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didn't have to take them

didn't have to take them today thankfully, cuz I would need to take the ones that make my mouth all dry

i have to rotate meds around cuz of the sideeffects ><


Yarrr. Sleep/rest is not a

Yarrr. Sleep/rest is not a buddy to you. It's more of an arch nemesis that refuses to chill out for a night.

How you feeling allergy wise? The meds making ya sleepier?


But basically, lets plan (at

But basically, lets plan (at least tentatively) for tomorrow.

Same time, same place, hopefully a better headspace.

I'll catch you on the flipside. Thanks so much for all the fun so far today. I'm really looking forward to continuing. :)


Yar. :( Which is sad too.

Yar. :( Which is sad too. Although I'm glad to get to spend time chilling with you. I just feel guilty that it's at the cost of you not raiding.


Very cool. Thank you so much

Very cool. Thank you so much for understanding. I really appreciate it.

Tomorrow totally works for me if it does for you.


No worries hun!

No worries hun!

I know that feeling all too well.

We can certain pause here and pick up later :3


Bah. I am a humbug.

Bah. I am a humbug.

I just had a weird dip in mood (thanks be to the fuckery brain). Is there any chance that after these next posts we could pause and pick back up tomorrow? I just can't seem to get my head right currently.


You're too nice. We both know

You're too nice. We both know that you're the rockstar and I'm the roadie in the back just hanging on for dear life while shrieking in glee. ;)


This way I can get my feet

This way I can get my feet back and save myself the embarrassment of being totally shit with an established character. I can just say it's 'new character jitters' rather than admitting I'm trash. ;D


hm, could move the party one

hm, could move the party one to the tea house, Mo or Quin could easily do that

it kind of an herb shop, you just drink it XD


Hehehe. You're too easygoing.

Hehehe. You're too easygoing. ;)

Hrmmmm... Do we want something really low key and easy or something a little more bouncy?




Herb shop totally works. :) It's destiny or something. Hehehe.

No preference on my end. Pretty much anybody works. Do you have a preference?


its more of a narrow world

its more of a narrow world view kind of deal. some things he has finally expanded, but others he still doesn't get


Yeah. In terms of tipping

Yeah. In terms of tipping points for Mike, that seems like a small hill to die on. :/

From the limited amount that I know about Mike, I think he's just the sort that has a hard time not always projecting that he's that stoic and strong kind of guy. Even other people getting help around him seems like he takes that as personal failure. :( Which seems exhausting.


the shower is a small example

the shower is a small example that mike harps on in the ranting of 'he doesn't take care of himself, I know about the bi polar thing, but still he is a grown ass man'

of which I try to not loose my shit, and gently remind him, its more then that, he knows it, his uncle has a serious issue and needs basically a care facility to handle his care