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Yeah. Showers are... Such a

Yeah. Showers are... Such a small thing in reality. If that's a tipping point for him, if his situation escalates and his symptoms get worse then that would definitely go from bad to worse. :( And you don't want to be trying to help and also run ragged trying to defuse all the bombs.

There could be. I know up in ND my grandma signed some her social security away and now she's in a pretty darn good long term care facility. But it's partly state run, so I think there could be something like that in other places. But it's just hard to find them and stuff.


yeah, I think mike will

yeah, I think mike will barely be able handling his mom living with,

I can't imagine if it was his uncle too, cuz nothing like said uncle misses a shower here and there and mike will loose his stuff, which means I spend more energy keeping the peace while playing caretaker to all so weee

yeah I just dunno if I can get him in something, uncle has like NO money, not sure on if any state programs exist that could help


The idea of free candy is

The idea of free candy is very cute. Although I gotta admit I'm (predictably) in the mood for Vaxia side as usual.

Yar. There's something to be said for knowing how the collections people operate.
Fingers crossed that they just accept that and they'll leave ya'll alone.

A care facility would probably be really helpful for him. Lots of the time that can be all the difference between surviving and thriving when things are hard like that.


as for the uncle, not sure if

as for the uncle, not sure if they would move to a new area, But the guy has some mental disorder (mike's clueless on it, keeps ranting about how his uncle doesn't take care of himself so I have to explain the likely situation once again and that his uncle should be in a care facility), but said uncle has like no money, if we lived closer the immediate solution would be him moving in with us

but mike has not the patience nor fortitude to handle such a situation all things considered


yeah lol though the candy one

yeah lol though the candy one made me laugh.

Perk of being free child labor for mom's home health and hospice office on occasion.. seen shit like this.
Unless Mike has signedsomething specifically stating he agreeded to cover with his own finances, then we can't be held (grandfather died, so the estate should have been liqudated - well what was left to pay stuff off so shrugs)


My god, the blame shifting.

My god, the blame shifting. If they'd been cool they could have just told you guys and not waited until it was actually off. :(

Oh no! That's an insanely huge bill. I hope that there's nothing tying you guys to that. If there's anything I can do or anything, please let me know. Cause that's super scary.

Yeep! Are you thinking of looking in the same area? Or does he want to move somewhere else?

My god, you've literally got a mountain of stress right now. I'm so so sorry.

Also, Sirian is apparently being very pushy.


then we goit a bill for 80

then we goit a bill for 80,000 for mike's grandfather's hospice... so been running around making sure he didnt' sign anything taht would hold us to pay that,

and apparently his uncle is now getting kicked out of his apartment cuz he couldn't keep it clean. so gotta see what care I can find for him, else he is likely to end up homeless


it was exhausting, back in

it was exhausting, back in May we got a generic letter saying that our apartment complex had contracted with another internet company so they could no longer provide service to us.

It was like dear customer, kind of thing...

We asked our property manager, and our service provider wth was this and what not, so we knew if we needed to make other arrangements.

Both sides ASSURED us that nothing was going to change and we will be ok.

June 11th casme and went (which is when the letter said they were shutting off service) so we thought cool all is good. Then Monday night our internet disappears

Hubby called in, and turns out, our complex got black listed for service - meaning they couldn't turn us back on. Customer service said it was due to our property manager.
Hubby went to property manager in the morning, according to them Charter is throwing a fit and just cut off service when they have done nothing to deny them from coming in.
Anyways Hubby goes ahead and gets up hooked up with the other company (worked out, got a lil deal too)

THEN, later that day we get a letter from out property manager, basically placing the blame back on charter stating that, charter's workers had damaged some of the other internet's cables, so they had to 'ban' them from the property. But said that current customers could keep their services etc tec, and then charter started shutting off services

SO, just eugh


Too true. Little plastic

Too true. Little plastic trees to hold all the pretty shinies would be a lovely addition. :D

Sure thing! And if you want to take a break, we can easily pause and then come back and wrap up tomorrow or something. That way there's way less pressure. :)

Oooh, fun. :( How's it all going? That sounds like a major headache.


well the volcano shape would

well the volcano shape would make it easy to hang necklaces for cleaning. ;)

sure can try. had a couple of unexpected ordeals crop up, so alil brain foggy thanks to allergy meds

we had to redo the wiring for our internet cuz we had to get a new service cuz of some bs betwene charter and our landlord -.-


So, any chance you still

So, any chance you still wanna RP today? :) I'm also pretty free tomorrow too (and some of the days next week that I'll sign up for asap). So there's no pressure if today isn't all that keen, but if you want to start something I'm totally down.


Volcano jewelry does seem

Volcano jewelry does seem like it would be the ultimate in cleaning. Like... Why not make a whole paper mache tower and really do it in style at that point. Heh. It's a bit extra but that's what the world needs right now.


yeah there are a few ways of

yeah there are a few ways of doing it, but didn't fee like going to get a cleaning kit or messing with the ion transfer XD


I bet. That's a task I'm

I bet. That's a task I'm always really nervous about. But I'm so glad to hear that you had luck! :D