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Rohearn Subcontinent

The Rohearn Subcontinent is north and west of the Galanor Straits, and west of the Jahond Subcontinent The subcontinent is approximately 20 million km^2, primarily highlands, grasslands, and moors, with many mountain ranges. The terrain helps to reduce and diffuse the megamonsoons, making the Rohearn the most inhabitable portion of Sirian Planet and the source of most of the planet’s food. The subcontinent is home to a wide number of plant and animal species, characteristic to temperate grasslands, moors, and new-growth forests. In addition to monsoons and flash-flooding, the area is also threatened by frequent earthquakes, and the Meonji Mountains include several active volcanoes. The subcontinent also includes several archipelagoes, but the violent weather makes them inhospitable. Until recently, Rohearn saw very few Unlife attacks. While the Rohearn saw fewer and less effective attacks during the Inferno, the attacks cause major infrastructure disruption, and the ongoing presence of unlife place a strong pressure on the northern nations they are struggling to properly respond to. The Rohearn now has some of the largest unlife armies, and their numbers continue to grow.

Nations of the Rohearn

Prior to the Inferno, the Rohearn subcontinent hosted nearly 3 billion people, the majority of Sirian’s human population. With the exception of approximately fifty million individuals in the Meonji mountain-range to the west, all of these people live in one of fifteen nations, usually dominated by a single metropolis. The cities are centers of commerce and industry, and provide protection during monsoons or other events. They are supported by tracts of farmland, mines, and solar farms. The nations are united under a single political body as the Republic of New Sirian. The most powerful and recognized of the fifteen nations are Bolvintia (current capital of the Republic), Galanor, Belham, Gardarin, Wynardun, and Grovus.

Republic of New Sirian

The Republic of New Sirian serves as a forum for establishing intra-state commerce, resource management, and foreign policy between the powerful sovereign nations of the fifteen member states. When people refer to the ‘Rohearn’, they usually refer to individuals from the Republic of New Sirian. It was originally established in 228 BCE by Galanor, but expanded to encompass the entire region. It styles itself a direct descendant of the Zuxian (Old Sirian) Empire, and this imagery is propagated throughout their media and language. The common name of ‘Sirian’ for the planet is a result of heavy New Sirian propaganda.

The Republic waged a long campaign of war and colonization against the peoples to the south. This has permanently colored their relationship with outside cultural groups. Following the discovery of Sirian City the Republic recovered critical Zuxian technology which was used in the construction of two superluminal spacecraft. Due to the high mortality rate of crew members and the lack of technicians skilled in Zuxian technology, the ships were primarily crewed with

With the Inferno and the current Unlife threat, the Republic created the Treatise Body with the Southern Clans, offering generous terms in order to cement the relationship. The Inferno and evacuation of the planet has placed significant stress upon the member nations, and the Republic is fracturing based on internal conflict and competition.


Bolvintia is the current capital of the Republic of New Sirian, and the second-largest nation in Rohearn (by landmass and population). Prior to the Inferno, Bolvintia’s population was 500 million. Bolvintia has historically and continues to maintain a large ground and space military force, which was used to suppress the south as part of the Republic’s campaigns of colonization, exploitation, and extermination. While Bolvintia has fewer troops than Galanor, Bolvintian technology is more advanced, offering a significant advantage. Especially of note is Bolvintia’s space program, which began earlier and developed faster than any other on the planet. Bolvintia is still the sole producer of pipe fighters, and Bolvintia engineers are responsible for much of the design of Station Prime Bolvintia permits citizenship to any adult who serves in the military, which has proven especially appealing to southerners seeking to change allegiances. Due to its space facilities prior to the Inferno, Bolvintia is the best represented of the Rohearn nations in orbit.

Outside of the major city, Bolvintia also maintains a bustling seaport to the east, one of the only deep-water ports on the planet. However, the port does not enjoy the protection from weather as locations further in-land, and is economically and socially depressed. The port serves as a haven for gangs and other illicit activity. Following the Inferno, it has also become a common stop for smugglers, as well as pioneers hoping to escape the unlife by water.


Galanor claims over five million km^2, making it the largest nation in Sirian, and 800 million citizens prior to the Inferno. Galanor still operates under a modified plantation culture. While Galanor has stopped using slaves in favor of robots, there is still wide social stratification, and social mobility is intentionally limited. Galanor politics are dominated by the five old families, who also possess a majority of the nation’s wealth. Galanor maintains a massive conscripted military. Officership may be purchased or earned in the field, and is considered a respected career for influential men and women. Galanor long relied on heavy numbers to make up for a technological gap. Galanor was the capital of the Republic of New Sirian for centuries before being unseated by Bolvintia. However, the old families are still well-respected and influential.

Galanor’s military was very effective against the unlife and at subduing crowned attacks. However, as the Inferno gained inertia and the population of the city swelled with refugees, dissatisfaction over the lack of resources resulted in social unrest, and ultimately, riots. Galanor never had a significant space presence, which has greatly inhibited efforts to get refugees to orbit. Galanor’s military is still effective and respected in the field, but politically the nation is unstable and they’ve lost much of the influence they had.


Belham is geographically small, but enjoys a high population density, making it the third most populous Republic member (500 million pre-Inferno), but fifth for size. Belham’s location is especially tectonically active, which makes mining and some heavy industry difficult. Belham is home to Belham University, one of the foremost universities in the world. Much of the planet’s media is produced by companies based out of Belham, including New Sirian News (NSN) and Seashore Productions Media. Belham is also a major producer of electronics and software.
Belham’s military, while adequate, is heavily bolstered by an internal secret police force known as Enforcers, and a strong intelligence arm. Belham provides geopolitical information to the Republic of New Sirian, as well as propaganda for consumption domestically and abroad.

Domai Crater

South of Belham is Domai Crater. Domai was previously the site of one of the two Zuxian megaplexes. It was destroyed in 610 BCE during the Cataclysm, due to an antimatter containment failure, which vaporized most of the city and irradiated the surrounding area. The radiation has since dropped to safe levels, but has long been the focus of recovery operations, and little salvageable technology remains.

Other Republic of New Sirian Nations

The other twelve member nations combined compromise 1.4 billion individuals. The Republic is intentionally organized to minimize possible disruptions by these smaller nations. However, the financial and security benefits for participating, and the threat of conquest should they refuse, historically helped maintain allegiances. Nation were frequently compelled to provide support to military campaigns, but were provided portions of the spoils. The Republic also assisted in economic planning and resource allocation, providing smaller nations with guaranteed income and growth.

Meonji Mountains

Along the southwestern edge of the Rohearn subcontinent are the Meonji mountains. The range juts to the southeast into the Sea of Galanor, and a large isthmus extends from the southwest thousands of kilometers into the ocean. An additional, smaller mountain range extends along the western coast up to the Arctic Circle, and a small inland mountain range runs from the Galanor Sea in the east directly northeast up to the eastern ocean shore. The range serves to reduce the impact of megamonsoons and dissipate their energy across the subcontinent, while keeping moisture and regulating temperatures over the dry seasons. This is a primary cause of Rohearn’s favorable climate, long growing seasons, and relatively safe conditions. The Meonji mountains are still tectonically active. Earthquakes below 5.5 on the Richter scale happen commonly. Volcanic eruptions are usually less than one every decade. The windward side of the mountains, including the archipelago chains, are more hostile as they face the brunt of the monsoon’s strength. Hurricanes and mudslides occur dozens of times a year.

The high cost of repairs and maintaining infrastructure has made the Meonji mountains unpopular for colonization. A population of approximately 50 million humans live along the mountain range, called the San-saram people. They live in small tribes, towns, and bathyscapes, without any overarching political body. Most San-saram locations are isolationist, and have stayed out of the north/south conflict, but there is some level of trade with the Republic of New Sirian.

The San-saram, owing to their low population densities and experience living in hostile, inaccessible environments, have fared very well against both the unlife and The Crowned Following the initial attacks, many refugees from the Republic sought refuge in the Meonji mountains. The San-saram provided for these people, but used the refugees in negotiating their own transportation to space.


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The ride so far hasn't been..

The ride so far hasn't been... the most comfortable, but at least she had a task to help keep her attention away from all of that.

Of which so far so good with Sneaky as it sent in a update on the elevation. She made sure it would have been sent to the whole team. Hopefully would provide enough with the other's data to get them a quick path, as the staticy cry for medical help was heard.

She muttered something about climbing with a sigh, rummaging for whatever extra gear may be available before heading on out. Though she was sure to stay with the group.

She will keep Sneaky on the path ahead as an advance scout. To keep them updated on their terrain, being sure to set it out towards any direction as found by anyone else.


The flight crew, more

The flight crew, more concerned about the impending storm than what's behind them, runs some simulations based on what their on-board radars are telling them about the weather. The chief tech, stone-faced, simply calls it out.

I don't think we can sit here more than an hour before those winds we hit double up and keep us here. Hope the comms can keep up...

Which, by the way, is when the comms guy furrows his brow. Turning a knob, some static starts playing over the loudspeaker system, but a few words can be made out. It sounds automated.

Crash al--- shh medical shhon required... repeat

The crew looks on expectantly...



Darcy's able to drum up a

Darcy's able to drum up a pointer on the beacon, one that points in the general direction of "straight out the bay doors". While there is direction, the elevation difference cannot be determined. A bit of mist covers the surface area; a combination of lingering fog and the edges of the storm.

Adrian's able to make out a lot of jutting rocks around their shuttle - how the pilots managed to find enough space to land and open the bay is short of wondrous. But, there is a bit of a dark patch not far behind the shuttle. A few steps in will reveal a cave mouth, whose entryway is flat, for a few feet, before it's hard to tell just how steep down it goes.

Jakob's able to get a bit of data from everywhere - two nations with a former vested interest in the zone, as well as some history files. Nothing in particular stands out, as far as "shouldn't be here" kind of things, but instead is linked to an entire network of caves and tunnels that pepper the mountains, lending the peoples that can brave the region a bit of an escape. The data is collated and updated so everyone has more clear knowledge of where to go, and where not.

Sneaky, sent by Pepper, gets a good running start out of the proverbial box. It skitters past Adrian, using the updated maps and direction finding to guide it up to the cave. It posts an update about some sort of steep gradient, before slowly making its way in.

- More -


Jake braces for the ride down

Jake braces for the ride down. They would be going in blind as soon as cloud cover hit so the best he could do was prepare to get out and under cover as quickly as possible. So strapped in and tablet secured and glasses strapped on to keep from getting them lost in the wind - he basically ducked in tight and held on.

"... alright... here we go." He muttered once they were down.

As the sensors and drones started out, Jake worked quickly on mapping their landing spot to match against the maps he'd pulled and scanning the surroundings into video analysis to compare for anything else that stood out as 'not supposed to be there' according to the expected plans.

After all - maps miss things all the time... and sometimes those things like to shoot people.

CRUD. I am very very very very sorry - my brain basically ate itself at around the last post in this session with some personal stuff derailing everything in my life. It's my fault for not keeping you up to date on it Kesh and I owe you a crapton of apologies for it.


As the team filed onto the

As the team filed onto the shuttle Adrian went silent. There wasn't exactly a whole lot to talk about at the moment. Even if there was, he wasn't exactly the most sociable person. So there was no reason for him to talk. Instead, he simply sat in silence as he waited for them to reach their destination.

He wasn't exactly all that comfortable with the amount of turbulence that they faced. Though he tried to remain calm despite the rather loud scraping of the shuttle against, he assumed, rock. He focused on his breathing instead, shifting whatever worries he might have had about the turbulence out of his mind.

They landed, and the door opened, at which point he stood, heading out of the shuttle. As Darcy mentioned throwing up, he wordlessly took a large step to one side before looking around the area. He wasn't too sure he'd actually spot anything, but it seemed the thing to do at the moment.


If there was ever a time to

If there was ever a time to be thankful for possibly playing 'way too many' flight sims and flight related VRs now would be the time. As it would have appeared to have given Pepper a bit of fortitude in handling the turbulence as it came and went.
Also add in the small distraction of making a quick modification to sneaky here, and trying to keep the smaller spare parts from flinging off.
Somehow though they manage to pull off the modification and just in time to have that teeth clenching scrape and jolt hit them. It was perhaps the one bit that Pepper wasn't able to handle so well, letting out a little yelp as she instinctively cuddled sneaky and any other parks in her immediate range all into a little ball in her seat.

The landing probably couldn't have come sooner for Pepper, well at least like an actual landing, she would have happily waited for that then the alternative, but anyways as soon as they seemed to have now rather safely stopped to let them off she could not get out fast enough. Which of course also led to her making a couple of trips back and forth, as it would seem in the rush leaving behind gear was the thing... eventually she had gotten everything and was good to proceed.

Once it seems like they were prepped, she brought sneaky online, pulling up its remote and attaching it to her arm for a little of hands free action as she needed. Then set the bot off to do what the bot can do. "Alrighty, off you go." she said gently as sneaky flew as a spiderbotspiderbat could.
She would be having sneaky go on ahead to scout and feed data back as it could.

the bot is just one (large) tarantula like sized bot thing. dunno how its description got changed there XD


Darcy clutches the harness as

Darcy clutches the harness as the shuttle hits turbulence, shutting her eyes. She's largely gotten over her space phobia - sadly, now she's starting to get queasy with every re-entry. They're a rare enough event for her these days that she hasn't exactly maintained a resistance to them, and it's showing.

She forces her eyes open and manages a weak smile at Pepper. "Too bad there isn't a drone for--" Before she can finish the sentence, the shuttle scrapes something on the way down and Darcy is back to white-knuckling anything she can get a hold of within reach. After they finally land, she waits a few extra moments before she can coax her fingers to ease up and let go.

Letting go the breath she'd been holding, Darcy swallows hard and starts to get out of her jump seat, checking her gear to make sure everything weathered the landing at least as well as she did. Hopefully better.

Once the door is open, she'll link up a display with the newly enhanced spiderbot (spiderbat! spiderbat...) to keep an eye on the feedback to help them scout the fog. "Okay, so, we're on the ground. That is excellent, to be fair. Side note: I may hurl, so, maybe gimme a little space for a bit. Just until I get my surface legs under me again."

She curls up against the harsh mountain weather. Desert nights get cold but the wind doesn't tend to be as brutal, and with the blizzard on the way the air is just brutal up here. She flexes her fingers to coax some warmth into them and tries to pull up tracking on the distress beacon to verify their heading before they leave the LZ.


The shuttle ride down, from

The shuttle ride down, from the beginning, is uneventful;
data continues to pore in as available assets and information continue to make their way to the control center on the Station, and beamed to the shuttle. However, once entering the atmosphere, some of the extreme upper winds that portend the coming storm cause some shakiness. The pilot holds steady, while the crew chief finalizes the landing and departure plans.

Several minutes after atmospheric entry, warning klaxons sound, as the pilot looks back to reassure those aboard.

We're descending rapidly, and getting close to our -

-KA-SCRCCCCH- The left side of the shuttle jolts, then scrapes against something. The pilot turns rapidly to regard his radar, and does a fair amount of cursing before turning to finish his sentence quickly.

- landing zone! Get ready!

A whirring sound from underneath is the signal that the landing legs are down, and not a moment later, the shuttle jolts again as it finds apparently suitable ground.
The crew does a quick scan on the shuttle's radar, but nothing comes up, and so the door is opened.

- Go! -


Pepper is able to engineer a

Pepper is able to engineer a little bit more maneuverability into her spider drone, especially with Darcy's help. The thrusters that the spider drone(s) would have should be able to get it through moderately tight spaces quickly, while Darcy's sensor work helps give the drone a sort of ultrasonic detection - whatever sounds would be emitting from it would get echoed into its sound sensors at a more sensitive frequency, which it could use to echolocate things. Think spiderbat. Jake's additions to its data feeds mean that the spider drones should avoid most of the dangerous spots where they'll be going.

Meanwhile, off in his own corner, Adrian gets busy bulking up the communications security. His work is deliberate, yet well thought-out, and adds several layers of hardening to the line. Anyone trying to get in will take an extra three rounds to otherwise penetrate their network while out and about.

All in all, the crew should have a decent, private setup for searching the area of the distress beacon.

- More -

For Pepper's drone, +6 might to dex and + 11 (6 Darcy, 5 Jakob) for awareness rolls.


"Huh." Jake muttered softly

"Huh." Jake muttered softly at that mention. The idea that the distress signal was old, could be good - civvies tended to keep old stuff around. But could also be bad if any of these were like the Coyotes. Bait for a trap. He wrinkled his nose while he poked through the files he was getting.

"Mmm there's survey data from - huh uh - Crescent Broadband? Looks like they were going to run fiber a few years ago and are outta business but their survey data is in cache -" He turned the tablet around for the others to see. "So we have some idea what we're working with here if we have to go spelunking for that signal." A few more clicks, and- "I've sent that up to everyone's id's so you should be able to get to it anyone gets separated."

At the bell, Jake nods and finishes sending the map of data, as cleaned up and ready to work as he can. He loaded up with the rest, still glancing at the datapad every once in awhile as he found his seat and tucked his gear in sideways. Hopefully whoever they were looking for was on the surface. He glanced up at the sensor drones as they came out, grinning a little. This was the team for it after all - "Steam vents means we're gonna be seeing some expected heat signals in there too. I'll get the data together so we can id and eliminate those from pickup."

Of course the spider gets a smirk in Pepper's direction. "Ah, new model..." He grinned, then started working on the data feeds for the robotic critters. With any luck he might be able to give it a bit of a boost for safely navigating the area and filtering out known sources of interference.

go go post thurkyday sick cold posting - i'm aiming to boost the bot's skillset


Adrian kept quiet as Captain

Adrian kept quiet as Captain Eriksen spoke about the fog. Though, the signal device was something that stuck out to him in particular. "Well, if the signal device is not standard then I suppose we should be ready for the possibility that this whole thing is a trap." He said shrugging after a moment. "Either way, can't know til we get down there and check it out firsthand soooo..."

He checked his datapad upon getting the alert, swiping through things to give them a cursory glance but otherwise leaving most of it for the ride planetside.

While the others were working together to get a Drone up and running for the mission Adrian turned his focus elsewhere. Namely, to making sure the comms were secure. After which point he would move on to setting things up to track everyone so they'd all know where each other were in the fog. Mostly as a backup in case anyone got separated from the group.


Pepper does her best to kind

Pepper does her best to kind of stay out of everyone's way as she kind of flits about gathering up various parts to have on hand. She still had sneaky, and really one of these days she should pick up another model... but at least so long as she had something to scavenge she was able to make a new friend as needed.

There was some familiar faces among the gathering here, she afforded a wave as she could, trying to be careful to not drop anything she may have collected as she made her own little pile, and just kind of nodded at Adrian.

Though with the ping, she scooped up her collection and tucked it away in whatever storage she could manage. She wasn't fussy, she could make it work. And then tucks herself in.

"Ah, yeah actually, um..." she rummaged about her pockets for a quick moment before pulling out something that looked like a spider and handing it over to Darcy. "Its my hide and seeker, so hopefully should have the base in place."

She then started up some tinkering of her own to give sneaky a bit more versatility in its movement, basically...spider jet pack kind of help make it withstand moving about the environment they were kind of expecting and hopefully then some.

Just in case is the item (its skill should be conceal, bypass and discover)


"Oh good, distress beacon in

"Oh good, distress beacon in a heavy fog in the mountains where signals are already bouncing around like me after the triple-shift emergency caffeine kicks in. What could possibly go wrong?"

She tucks in as they load up the shuttle, grateful she's got the shotgun on hand since any trouble they run into down there will likely be close-quarters before they register it.

"Pepper, do you have a sensor drone in your collection? Maybe I can help give us some floaty buzzy eyes in the fog once we get down there." Assuming she does, and is willing to lend it, Darcy will get to work trying to update its sensors for short-range sonar so they can have a scout on the ground.

"You said it was old hardware - do we have any idea whose old hardware the signal is playing on? Given where it's coming from, I'm assuming second-hand Rohearn tech, but if not, it might tell us something about who we're picking up."

Trying to modify one of Pepper's drones for fog-penetrating sensors, if she has one to lend and is willing


Around then, the ticker gets

Around then, the ticker gets down to the five-minute mark, and a small bell emits from the terminal speakers. Captain Eriksen's face goes a bit sour for a moment, as he turns back to the terminal to start closing shop. Anyone with a datapad or some other electronic storage will get a ping - some data files about the region including maps and the like for the mission.

Unfortunately, that's all we have the time for at the moment - looks like we have enough time to get you and the pararescuers onto the shuttle. We'll go down there, recover the person, or at least the device, and get out of there before the storm rolls in. Any other questions can be fielded during the ride down.

A straight left arm extends to point toward the waiting shuttle, where that small planning crew is already filing in, hauling two stretchers in along with some medical equipment. Anyone coming in will get their id checked in to the manifest, and guided onto the shuttle.

The interior is sparse, but somewhat roomy, with fold-down seats and harnesses, with some flooring designed for things like pallets and the stretchers they brought in -
able to lock in wheels at certain points to keep cargo steady. The four-person complement is working on locking those in while chatting about in-flight medical drills.

Go - one to two posts to wrap up any questions in-flight before we get to the ground level.


Captain Eriksen looks up as

Captain Eriksen looks up as Adrian and Jakob arrive, and then turns back to the terminal to tap in a few things before turning back around to the group to continue addressing questions, while there are still a few minutes.

The only thing the fog's doing is keeping us from getting a more precise location of the signal, and from seeing what else might be in that pocket. We've been able to at least identify that the signalling device is several versions old of what we use nowadays - so its actual registration is unknown beyond an old military one.

Jakob's work brings him a solid bit of luck - of course,
being on the Station gives a year-round birds-eye view of the planet, and that hasn't been without some constant surveillance. He's able to pull up some survey data from the last two years or so to get an idea - it's a toothy plain of sorts, pocked with small, natural caves and surrounded by the taller peaks around it. Steam from some of the caves features in some of the aerial pics, which may lend to a geothermal vent - warm there, plus cold air could be a fog source at this time of year.



Any excuse of late to get

Any excuse of late to get down to the surface, since he had both docs orders to do more work in a gravity well and some personal interests to try to keep tabs on down there - so of course Jake shows up for this. Loaded for either shootin' or computin' as the course may be. Though from the looks of it it does have the whole shooting more likely look to the mission so far.

He slides into the back of the shuttle, staying out of the way of the crew as they work while he gets his usual pre-mission satellite feed set up as well. Always nice to know what sort of ugly he was coming into really.

Then spotted Darcy and Pepper and figured, ok they had a point actually - best to introduce himself. "Jake -" He nodded to the man at the terminal. "Software and if you need holes made in something at a distance -" He pointed a thumb to the rifle slung over his shoulder.

He eavesdropped on the briefing, nose wrinkling at the weather dumping into the area. That'd make his usual satellite feed just about useless once things got heavy overhead. "Fog's probably shit for visiblity." Jake muttered, "Kind of crap for infrared and heat tracking too really and lots of vertical in that area..." He sounded less enthused by the moment.

"Lemme see what I can pull and reconstruct..." Maybe if he was lucky enough to get one of the less advertised satellites, or even just someone's collection of vacation photos in the area to reconstruct the terrain from the background. He pulled up his datapad to check on resources while the briefing continued. "Any clue what the form or flavor of distress is?"

aiming for local mapping data i can load into my HUD / pass around the group. I'm thinking vacation photos, building plans registered in the area, less-than-legal access to satellites no one really wants jake to have access to - you know, whatever works. :P


Adrian has been in the shower

Adrian has been in the shower when the alert had gone out that someone was looking for assistance. Which, in turn, meant wasn't noticed until he'd finished. A fact that was apparent by both the fact he was so late, as well as the fact his hair was still somewhat damp. The moment he'd noticed he'd begun to head down, and by the look of everyone hurrying about he'd made it just in time to not miss his ride.

Coming in right around the time that not having much time was being mentioned, Adrian found a place situated off to the side where he could observe but wouldn't interrupt.
He could see a couple of familiar faces in the group, though noone thus far that he'd say he really 'knew'. Though there were a select few who that could be said about, so not incredibly surprising. Either way, he knew that they could handle themselves well enough at least, which was what mattered.

"20 credits says whoever the problem is was counting on the fog to do that." He said, speaking up at the mention that they couldn't see anything. "As stupid as they are, raiders can happen upon a bright idea like that once in a while."

"Do you know if the fog will be as much of a problem on the ground? Cause if visibility is a problem we're gonna want to work overtime on keeping the comms up." He said with a nod toward Darcy. After that, he nodded to Pepper before speaking again "Drones could give us a bit of an advantage as well. At least in terms of scouting things out so that we don't get surprised." He paused a moment, then gave a shrug. "Alternatively, just do whatever the hell you feel like doing. I'm not in charge of your life."


When Darcy rolls up to check

When Darcy rolls up to check in, she'll notice that there's a more zoomed-out map in one corner; that in and of itself lends to the Meonji Mountains of the north, and a particularly well-guarded zone of it, terrain-wise. The tips of these particular ranges are all snow-capped, lending to their height, and are facing the sea, thus, prone to high winds.

As Pepper arrives, the Captain will turn around to regard them both. Captain Eriksen, glad you both could make it. He cranes his neck around the rest of the bay to see who else might be coming along.

It seems that any late-comers will have to get the brief while we're in-bound. A sea blizzard is forming up to the southwest of our target area, so we don't have a lot of time before it becomes too dangerous for our pilots. But, perhaps with you two, we might be able to push a little bit.

At the press of a button, a red pin starts blinking somewhere in those mountains.

About thirty minutes ago, we got a distress signal coming from this area of the mountains. We're talking about two square clicks, here, doesn't seem all that big in the grand scheme of what's around it, but with the pocket of fog that seems permanently settled over it, we can't see what's there...

More. Still time for folks to get in and caught up.


Pepper was just finishing up

Pepper was just finishing up a round of maintence with some fellow mechanics in the bay when the alert went out.
She paused for a moment, trying to judge how tired she was. However she was here, everything was likely to remain a buzz and perhaps they could make use of her drone piloting skills.

With a quick wave she split off from the rest of the mechanic crew and went to whatever looked like was taking the volunteers for the operation.

"Hi, uh, Pepper, mostly drone pilot, and stuff."

If they could make use of her piloting she would then go rustle up a support drone she could take with her.


Darcy is just about to set

Darcy is just about to set down for the night after a ten-hour when the general call goes out. At first she ignores it, but the thought of leaving the team shorthanded won't let her sleep. She bounces out of bed, hops into her jumpsuit, grabs her kit and heads for the door.

Reaching the shuttle bay, she slows up to get a sense of who to report to in all the rush. Heading for the person standing near the terminal, she clears her throat. "Naylor, checking in. Signals and hardware support, if you can use it."

She steals a glance at the map, seeing if she can tell where they're headed. With less than eight minutes to load out, chances are good questions will have to wait till they're aboard, but it doesn't hurt to get a head start.


A general call goes out among

A general call goes out among Treatise Body holdings in Station Prime and other nearby locations above the Sirian planet, calling for any available and willing personnel to scramble to a ready shuttle bay for a hasty briefing and rescue operation.

Those who show up will find a hardy Rohearn military shuttle being loaded up with military munitions, while a small crew go over the flight plan near the personnel entry ramp. A large display and hasty work-station with data terminal have been set up near the ramp, where a TB Captain is fiddling with the remote mouse to narrow in on a map that looks like a particularly isolated and unforgiving patch of mountainous terrain. A small clock in the upper right corner appears to have a red font, and is ticking down, currently at the 7 minute and 52 second mark.

Open posting to get your Cs in, and we'll start working from there!


Elena gives him a nod. "It's

Elena gives him a nod. "It's gonna be alright Brian." Horrible weapons and whatever part he had to play aside, Elena's first job really is to try to get him perked up again. Especially if their best chance of learning what happened lies in getting him to talk. She's always preferred the nice method first and maybe after some food and water and rest he'll be more inclined to let them know what data is missing.

Luckily right at the time he looks ready to go, the call comes in to move. She helps Brian up as best she can and then makes her way to the shuttle with the others. Along the way she'll keep watch on Brian to see if he needs any extra help, but he's doing pretty well so far. Though he seems to take responsibility for the bodies that they pass, which means there's a lot to this.

Soon they're back to the shuttle and as it takes off, she feels really relieved. There's gunfire and coyotes and she is absolutely relieved when it doesn't come anywhere near the shuttle. They got out just in the nick of time.

She'll monitor Brian on the way back, and once they're back at Station Prime she'll hand his care over to more qualified doctors. It seems like today was a pretty big win all in all. So once the debriefing is done she's very happy as she heads home for the night to rest.

Thank you so much for the session, Madius! This was awesome! Wonderful RP all around!


Taking up the extra datapads

Taking up the extra datapads and pushing them through one side of where her armor meets her clothing, Jesira hears the call from the shuttle. She does a quick head count, adding Brian to the list of folks headed back, and pushes through to take point on the way out. Pulling security until everyone is on the shuttle, she puts herself in last, closing the door behind her before the Coyotes can come get them.

Watching through the window and feeds, the Dalhan attempts to take note of the particular hardware their almost-adversaries were wielding at them. Knowing what they used might go a long way in countering them, one of many problems they needed solutions for.

Once back at the Station, she locks up the datapads, leaving a reminder on her own to take them over to Jakob for a recovery session. Perhaps then, that could build up something they could interrogate Brian about. It's beginning to look like she's got a bit of work ahead of her...

Thank you, Madius!


"Got it -" Jake called in

"Got it -" Jake called in over the comms, teeth gritted. Then moved to the stacks of computers to start popping hard drives. Datapads were one source, hard drives were another possible leftover information source if the man hadn't hard wiped everything.

"Anything else in this building worth keeping under wraps?" He asked Brian point blank before popping the rest of the stacks. He wasn't entirely sure he wanted to hand over any sort of bioweapon info but - eh, least it wasn't something Galanor could keep hiding anymore.

Of course, like you do, he maaaay have flipped off the Coyotes on the way out the door.


With their help, Brian can

With their help, Brian can make the way down and out to the shuttle. If they wish to poke through the dark corridor, they'll find instead of ten small offices two large laboratories, including a sizable morgue where their 'test subjects' currently reside. Brian is mum on the details, save to say that he welcomes any punishment that's coming to him at this point.

As the shuttle takes off, there's a brief hail of gunfire as they pass over a not-insignificant force rolling up in a pair of ATVs mounted with large machine guns along with easily a dozen more Desert Coyotes on motorcycles. The fire is errant and misses the shuttle entirely. What the Coyotes wanted with the black site and its research is anyone's guess.

For now, they, what's left of the research data, and what's left of the research team, are being returned to Station Prime, where Fiorentina will be deeply grateful for their recovery and hope to put whatever they can toward the ongoing fight against the unlife and Crowned.

[SESSION END! Thank you all :) Hope you enjoyed. XP and write-up posted in the morning]


"B-Brian," the man says,

"B-Brian," the man says, letting Elena approach, not that he has much choice in his current state. The moment she offers the water, he downs it eagerly, looking a bit better, although obviously he'll need food and long-term treatment, but he's not so frail that he can't be taken back with them, if they choose.

Jes is able to snatch two of the datapads forcefully off their lines, the first one with incredible speed. If there's even a chance there's something left in a buffer somewhere, that one will have it. It might be enough to start to reconstruct, especially if Brian is willing (or can be 'convinced') to help. Adrian snatches the third with similar speed, so they have two possible buffers to try and rebuild some of the data from. The third datapad is likely just an empty shell, but two out of three is phenomenal.

As Elena finishes getting Brian back to where he seems ready to move, a call comes in from the shuttle co-pilot. "Flashlight, this is Rope Trick. HQ says we have inbound. Looks like Coyotes. Recommend immediate evac."



Jesira tinkered with the lock

Jesira tinkered with the lock mechanism for a while, and from where he stood he heard the sound as it got unlocked. Dahl kept his position, there were enough of them on it as it were.

The sound of a harsh damaged voice brought the silence, which made Konstantin take a few steps back to see what they had found in there.


Once Jesira got to work on

Once Jesira got to work on the door and subsequently got it open Adrian was relieved. He could have suggested they use the grenade, but that would risk damaging whatever was inside. Plus, he'd be out of a free grenade just a few minutes after finding it. Who wanted to have to go through that? Not him, that was for sure.

When the door opens and the man inside glances over at the pistol Adrian quickly raised his rifle and pointed it at the man, keeping it on him even as the man raised his hands and began to speak. Of course, he couldn't just kill the guy. But he could certainly try out his aim on the man's leg should he go for the gun.

When Jesira darts for the datapad Adrian goes in as well. Though his goal was to grab the pistol. If this guy was the only one with the information then Adrian was going to make sure he couldn't off himself before they could take him in.


Once the door opens, Jes

Once the door opens, Jes raises her weapon at the ready, putting herself directly in line to shield the others behind her. The datapad gets sneakily tucked back into its sleeve, as she holds the rifle by its grip against her shoulder until the man throws his hands up.

At that point, she goes to the low ready, narrowing her eyes as the frail gent seemed to be overly joyed at whatever work he was in the midst of. Realizing, though, that there were three datapads running in the room, and what with Elena preparing to get this guy ready for an extraction ... well ... may as well give Jakob a chance to do some of the rest of the math...

Jes darts for the first datapad she can reach; if she can get her hands on two at the same time, and yank them from their connection. If not that, then whatever power line she can grab and yank to stop the data transfer/deletion.

double action for double take


As soon as Jesira gets the

As soon as Jesira gets the door open, the blast of cold air pours out and makes Elena shiver. It's an intense blast of icy air and she is glad she's got long sleeves on.

As they head inside, Elena's eyes scan over the servers with interest. It would definitely take a lot of juice to keep this running, so pulling a lot of power from the rest of the facility seems to be the only way.

But then she sees the man. That's a shock. Not only his appearance but also his presence here. As his arms raise up she holds hers out as well to try to show she's no threat to him. "Hey there." She said gently. "I'm Elena. We're not gonna hurt you."

As he speaks, she has a hard time understanding him through the coughing. But nothing he's saying sounds good. Viruses and bioweapons. It's all looking grim. And as Jake speaks she feels the same creepy crawlies under her own skin.

"I'm a doctor, do you mind if I check you out?" She asked gently. She slowly removed the pack from her back and held it in front of her to show that it was clearly medical in nature. From out of it, she pulls one of the little bottles of water, designed to be used to wet gauze. She takes a sip of it to show it's alright, and then she offers it toward him. Hoping he'll see it as a peace offering and let her check him out.