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Pinnacle is a relatively small station that could house roughly 50,000 physical persons but it largely built around the housing and upkeep of massive server banks which house millions of digital persons - the former residents and citizens of Mecha City. Claiming "we need to evolve," the Mecha King designed and launched the new space station into high orbit, a sizable distance from the planet with a slightly exaggerated day/night cycle.

While designed primarily around the server room and associated backup and communication equipment, the station is capable of housing physical persons and is home to a number of robotic chassis usable by any of the digital citizens and used for physical and diplomatic interactions with neighboring stations.
Pinnacle follows on Mecha City's general policy of isolationism, protecting its citizens and its sovereignty first and foremost with no apparent expansionist ambitions. They are loosely allied with the Treatise Body after the TB sent agents to defend Mecha City in its hour of need, but with a pragmatic ruler, Pinnacle only treats such alliances with so much reverence now that they are able to defend themselves independently again.


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Adrian's thing was meant to be something to make the plan of telling the authorities Dee was just there under his order more believable actually. But that works too.

Either way, fun session and a nice continuation to the story. Looking forward to seeing where things go from here in the future. :)




Thank you so much! This was such an awesome session! Excellent terror and excellent RP all around! :D




Thanks for running it maddy was a blast! And thanks for everyone else for the rp :3


Dee groans again, gripping

Dee groans again, gripping her middle and reaching a hand out to Elena to steady herself. She may not be far from falling unconscious, stable or otherwise.

Once they get the intricate series of drives connected and open, Jake will be able to encrypt the data so that it doesn't leak any further up the chain than they want it to. And if they opt to lure Le Cafard out with a 'bigger fish,' Adrian has no trouble establishing a realistic trail of postdated communications between himself and Dee's group. They may have just the bait they need for a future trap whenever Le Cafard crawls out of the woodwork again.

Station security finally finds their way down the alley, approaching the others and checking to see if they need help, asking them to evacuate to a safe distance while the threat (likely Le Cafard's disabled ordinance) is cleaned up by the appropriate bot crews.

With help from Threeodore, they should be able to get Dee quietly off the station, but their contacts with TB Intel have been unable to track down Le Cafard. Pinnacle security will remain on high alert and will pass along any clues as to the bomber's location as they become available.

For now, they've avoided a major disaster, recovered files that may finally implicate the NDI's involvement in the Ardiel bombings, and laid the groundwork for a trap for one of the more dangerous terrorists in space. All in all, a very successful mission.

[SESSION END! Session report and XP should be up later this weekend. Thanks, all! I hope you enjoyed :) ]


Elena is able to patch Dee up

Elena is able to patch Dee up in short order once the others are able to stop her spinning. She's stable, despite the loss of blood. She'll be a little loopy for a bit, but she'll definitely live.

She nods to Jake about being unconscious later - the fewer questions, the better, as far as she's concerned. "Yeah...yeah, all right. That's fair. There's a drive behind the bathroom mirror. It has the primary cipher for the drive behind the loose panel in the floor. That'll get you..." and so on. In the end, they've got the location and sequences for a half-dozen drives that house her essential data stores. At least, all the ones she was able to bring with her to Pinnacle.

At Adrian's question, Dee just shakes her head. "Honestly? I have no idea. We got hired by a group to take over as providers and setup crew for future explosives. That was all the old man's area, I was on finance and surveillance only. We never worked with that lunatic, and we didn't have anything to do with their death. Unless they're just that pissed they were replaced, I have no idea what's crawled up their ass about all this..."

"After my partners got turned into debris at the last meet-up, I'm done with our former employers. In fact, if there's any way you can get me reported dead, that might make things easier all around..."



Once catching up with

Once catching up with everyone else, Pepper would just hang back to give Dee and them some space. No point in crowding the girl over. Especially as Pepper was better at dealing with those made out of gears rather then flesh.

She tucked herself out of the way, half keeping an ear on the conversation the other just a kind of vague look out kind of thing. Considering the request for no hospital and such. All of this was a bit over her really.


Once Dee seemed to agree to

Once Dee seemed to agree to the terms of the agreement Adrian took a step back, allowing Elena to do her thing and otherwise remaining mostly silent. As the others spoke he simply thought about the situation that they'd found themselves in, turning the pieces over in his head a few times before eventually speaking up.

"The guy seemed quite angry you guys tried to 'take his place'. I don't care if you were legitimately trying to take over for him or not, but did you guys even do anything to take over other than trying to blow shit up?" He paused a moment before adding. "He wanted you to suffer, otherwise he'd have just killed you. So this seems awfully personal. Did your group ever tell anyone you were taking his place? Anyone who might have tattled when the pressure on?"

Of course, regardless of what Dee replied with, Le Cafard's anger seemed something quite exploitable. "So, as usual, crazy and possibly completely stupid idea..." He said, turning to Jake. "If he gets this upset about people moving in on his turf. What if we find someone willing to go all the way with it? Take his name and everything. Maybe even claim that the original was some hired goon working as the face of the operation until, quote, 'the dumbass went and got killed'." He cleared his throat, shrugging and looking to the others before finishing with. "Or, y'know, whatever ideas y'all have. Likely ones which don't involve poking at the clearly volatile guy with a stick."

Once that was done he pulled out his datapad. At which point he began attempting to fake some basic communications between himself and Dee to sell the story that she was indeed sent to check things out by him. Nothing too complicated, but hopefully enough to sell the story a bit easier provided that noone looked too closely at it.


Macera continues to follow

Macera continues to follow along as the group makes its way out of the building; the sheer number of robotic responders was something the like of which she hadn't seen up to this point in her life. Still, there was a trail to follow, and it seemed Jake had the trail in mind. So, she continues along the same path.

Once they catch up to Dee, Mace keeps to the back,
letting the folks with a bit more knowledge of the situation take charge of things for now. Her makeshift antenna was stand-alone, so there wasn't much she could do other than go out and physically recover it later, if the station denizens would allow her. As it was, though, she just soaks in the information that was being talked out of a barely-conscious Dee, while the rest of the group did what they could to stabilize Le Cafard's near-victim and get them back on a path to more humanoid civilization.


Jake chuckles as Dee asks for

Jake chuckles as Dee asks for no official hospital treatment and nods. "Fair 'nuff - I don't do medbays m'self if I can." He sort of shrugged in Elena's direction with a wry smile. "Me and most docs don't get along - rather have someone I know work on me."

He stepped over to Dee, stabilizing her in the floating microgravity so she wasn't spinning as much. "We've got you." And he would - by the time they were heading out, there'll be a cover ID for her waiting. Dee may have been on the other side in past conflicts but he couldn't really argue she was an enemy either. Certainly not now.

"No, the roach slipped down a crack -" Jake rolled his eyes. "I'm sure we'll see him again." Then, while Elena worked, he crouched down beside Dee to ask some pointed questions before she passed out. "Data stores, all of that, I need to know what you need packed up and shipped out cause you're probably not coming back here anytime soon. So if you've got caches and data stores I need to make copies and strip 'em now before things get formal."

"Speaking of formal -" He smiled apologetically at Elena then wryly at Dee, "If you're unconscious on the way - there's less of a chance of anyone formal having to ask questions, I think? But you'll have to trust us. By t'time you wake up you'll have an ID and freedom to go. I promise you that."*

Once she gives him any information about the data she has on the Station, Jake will discretely copy it down and clean it out to make sure it doesn't go wandering back up the chain of command. Given the last time Jake was still pretty sure there was a mole somewhere in that chain - he'd rather not give them more than they needed.


It takes a while to get down

It takes a while to get down from the building. Elena appreciates the quick scan from the drones, but makes sure that they don't linger on her too long. She likely has a bit of blood on her, but no injuries, so they don't have to hold her for anything. She likes the drones, but every so often she worries that they're gonna give her an extra flu shot by accident. Of course they're far less likely to make a mistake than she is, but she doesn't want to admit that.

Then it's off to the races. Well, the races to the alley. She spots Jake's familiar shock of blue and zeroes in on him. Bu the time she gets close, Dee is already looking much worse for wear.

She floats carefully up to Dee, giving her a serious look. "No hospital for the moment." She agrees as she opens up her modest medical kit. "But you have to tell my friend here everything he needs to know. Deal?"

It seems a safe bet that Dee will be on board with those terms since she's pretty much agreed already. But it never hurts to double check with her since she might be getting a bit loopy from loss of blood.

"Did anyone see where our mysterious benef-asshole went?" She asks as she starts trying to stabilize Dee.

Sorry for the delay! I caught a summer cold bug and decided to give it a nice cozy home in my brain. ;)


Dee sighs, slouching against

Dee sighs, slouching against the cables and gripping her midsection tightly. "Th-this isn't my fault. I didn't--" She groans, doubling over a moment and starting to drift slowly away from her hiding spot. Her grip on her datapad remains steadfast, but she can't do much else with it at the moment.

"Hurrgh, okay..." she grunts. "God, you're almost as persistent as they are. If it covers my medical bills and a quiet ride off this station with a new cover ID, I'll t-tell you anything you want to know." She groans again, starting to spin slowly in the microgravity. "N-no hospital, not here..."

It's no surprise she's in bad shape. They likely have mere minutes before she'll be unconscious.



Down at the street level,

Down at the street level, Pinnacle Station's security teams have arrived, following the broadcast from Mace's antenna and bringing more personnel for crowd control, medical and evac. A robotic bomb squad pushes past the group to the site of the ordinance, going to work further disarming and dismantling Le Cafard's setup.

Medical drones give a passing scan to each of them, finding none of them seriously injured and moving to sweep the rest of the apartment complex in case anyone else was hurt during all the chaos.

The group are able to form up again outside, at which point Jake takes off on the trail of Dee. The trail leads down a narrow alley, through a still-open hatch to a bulkhead where much of the station's noncritical infrastructure is housed.

Dee is curled up against a pile of cables, each nearly as wide around as she is, shaky hands desperately trying to work her datapad. When the group peek through the open hatch, she grabs for a random bit of trash she collected on her run through the alley, making to throw it at them in her own defense, but the blood on her hand causes it to slip and spin harmlessly in place instead.



As he was about halfway

As he was about halfway through his goal of adding more time the timer suddenly stopped. "Oh... well... I gue-shit!" He was then interrupted as the secondary timer began counting down. Leaving him not much time to try to shut down the signal before it could go off. Though, thankfully the signal was subsequently cut off before all could go wrong.

Pepper's question over the comm channel took priority over any celebration though. "Jake was hit but he was still standing last I saw him thanks to the drone. Not sure how Dee is doing though but considering it was a gutshot she should be alive. No idea when it comes to the guy who thinks he's Cafard." It was perhaps a bit more detail than was needed now, but with the bombs now defused it was not like they didn't have time.

"Huh?" He asked, looking over at Elena as she reentered. "Oh, yeah. Hardly the first time." He said, shrugging before heading over to the window. "We should get moving. Dee may not have much time left to relay any info she might have." He said climbing out the window and dropping down to street level. At which point he'd move to regroup with Jake in tracking the woman down.

Once they did catch up to her, and Jake mentioned calling in the authorities Adrian let out a short amused exhale before taking his own approach. "The fact you seemed to be the target of this little shitshow would probably be quite interesting to them. Then again, perhaps I tell them that I sent you to check things out for me and you got found out. Though... if you are working for me, I would kinda expect some information if I'm going to be paying you. Payment you seem like you'll need if you're going to be having someone patch you up no questions asked..."


"Son of a -" Jake's focus on

"Son of a -" Jake's focus on the escaping Cafard is only briefly interrupted by Elena's work patching him up so he's leaking less obviously. Still, he hissed a little as her work did in fact sting exactly as she said it would. "Had worse -" He nodded to her. And out the window they went, Jake pushed off the top of the window to 'jump' towards the ground, twisting to put his feet forward for the landing as he did.

Once on the ground he tapped the comms to answer Pepper, "[For now. I'm trailing Dee. Asshat's out of range.]" He didn't sound particularly happy, but it wasn't like Cafard could easily slip out of Pinnacle at this rate either. Especially not after Jake uploaded the man's current description and injuries to their local contact so he couldn't slip out on a ship leaving the station without some extra work involved.

Of course with the amount of adrenaline running in his system right now Jake's not exactly chattery as he tracks the woman by the blood drops. Once he does find her, the rifle comes up briefly in defense, "... we gonna be able to talk now or do I need to make things awkward for all of us and call in authority figures? So far y'name's not hit any report."

social if i can find her / she's conscious


As Tanky's feed goes dark

As Tanky's feed goes dark Pepper can't help but to feel a slight twinge of panic, quickly calling over the coms. "Is everyone still alive?" being the only words coming to her mind at the moment.

Though her attention was quickly pulled away when just as Sneaky Boomy finally seemed to have figured things out...apparently there was a back up. However just as she was about to report it in, it would seem one of the others had gotten to it, with much relief as it would seem for now the explosive threat was over.

She would recall Sneaky Boomy to her side and try to join up with the others as she can find them


A lot of things were

A lot of things were happening just a little too fast for Macera - their quarry and his/her/its grandstanding, the injured other civilian out the window, the ensuing chase and the total threat of explosion and collapse, shots going back and forth through the window. She wasn't used to this urban style of conflict, preferring instead to fight from within the confines of her shuttle, or actually using that as her weapon of choice.

Regardless, it seems like the team manages to push through all that with her just sort of standing there, not sure which way to point her weapon or where to move toward. By the time she'd be able to make a decision, everyone's already heading out. She'll bring up the rear.


As the rather literal ticking

As the rather literal ticking clock counts down, Elena's so focused on other things that she doesn't quite register the time itself until the last few seconds. It looks like the timer is going to make it all the way until...

Elena breathes a huge sigh of relief as Pepper and Adrian are able to one two punch the detonators in their own way. As the countdown stops for good, it takes a few gut wrenching seconds before Elena realizes she's been holding her breath, and that's when she lets out her huge sigh of pure relief. They live to stop Le Cafard another day. And thankfully so will the other people gathered around the block.

She looks over to Adrian as he finishes. "You're ok?" She asks carefully. It was more of a gut reaction. He looks ok. But the stress might have bothered him, so she figures it doesn't hurt to ask.

With the immediate boomy danger no longer looming over them, Elena starts to make her way back out of the building. She wants to get back with the rest and make sure everyone's alright.

Following the team out of the building and toward wherever they're off too. :) IE: Sticking with the group as much as possible.


Meanwhile, Pepper's other

Meanwhile, Pepper's other screen has Sneaky Boomy continuing to tinker with the bombs below while Adrian works on the trigger mechanism in the rooms above. To Pepper's great relief, the drone is able to severe the right connection to freeze the countdown. With 0:04 flickering threatening on a room full of clocks, it looks like they're safe.

That is, until a second rapid beeping starts up from a separate device tucked behind the pile of ordinance. Le Cafard, ever the bastard, had a failsafe rigged up to trigger the blast from the detonator.

Luckily, Adrian is able to scramble the signal before it can send its confirm code. Down in the basement, the beeping abruptly stops. The timers are still stuck on four seconds, and as several more tense seconds pass, there is still no earth-shattering kaboom.

As Elena makes it back to the upstairs apartment with Adrian, it looks like the danger has passed. Le Cafard has a commanding lead in their escape, but it looks like Dee, and the block, not to mention those gathered here, are safe.

Down on the street level, it's not difficult to follow the blood trail to where Dee escaped to. In her condition, she likely can't have gotten far...



Jake takes his shot,

Jake takes his shot, apparently steadied by the whole bleeding out thing enough to blast a chunk off of Le Cafard's side. If Le Cafard were still largely biological that easily would've been a kill shot, but the sparking electronics still display a debilitating wound.

With a sneer, the mad bomber returns fire, but Pepper's Tanky drone intercepts the shot. The round tears poor Tanky apart, but the drone did its job exceptionally well. Badly wounded and in no shape to catch up to Dee, Le Cafard rebounds off the street level and darts down a different side alley, out of sight.

Elena nabs Jake out of the window and gets him away from the blast radius, taking a moment to patch him up. It still hurts like a son-of-a-gun, but he's stable and able to move again.



Things were just going from

Things were just going from bad to worse apparently. The fact that the timer had suddenly jumped forward without warning, taking nearly a third of their time with it was bad enough. Let alone the fact that Jake had been shot and just barely seemed to be hanging onto consciousness. Though thankfully he seemed conscious enough to fire back at the shithead that shot him.

"Try to focus on what the target is wearing instead of the pain you're feeling." Adrian said in Jake's direction. "Color, fabric, how much it may have cost. Every possible detail that you can think of. Doesn't matter if it's correct." That was what Adrian tended to do when injured and needing to continue through the pain. It helped keep his brain unfocused on the pain. Whether it worked for Jake wasn't guaranteed but it was worth suggesting.

Once his suggestion was out there he was already typing away on his datapad. Cutting the signal entirely seemed risky, as well as somewhat time consuming. So he instead focused on trying to hijack the countdown and attempt to add an extra digit to the timer. Hopefully leaving them with a good amount more wiggle room to deal with the oncoming earth shattering kaboom.


As the shot rang out, Elena

As the shot rang out, Elena couldn't hold back the flinch. Just another one of those sounds that she probably would never have the ability to ignore. Perhaps she could spend some time at the firing range someday. Or maybe if she went on enough missions... But that was neither here nor there as she saw Jake go momentarily loose as the shot hit him. Although he started breathing again, she was terrified about what she'd just seen.

Using the momentum she'd gathered she instead pushed over toward Jake as best she could. She didn't try to stop him from taking his shot, but the moment he's done, she's ready to get to work.

"Always the bloody hero..." She said softly as she started trying to at least stabilize him. Of course it could have been an insult. But it sounds slightly more impressed than motherly. "This will sting." She warned, hoping for a quick and clean patch job to help get him stabilized before the bomb goes off.

As soon as she's finished attempting that, She will turn to look back at the others. Worry clear on her face. "We really gotta move a little bit away. Then we can try to defuse?" She says, hoping like heck that if there's no stopping the boom, they can at least get a little way away. Then she turns her attention on hoping to get Jake out of the building without jostling him too much or messing up any shots he might want to take after this.

Using the previous roll to help Jake if that's acceptable. And this round, looking to try to heal him up a bit. :)


"MOTHER-" Jake blinked at the

"MOTHER-" Jake blinked at the red dots floating around in the black dots in his vision. He was limp in the window, falling backwards away from it as his knees crumpled and head swum but ankles stayed in place because of the boots. Someone was standing on his chest and that wasn't fun either and it went with the wheezing that ... that he was starting to realize went along with his breathing and- Oh that's not a good sound. That's not a good sound. That's not a good sound.

The rifle was a weight on one arm, and he fumbled to disengage the maglock on the boots by habit as he blinked red and black away long enough to focus on the man with the cane. Personal didn't even begin to explain the situation at this point.

Teeth bared, Jake grabbed hold of the window to drag himself up to track the target. Secondary target escaped. Complication at his back. His training was tracking even if his brain wasn't working quite well enough to even attempt to assist with the code. Right now - hurt him back took priority.

He braced the rifle, ignoring the fine mist of red his own breath was throwing up in front of his face with every wheezy gasp. Lined the shot up, aiming to injure - hopefully not to kill given how the man had 'recovered' from that experience the last time. One smooth squeeze between breaths when his sight was clear enough to focus - he shot back.

... i don't want to kill him utterly cause I don't want to trigger any erase-my-own-brain contingencies for him to use to recover, but jake's kinda... OW right now so uh he might not be aiming for 'nice' locations either. Paralysis is fine...


Damn - next time I need to

Damn - next time I need to doubl- Jake looked up from the scope just in time to register exactly what was about to happen and how much it was about to hurt. Fuc- At least the magboot keeps him from floating around too much while he bleeds drops into the air...

Annnnnd lets see if Jake can roll hardcore eyes spacer syndrome boy AHAHAHHAHAHAHA yeah. right.


Pepper keeps an eye on Sneaky

Pepper keeps an eye on Sneaky Boomy's progress as she makes her way on out. The beginning of this seemed great...

And then, one of the equivalents of pushing the wrong button happens and the counter jumps 12 seconds in a direction they would rather not.

Pepper freezes in her tracks, debating for a moment if she should go back and see if she can tweak Sneaky Boomy's calibrations, but there was no time now.

Rather instead she quickly ran through what would likely be going through the bot's brain in effect and see if there was anything she could tweak from here before urging Sneaky Boomy to try once more.

"Ok, ok, I know you not exactly all yourself, and no pressure or anything. But you can do this, yeah..yeah." she murmed as she picked up the controls once more hopefully having gotten Sneaky Boomy on the right path.

Course in all of the new panic she had forgotten about poor tanky, but the new shot ringing out provided a rather brutal reminder. With perhaps a string of just about every type of curse word she knew. Once she had set Boomy to try again she would pull up Tanky's controls and get that bot back in action to provide cover if needed again.

First set is for boomy, second set is for Tanky if applicable (it will guard on a need basis)


Adrian nabs the detonator as

Adrian nabs the detonator as it slowly twirls through open space and starts looking through just how the damn thing works. There's no easy 'off' switch - worth checking, at least - but it is set up to send a synchronized signal to all the various detonators below. With a little programming, it might be possible to send a signal that could pause or scramble the timers downstairs.

Jake locks himself down and takes another shot with the sniper rifle, grazing Le Cafard's active arm for 5 net damage. The revealed cybernetics underneath begin to spark but don't seem seriously hampered, but he did succeed in getting Le Cafard's attention in spades.

Caught between annoyances, Le Cafard twists about in flight, lining up a shot with the cane on Jake. The bullet slams into Jake's sternum for 34 damage, causing Le Cafard into a slow spin at the same time. While Jake's in a bad way, it did give Dee time to rebound out of sight and, for the moment, get away from her pursuer.

Pepper goes to work, but while her control over Sneaky Boomy is precise, the bot itself is not. While it tinkers with the timers, the countdown skips ahead twelve seconds. Half a minute now remains.

Back upstairs, Elena has her wits about her, which is plenty at the moment considering the situation. Jake is badly wounded and possibly unconscious in the window. Adrian is fiddling with the remote, and Pepper has a front-row seat for ground zero. Elena can easily get Adrian or Jake safely out the window this round, and come back for the other in the next.

[GO! Second to last round, or thereabouts :) Thrilling conclusion is just around the corner]


"I see..." Elena said. Trying

"I see..." Elena said. Trying her best to stay calm as Le Cafard speaks. She's not surprised that the immediate worry over finding the mystery passenger that the pilots described isn't abated much by actually speaking to them. If anything, Le Cafard is even more intimidating than the description. And that doesn't help things at all.

She nods her head once to show that she does indeed remember the reference that they're making. Though she's careful not to seem too friendly. As Adrian speaks about the woman who went shooting out the window, Elena glances carefully over (so as not to make too many sudden movements). Before she can even ask, the trigger is pushed and the timer has begun.

There's not much time. With no way to stop the timer herself, Elena is just worried that something terrible is going to happen. They'd tried so hard to try to beat Le Cafard to their goal, and it all comes down to these clutch moments.

Elena really doesn't thrive in clutch moments. In fact, she's often more of a hinderance than a help. But maybe today will be different.

As soon as the others start to make their way out of the room, she'll try her best to help them get out quickly. It's likely not super required by the others (as the timer is counting down quickly). But if she's able to assist in any way to make sure the others exit safely, she wants to help.

Rolling her movement skill just to help anyone if they need assistance getting out. Otherwise just leaving herself.


Scrambling as best she could,

Scrambling as best she could, the microgravity was never a friend of hers, but at least these days she is a bit more used to it then what she used to be. Though it did make it hard to hustle when she really needed.

However she somehow managed and Sneaky 2.0 Boomy was done.
She took in a deep breath as she prepared to boot up the drone, which seemed just in time as the ordinance clusters around the room came to life with a timer.

"... well shit..." she blurted out, and quickly brought Boomy online, with a line of muttering of panic and focus as she did.

Once it seemed like Boomy was up and running she would begin setting up the drone to run the task it was designed to do. To help handle the ordinance and make the explosion less explosiony.

[Ordinance just went live, its running on a timer.] *with that she would also send to the team a running clock to match the time that was counting down. [I got a drone trying to see what it can do about the ordinance. But uh, may wanna be quick, and any other ideas about this stuff would be great.]

She would leave Tanky in its holding position with the others. Then with one last check that Boomy was working and ensuring that the others would have a remote way to peek in if they wanted as she worked to make her way on out to at least some place hopefully a bit safer.

(Then if Jake's message over the comm's is received. "Well uh, demolitions, not really my thing, so anything would be appreciated.")


"... well now that you

"... well now that you mention it -" Jake shrugged, smiling brightly as he swung around in the micro gravity, briefly falling out of line of sight. Le Cafard wasn't exactly wrong, Jake did get a rush off of meddling with other people's plans. He scrambled, still sumping the inertia from the earlier shot. Stupid micro-gravity. It made for some great transport but not so good for any help absorbing recoil really...

"[@stripes - yay! Not sure how much talking will work with this guy.]" Jake hissed out as he caught the edge of the window. Ok, no more micro-gravity shooting without locking down to a surface first.

Jake pulled himself back up into the window, in time for Adrian to elbow him on the way through. "Yeah, yeah workin' on it! Just gotta keep this from going..." Jake shooke his head, kicking across the room to get a good line up on Cafard as he followed Dee. Thankfully the dramatic asshole was monologuing. It gave Jake time to actually lock down his magboots this time so he wouldn't go flying. He lined up a shot on Cafard's 'good' arm (and or the cane itself). It was a dick move but the guy was a dick.

Once (if) he lands the shot, Jake hits the comms. "Pep, you need help on the splodey bits or you got it?"

opps for missing the round :(