in the first hit thankfully the protections were very sturdy and he wouldn't even have a scar from it. Soon he will be back up on his feet and greeted by roaring cheers from the crowd. Though he did not even win, he did put on quite the show.


Domitia is quick to close the

Domitia is quick to close the gap between her and Azura, but Azura tries to be quicker about getting away. He almost succeeds but still manages to take a bit of a scrapping scratch of 7 pts of dmg (Azura generated 12 pp on his port, Domitia generated 19 pp on her attack - so 19-12 = 7pp of dmg still taken)

Which is still impressive as while he is porting around Azura attempts to heal himself as well. He does manage to get himself 13 life points back, but alas it is not enough.
Azura will feel the heaviness of fatigue setting in having pushed his body and abilities quite far and it had taken a toll.
He would feel his body heavily slumping to the ground. Though he would take pleasure in before his eye lids shut and he passed back into unconsciousness was Domitia yelping slightly as she started running away from what looked like two swarms of the humming birds as now she was the only active target on the field. So off she was with these swarms on her heels. She even took off her hate to wave at the things screeching shoo as she did.

Then Azura was out for the count. Leaving Domitia declared the winner of the bout.

Sorry for the delay got slammed again.


As it seemed like one just

As it seemed like one just can't keep a good man down, Azura popped back up like a crocus out of the snow. Arturo was stunned as he looked like he'd been pretty hurt before, but at least now seemed like he was trying to stay on his feet to keep going. It was going to be a close one, but with everything going on, chaos could certainly be an ally.

Arturo cheered wildly for both competitors. They had style and substance to spare and with the ring ramping up around them it was still just action a mile a minute. Arturo could barely remember the last time he'd been this excited by a fight. Hell, even this excited at all (at least with pants fully on).

"Comeon!" He shouted, clapping wildly. "Keep moving!" With the wildly fluctuating floor, this was becoming a true dance of destruction.


Barely keeping his

Barely keeping his consciousness Azura looks up to see the fight is still going. "Great, just agh, could you give me a second?" He chuckles as he says this, as if to try and lighten the mood on the fact he is barely still breathing. Although he isn't going to give up just yet.

This time around Azura need to go on the defensive and risk a bit more than he'd like. He is going to do his best to focus himself and port out of the way of both Domitia and the humming birds of death. All the while the man has to keep himself breathing so he tries to heal all at once, pushing the limits of his magic.


Azura manages to will himself

Azura manages to will himself back to an awakened state, but he is hurting and badly. He has one round to act before he passes back out again.

From a short distance he will here a little ohhoho, coming from Domitia, catching her trying to make use of the shifting ground to give her a bit of a high advantage. However she is coming for Azura, with the intent to strike once more.

On top of that the very field they fight upon also tries to give them a few knocks of their own as little mechanical humming birds dart after the two of them, as the very ground lifts and falls in seemingly no discernable pattern


As Azura starts going down he

As Azura starts going down he can feel the blood loss, the card effecting his magical capabilities, and lastly, there go the lights. Azura doesn't like to give up so hopefully something in his subconscious keeps him kicking, otherwise he's out for good.

Ok cool, was just a little confused, that's my bad on the wording. Also suddenly can't remember what I'm supposed to roll for this so I'm rolling all of these just in case, my bad haha ^^;


It was all such a flurry of

It was all such a flurry of movement that Arturo had a hard time tracking it all with his eyes. One minute they were locked together in one spot, the next they were away and still somehow attacking. The whole maneuver was startling and impressive and Arturo was glad he wasn't fighting either of them.

Although it looked pretty serious when the dust settled. It looked like Azura might have gotten jinxed or something by that card. The image there on his head was pretty telling that something bad had happened (not that the sword looked much better). But it was down to it, and Arturo was pretty sure that Azura might have another trick up his sleeve. So it all just remained to be seen if that last attack of Domitia's was going to take him down for the count or not.

Arturo leaned forward, eyes searching as Domitia started to ride upward after Azura. It was like watching a master at work, and it was absolutely impressive.


No sooner then the mechanical

No sooner then the mechanical clicks of the obstacles whirring to life echoed, the very ground under their feet began to shudder, and then sudden bits of the arena floor lurked out of place creating platforms and pitfalls.
On top of that instead of the the little death orbs from the mage fight, something that is best perhaps described as little mechanical humming birds began to dart about. One even skimming quite close between Domitia and Azura.

"What the.." Domitia stuttered a moment, distracted by it all, slowing her down a tiny bit, though not by much. Though as Azura goes to teleport away from her attack - he will suddenly see what appears to be the playing card she had earlier reappear and seem to fade into Azura, leaving a kind of hovering image of a joker card upon his forhead. He could feel it right away start to try and drain away his magical ability (-2pp debuff to magic for the next 3 rounds)

In a blink Azura had managed to port himself away. However once he had re-materialize he would realize that while even distracted Domitia was still quick as a rabbit as he would fine a stiletto dagger stuck in his side having caused a rather gnarly gash - dealing 35pp of dmg (She generated 60PP for an attack (52PP + 8 from her buff. Azura's teleport was successful for 25pp so 60-25=35pp) - leaving him unconscious at -31 HP.

Domitia so far manages to avoid what the obstacle field is throwing at her. Barely managing to hitch a ride on one of the moving pieces that was going up. She was on the hunt for Azura after his little porting act, and she wasn't about to trust that he would stay down.

Domitia is at 43 health

Azura is at -31 health and is unconcious - if you like you can take a chance to try and hardcore back to consciousness.

It is this line here, second paragraph: Though he does manage to cause a slight scratch on Domitia for 7PP worth of dmg.

You only said pull through the body, it was a meh to average pp, so wouldn't quite achieve the effect of ripping blood right out of her pores and such, but it was good enough for something to form like a scratch or something akin to that for that one quick moment of blood loss.


Azura lets out a pretty hefty

Azura lets out a pretty hefty gasp, and he swears he can taste a little blood in his mouth too. He coils back just a small amount as the sword in his chest is keeping him in place. "Well, well played. Hope this works." At which point Azura focuses his mind on a presumably safe location in the background, if he can he will teleport to there.

Although as he hears the clicks his mind goes onto high alert, he needs to keep alive so he is going to try and dodge that too. Although with a hole in his chest he doesn't feel very confident.

Quick side question, did my blood magic not do anything? just double checking. In fairness don't expect it to but just wanted to ask.


Even if it was just a few of

Even if it was just a few of the folks around him cheering just a bit louder, Arturo was glad he'd boosted them just a bit. Finals were always a time to go for it and he figured cheering shouldn't be exempt fro that. He was still rooting for both sides, but he noted that most seemed to have a favorite for now.

As Domitia stabbed into Azura, even Arturo gasped. It had been so shocking and sudden that it caught him entirely by surprise. Even knowing that they were about to clash, the severity of the attack was startling. He was amazed that Azura was still on his feet after a blow like that. A groan of horror left Arturo as his good natured cheering momentarily died on his lips.

"By the gods..." He muttered. I will never underestimate a fencer again. He thought as he took a breath.

If the last fight had shown him anything, it's that Azura was certainly capable of coming back from just about anything. So Arturo felt like as long as he was still standing, he had a shot at it. Even as it looked like Domitia was coming around with some sort of dagger attack as well.

Then he heard the clicks. His breath caught once more. He was so excited to see what the obstacles had in store. As they clicked and clacked he leaned forward to see what was about to join the fray.


To say Domitia was fast in

To say Domitia was fast in that moment, would be an understatement.
She appeared to move in a blink, one second preparing her strike, and then the very next her blade had pierce just a hair shy of Azura's heart dealing 46PP worth of damage to him
While she was at it the card seems to vanish, but Azura can't really tell, for any other time such a blow would have put him out easy, but he was barely holding on to 4 points of his health.

Azura's fireball fizzled no sooner then the blade had ran him through. Though he does manage to cause a slight scratch on Domitia for 7PP worth of dmg.

Domitia moves to follow up with what appears to be a dagger as she worked to keep Azura impaled upon her rapier. As she also keeps prepared for whatever else he may try and throw at her.

Though they both will hear the tell tale sign that the obstacles were now activating as a chorus of soft and sharp clicks, clacks, and whirs roll on about around them.

Arturo will have no trouble getting more of the crowd up in a buzz. At first it was about equal cheer for both the competitors for at the start it was all just about whom ticked whom's fancy. But now that opening blows have come to pass there are noticeable shifts in the crowd. A hush over the ones more dedicated to cheering for Azura, a rambunctious chorus of cheers for Domitia, and a bit of astonishment and concern for the the impalement - while all kind of knew the rules and the safety net in place for the competition it was still quite the sight to see.

obstacles in play, one free roll to deal with them just like last time


Azura could tell his magic

Azura could tell his magic was working, but not well enough. He doubled back yet Domitia wasn't backing down and was coming right for him. "Well enough then." Azura would focus on a full offensive. Part of his mind focusing on unleashing fire into the world, while another part was focused on pulling the blood through Domitia's body, killing her from the inside out.


The opening of any fight was

The opening of any fight was always of keen interest to Arturo. You could learn a lot about the people fighting just depending on how they managed to start combat. Arturo wasn't much of a fighter. In fact, he tended to be more of an opportunist. So watching others fight was something he was well versed in.

Which meant that this opening was right up his alley.

He was intrigued by the two. They both seemed to have vastly different fighting styles, but both certainly had more than enough skill to back up their plans. It was going to be interesting to see what they would come up with.

He stuck his fingers in his mouth and whistled loudly. "Come on!" He called, attempting to get those around him to start cheering louder. "Show your support for 'em!" It's the finals, so it's probably like putting a bucket of water in the ocean when it comes to enthusiasm, but Arturo wants to try to get people cheering even harder for Azura and Domitia.

Just rolling to get the crowd even more excited. :)


She shugged a little with a

She shugged a little with a grin. "Eh, with how much this place kind of depends on its people holding its own, it is more likely the crowd just floods on in and then everyone gets a bit of a party. Honestly I think that is more befitting then anything else.*

Azura gets his cast off, although it was a bit weak upon the target, though Domitia goes to interrupt him, she falls quite short. However she proves to be a bit more hardy then anticipated, as Azura spell appears to have no effect on her.

Meanwhile Domitia recovers from her fail attempt and changes up stances (She gave herself a 8pp buff to her combat ability for the next 3 rounds).
She lunges for Azura, going more on the offensive, as she also pulls out a card from gods know where, that begins to give of a kind of dampening kind of aura.


Azura chuckled at Domitia's

Azura chuckled at Domitia's remark. "yeah, that would be a good laugh. Then again they would probably just shut it down or force them to fight at that point." Then as she readies her sword Azura nods "Likewise"

*Instead of going for an attack Azura holds his distance. If all the lady has is a sword then he in theory could stay back and win the fight. He would see if he could just poison her from the get go and keep her weak.


As Azura made his return to

As Azura made his return to the ring, Arturo cheered. He was also bringing some flair to his entrance and Arturo could respect that. Given that both were shaping up to have a lot of style, Arturo found his cheering split slightly. It was hard to pick a favorite right off the bat like this, but after the previous round, he figured Azura was probably his choice. After all, the bears had been pretty damn spectacular.

After the pleasantries were exchanged, Arturo watched as they both readied up for their first attacks. It looked like Domita would be using that sword of hers. The way she handled it was extremely fancy. It reminded him a bit of a stage show. But he figured that she was going to be much better at connecting than those flimsy wooden swords had been. It looked like Azura was in for quite a tricky competitor.

Speaking of competitors looking ready, as Azura had yet another companion in the ring with him, Arturo's eyes widened. He wondered whether he mostly dealt with shadow creatures or whether Azura had a natural affinity for animals. Arturo didn't know him really, but he figured that anything was possible. So he was excited to see what tricks he was going to bring to the fight.

Sticking his fingers in the corners of his mouth, Arturo let out a loud whistle as the fighters started in. This was going to be very exciting.


As Azura approached Domitia

As Azura approached Domitia would give him a little wink and wave, before she went on to do some quick little movements, which look like one patting themself down, in that usual 'don't forget the keys' kind of motions as to make sure nothing had been forgotten. As that would be a bit troublesome.

"One of these days I am just waiting for the contestants to stand around and do nothing, or play a game of cards. Wouldn't that be something?" She said with an amused laugh, before pulling out a rapier, holding it out to the side, then brings it front of her with a bow to Azura, then brought it to a ready position.
"Alas, not today, for as they say, en garde!"

Though at a glance it looked like she was going for more of the defensive stance for an opener.

Sorry for the delay, stuff got really heavy and busy suddenly.


As Azura had been healed up

As Azura had been healed up and basically brought back to full consciousness he knew what was coming next, the free for all. Considering he had just ever so barely pulled out a victory on the battlefield the first time, he needed to try even harder this time around. That was of course if he even could.

In his thought though he hadn't even realized he had summoned Reaper to his side. It was only after the pup had rubbed up against his leg and let out a small bark that he noticed. "Hey bud, almost missed ya there. Come to cheer me on i take it?" Reaper nodded and took off to find a spot in the stands, not into the sport tonight Azura assumed.

His name was called out though, which meant it was go time. He made his way back towards the ring, letting out a firey flare as he walked in, leaving small scorch marks on the ground beside him. After all, if his opponent was going to give a small show, why couldn't he? "Shall we begin?"

I was waiting for a reply in the message honestly, I just happened to open up and notice you had posted, my bad ^^;


After the extremely exciting

After the extremely exciting magic finals, Arturo felt that buzz in the air. He had needed the break between bouts simply to calm down after all the excitement of the first. It had been an absolute joy to get to chat with everyone, and now that it was starting back up, he was very excited to watch the next matchup.

All of these types of tournaments were exciting to Arturo. They combined the danger and bloodshed of a deadly battle with a lot of razzle dazzle, and he always wanted the world to have more of the latter. And especially with all the safeguards in place it was good to know that no one would be seriously hurt. So that made it all feel like you could relax and enjoy the epic bout without that sinking feeling that someone wasn't going to be ok afterward.

He settled into a new spot in the stands, listening in on the crowd around him. He was completely in agreement about the environmental obstacles that they'd implemented. It was a whole other layer to an already amazing tournament. He was excited to see what came next.

As he got comfortable they announced it would be the free for all. He was really pumped. He loved all the categories, but this one had the potential to be extremely varied. Which was always good for a crowd to be kept wondering what would happen next.

The two fighters were ready and for a split second, Arturo thought he must have misheard. Azura was back in already! Arturo was impressed. His last bout had been amazing and he and Stephyr had both been brilliant out in the ring. So he was excited to see if he could hold up that momentum. His competitor looked very stylish, and Arturo clapped robustly as she entered the ring. He adored her little hat trick and he couldn't help but whistle in support as she put on a heck of a fun entrance.

Awwww yeah! Free for all time! :D Whoo!


It has been a very exciting

It has been a very exciting Tournament so far.

The environmental obstacles which have been added in seems to have cause quite the buzz among the crowd, especially as it seems to have truly given the participants a chance to show case some talents which often may get ofter looked in such matches.

And in the end it truly can be anyone's fight, as many a surprise turn abouts have come.

Next up was the Free For All Championship and talk about a hectic time! As it combines the obstacles from both the Sorcerer's and Brawlers, in no discernible pattern, the little magical orbs of doom, mechanical dummys popping up spinining and slashing and bashing, or even just running into people. Rumor is there may be even some additional never seen before effects!. After all anything goes!

"Will our Free for All participants Azura and Domitia please come to the ring."

As her name is called, Domitia makes her way with perhaps a slight saunter to her step to the chosen ring. Flaring her cloak about as she waves to the crowd, in the directions which seem most like cheering. Though towards some places where they seem less enthused of her, she simple takes off her giant hat, twirls it about, before spinning to her stance with a little giggle and curtsey as she tosses her hat up to let it land once more upon her head.


He waves a polite good bye to

He waves a polite good bye to Moreaawie as she gets called back to work. He looks back at Arturo and with the lack of memory of their first meeting, he decided that perhaps he go off in search of warmth and food. "Enjoy the show." It was when the other wandered off that Ronin looked around and decided that perhaps it was time to leave as well. He pulls up his hood once more and makes his way out.


As Stephyr drifted off,

As Stephyr drifted off, Arturo gave her a little wave of his hand. She was an absolute delight, and he was excited to see her again one day. Perhaps one with a bit less chaos. She looked like she had a rather perfect nap spot though.

As Seryi got ready to head out, Arturo gave him a nod. "Good luck with work." He said politely. This time of day was always rough for those in politics. So many meetings of minds and such. "I'll cheer double for us both." He said with a wave as he headed off.

"Oh, goblin brandy. So good. So wicked." Arturo smiled over at Moreaaiwe. "Remind me to get you a case though. Because that I do want to see."

"Good luck, Moreaaiwe." He said as they called over for her to join them. "Hopefully they don't keep you too late tonight." Just thinking of Goblin Brandy had him worried about overindulging again, but it was a very kind offer.

He glanced over to Ronin, smiling politely. "Well, no time like the present to find a new spot to sit for the next round." He said gently. "It was nice to see you again. Goodbye." With a polite wave, he headed back off around the side of the ring to find a good spot to sit. Who knows, perhaps he might even find that tall cranky drink of water from before...

Thanks all for the excellent RP! This was so much fun! Happy New Year!


Ronin waves at Stephyr. "I'm

Ronin waves at Stephyr. "I'm not. I did." Though the little fairy didn't last long since his own arrival, he could only figure that she must have had a very busy evening.

He couldn't help but chuckle a bit at Seryi. "I figured I should at least check it out." He looks over to the stands that the half elf was gesturing to, and then looks back at him,
only to see that he had to leave as well. Though technically Stephyr didn't really leave.

He smiles and bows his head at Moreaawie. "It would be something like that." He looks in the direction Seryi had gone, then back at her. "I guess everyone's been busy as of late."

Thanks all, G'night, Happy new year!


She smiled a bit at Stephyr

She smiled a bit at Stephyr as she had mention meeting Scaramouche. "I am sure he would appreciate the compliment, though it would go straight to his head, so for now we shall keep it between us."

Though next thing she knew there was now a fairy asleep upon Seryi's hat. She just blinked a little and did her best to keep the guaffaw welling within her at bay, before looking over at Seryi. "I think that is a new one for your hat, at least she just didn't take off with it." she said with a snicker.

Though as Arturo spoke up about remebering Ronin's name as Rowboat, Moreaawie nearly lost it and quickly covered her mouth, just in time to muffle a snort - how un-lady like. "I am terribly sorry, I might have had a wee bit to drink, and we all know I am a bit of a light weight at that. Then again Goblin brandy will do that to you aye?"

Thoough as Seryi mentioned he had to scoot, while she caught on the importance of his needing to exit, doesn't mean she can't have her own fun with it, as she just gave him the biggest eyes and pout to go with it. "But you just got here..." Of course he would see in the lip tremor that edge of a smile, and know truly what was up, but that quick kiss was anything but, however she wasn't keeping him all night.

Now with a sleeping fairy upon a hat, and now some calling her name and beckoning over. She sighed a bit heavy. "Alas I think my break has come to an end, time to bring back the charm for one of my employers aye? And get this wee one to a nice safe and warm spot to sleep off the night." she said as she got to her feet.

"Terribly sorry for making this so short, but aye work is work hmm? It was wonderful to be able to catch you all here. And if you should be in need of a free drink and a bit warming up. Just come find me, and I will set you up." With a slight curtsy, and then making her way back to where Nightshade had its set up, and a crowd already awaiting to be entertained.

alighty I gotta run, but thanks everyone! you all are awesome,

and yeah I will pm the remaining contestants and arrange the rest of the fights and such.


"... I had nothing to do with

"... I had nothing to do with the stacking..." Seryi smirked. "That time. And yes - though mines, like me, a bit of a southerner. He's not too fond of the cold so he stays in."

"OH!" Seryi blinked a few times up at the lurae, it had been awhile but the mostly white fur was distinctive. "Wow, yeah not the same kind of Ronin. It's been awhile. Came for the tourny?" He nodded to the sands, "I think they'll be setting up for the next competition soonish -"

"But sadly I need to get going myself, there's a work thing calling that's a bit ah... time sensitive." Because the owner of a particular set of sketches was here and not at home but that was a topic for another time.

He peered at the fey as she settled into his hat, "Get a good nap - " He passed the hat over to Mo for safekeeping, and collected a quick kiss, "Good luck with t'crowd -" He nodded to Auturo and Ronin, "And enjoy the show on my behalf, yes?" He nodded to them, slipping into the crowd -

thanks all! sadly I gotta scoot... ty zxe for running :) we'll coordinate the next day when kesh can make it for the brawlers / all melee on forums?