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I need to learn how to make

I need to learn how to make the vietnemese vermicelli I like so much, cuz I wish they would add in some bok choy, but they never do XD


-Random person- "So, Linden,

-Random person- "So, Linden, what drew you to Quin?"

-Linden- "She said she'd kill me."

-Random person- "..."

-Linden- "It's the most romantic thing I've ever been told."

Like, I know we joked about shipping those two, but they are kinda cute in a way.


Oh, please. No apology

Oh, please. No apology necessary. I had a 3 hour break after all. ;)

Hopefully all went well?


what next unicorns? how

what next unicorns? how phallic will they beeee

no wonder we are doooooooooommmmmmmmed


Lol. XD

Lol. XD

No wonder they say god doesn't listen to us anymore. Our towels are all willy nilly on the floor.


The thing had been wobbly for

The thing had been wobbly for ages so since my sister and the fam are coming to stay this weekend they wanted to fix it. Like, it's been testy for a year, so it's kinda funny that they suddenly decided it was time to remedy it.

My family is really, really, bizarre.


Returns! I have a working

Returns! I have a working towel rack. I mean, I did before, but now it's extra worky.

Sorry it took so long. They decided to have dinner and get beer and it was just a whole thing.


Like, I love them to pieces,

Like, I love them to pieces, but good lord. Gonna go try to fix that towel rack and hide all incriminating things before they see them. Heh.

Back asap!


Yeah, I'll be back on asap.

Yeah, I'll be back on asap. Thank you so much for understanding.

I swear, my parents are like this. They 'surprise' me constantly with projects they want to fix around the house. Drives me nuts cause it's very sweet but also very sudden. Some days I'm just not up to it and I don't get the choice. Heh.


oh you know its fine, no need

oh you know its fine, no need to apologize ;)

I know how life can be sneaky.

but yeah go ahead, we can take it slow and pause as need be :3


Sigh. My folks just showed up

Sigh. My folks just showed up to fix the towel rack upstairs and have lunch. I'll put up this first post but then can we postpone for about 1-2 hours? I'm gonna be back as soon as I can. I had no idea they were coming, so this is a big surprise. :/


Aaaah, gotcha. Yick on dry

Aaaah, gotcha. Yick on dry mouth though. That sucks out loud. :(

Rotating medications is totally brutal. I swear sometimes its a toss up between needing relief and knowing it's gonna be slamming with side problems. :(