Sirian Planet

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Sirian Planet

Planet Sirian
Radius: 5,922km
Volume: 8.7e11 km3
Mass: 4.8e24 kg
Average Density: 5.5 g/cm3
Surface Gravity: 9.17 m/s2

Sirian is the second planet from its sun, Boros. At .9 AU, its solar year is 85% the length of an Earth year, with its rotation giving it a day slightly shorter than 24 hours. Sirian is a terraformed world. While the planet is approximately 2.5 billion years old, its biological diversity is more similar to a planet twice its age. The planet is still extremely active tectonically, resulting in frequent earthquakes. Geological records suggest Sirian was terraformed between five and twenty thousand years ago, although archeological evidence suggests these numbers may not be accurate. The precise purpose or methods of terraforming are still unknown. There is still simple life active primarily in Sirian's oceans representing the native life, but otherwise all life on Sirian is of the introduced genetic stock.

Sirian is dominated by a single supercontinent, approximately 75 million km2, covering 17% of the planet’s surface, shaped as a crescent open to the west and with mountain ranges along the east coast. The remainder of the planet is covered with ocean, dotted by archipelagos and small islands. The planet is largely temperate, with wide variations in temperature over short periods. Its weather systems are defined by megamonsoons, which cause months of rainfall and flooding over the summer followed by dry winters. Weather is especially violent on the ocean-side of mountain ranges, and deserts dominate the land-side. The planet's low atmospheric pressure permits winds to reach higher speeds with the same power, and weather systems push further in land than comparable on Earth. Most cities establish themselves near the coast of the inner western sea, or near rivers.

Sirian has two natural moons; Philipees and Ardiel. Because of their gravitational effects, the tides of Sirian show wide variations, and the seasonal megamonsoons are frequently increased in strength.

Boros’s location at the edge of the nebula results in most of Sirian’s night sky being a haze, with most distant stars occulted. Given the frequency of extraterrestrial visitations, it is supposed that the nebula also protects Sirian from view of an otherwise populous galactic neighborhood. Sirian is struck by asteroids or comets greater than 1 km in diameter approximately every 200,000 years.

The Ocean

On the Sirian World there is a single massive body of water, named ‘the Ocean’. With only one landmass the ocean is divided into sections. For example there is the Western Ocean, North Western Ocean, and Northern Ocean and so forth. From the Bolivnian Satellite Port City on the Eastern Coast to the Caldar Port City on the Western Coast the journey is roughly 14 days by cruise ship with a small Island Chain in the middle dividing the Eastern and Western Sea.

The Outer Islands

The outer islands are a location mostly mapped by satellite and aerial photography. The islands are difficult to approach with a reputation for destructive reefs, troublesome currents, instrument malfunction, fogs and disappearing ships. Even aircraft have been subject to the malfunctions (as reputation has it). Otherwise there seems to be little on the islands of interest, and few nations are concerned with claiming the territory.

Main Landmass

The Rohearn Subcontinent is a lush territory with a wide variety of different terrains, owing to its distance from the planet's equator and subsequent temperate climate. This region is controlled by the city-states, a large group of nations holding smaller territories than they would like and larger grudges.

The Jahond Subcontinent is the location of Sirian City and the major Dalhan strongholds. The Jahond has been the location of the largest conflicts of the past two hundred years, as the Rohearn and the Dalhan compete for resources and power.

The Southern Continent comprises the southern half of the Sirian landmass. It is largely grassland with very little lush vegetation, except in the extreme south, where jungles, rainforests, and swamps can be found. Within these grasslands, a number of smaller settlements exist, including the ruins of several former cities that were destroyed by the north over the last few hundred years.

Map of sirian planet, one contiguous continent
Ship approaching a planet with a small moon inside a nebula


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"Well shit... that didn't

"Well shit... that didn't work." He said as he heard the scrambled attempt at his final broadcast, cutting the feed a moment after it seemed the whole thing was a bust.

The rather bumpy ride out of the are was spent in silence as Adrian waited out the danger. His breathing and heartrate increased as he tried to remain calm. An action which he would find far easier if the current threat was one that could be fought. Unfortunately you couldn't really fight Anti-Air fire.

The comment about there being moles on all sides from Kazia was met with a shrug. "Not exactly going to sit here and say that I'm shocked. Seemed like an inevitable conclusion? I mean 'big organization secretly has shitty people working there' isn't exactly a new thing, right? Or it it just me?" He said, looking around to the others a moment for confirmation. After which point he looked back to Kazia. "Anyway, let me know if you've got any more easy money. If you can't trust your own company, might as well hire the person who trusts even fewer folks." He shrugged softly before relaxing in his chair. "Or decide not to because you think I'm an asshole. Either or."

"Bright side is, even if you don't know who was behind this, we got to put some Coyotes in the ground. Which I'd say is still a win." with that, he spent much of the rest of the trip back being mostly quiet. Instead he let the others talk among themselves and simply thought over the events of the mission.

Bit late to the party since things have been kinda bleh.
Regardless, I agree with the sentiment of the others. So take one of their adjective and add a +1 to it. ;P


"Heh - of course they can't."

"Heh - of course they can't." Jake muttered, smiling a little to himself as he recognized the approach. He had a good video to analyze for later at least - but uh - later. No need to call attention to the man now when they were on their way out.

The sock drawer comment gets an unexpected spluttered snicker though. Sometimes whimsey hits particularly well.

"Good goin' Skits -" Jake offered a fist for bumping as they settled into the shuttle. With the warning from the pilot, Jake strapped in for the ride - it might actually get really bumpy this time. "Mother -" Jake muttered as the shuttle took heavier hits, cutting himself off before he got to the more profane part of the phrase.

"... yeah - I think we did." He nodded to Kazia. "And... I have questions for later if you don't mind. But... later." It was rare for one of the corporate types to show the amount of emotion she was, it was somehow actually making him sympathize. But so many things to follow up on in the next few weeks - sounded like he was gonna be busy.

He glanced over at Skits as she squirmed her way over. "No actually... that was not expected. Coyote recruiting someone? They were..." He glanced across the way at Jesira, weighing his answer, "... logged in from South Ridge."

plotting plotting plotting plotting plotting :)


Skittles is

Skittles is uncharacteristically silent, now and again toying with her datapad before putting it back. Eventually she'll scoot closer to Jake.

"Do you know who those people were? The ones online, I mean?"

Twas a blast! And honestly, the break was very well timed ;)


Bounding with Jakob toward

Bounding with Jakob toward the shuttle, Jes continues to keep an eye out before arriving to the transport. She will, of course, bring up the rear, practically walking backwards onto the shuttle after she sees the last person before herself get on. Whatever crew member might be there to close the door will be, of course, let to do so.

On board, the Dalhan takes a few minutes to run through her preventive maintenance checks - clearing her weapon, disassembling slightly, checking parts, maybe even grabbing a brush from her back pocket to dust off some of the dirtier parts. Once she's satisfied with that,
she'll settle in, lean back, and let the ride go on.

Darcy's retelling of how the tank went away gets a laugh out of Jes, who agrees with a hearty nod of her head that the workmanship was indeed lacking. But, at the back of her mind, the trend was troubling - how much more sophisticated would the Coyotes be getting without more direct intervention to put an end to their activities?
Some decisions, she surmised, would be far above her current pay grade, although that would mean some hard research in the weeks ahead...

Aye, indeed, that was great! Thank you very much, Zxe :)


Darcy spends most of the

Darcy spends most of the ascent holding on for dear life, unsure if they've honestly gotten away or just flown right into the Coyote's sights. Luckily they finally clear the flak cloud after a due amount of cursing from the pilot, and Darcy slumps back in the crasher seat with an exhausted but relieved sigh.

Seconds later, her tired worry gives way to a rising chuckle from somewhere deep in her gut and she points at Dahl and Jesira. "Did you SEE that?! The trends were like 'pop! Splut.' And then you just took it apart! God, that was a rush. Whoever taught those knockoff scrapper jockeys how to slap a tank together needs to go back to scavenger school, that's all I'm saying. If my mom'd built that thing back there, we'd be toast..."

She laughs again, letting out another sigh and settling back into her seat as the last of the adrenaline rush runs its course. So now in addition to New Domai, the Crowned and the Unlife, and the Coyotes themselves, the people of the TB were up against their own families, too. There's plenty of time to ruminate on that on the long ride back, and Darcy doesn't say much other than occasionally mocking Coyote workmanship, such as it is, but once they dock, it'll definitely be time to visit with her own family - one she's happy she's able to make it back to in one piece.

That was AMAZING! Thank you so much for running for such a big crowd!!


With everyone on the move, it

With everyone on the move, it seems like an excellent stroke of luck that they're all back on the shuttle just in the nick of time. As the sound gets louder and the ship rocks, Dakas closes his eyes and just holds on. The nerves take over enough that he just tries his best to think soothing thoughts as the ship sways with the forces hammering on outside.

As they get out, he breathes a deep sigh of relief and finally opens his eyes once more. As Kazia looks around, he does too, relieved that everyone's back in more or less one piece. Some definitely worse for wear, but he's glad that folks were able to get back under their own power at least. With some medical care back at the station, those with injuries will hopefully be back up soon.

Although he's got a billion questions, he also figures that Kazia's even more upset and flustered by their findings than he is. As she apologizes, he shakes his head to show her it's not needed on his account. It seems like no one could have predicted all of this. Everything inside and outside had seemed almost tailored to their arrival and somehow someone had leaked all of that with enough time to set up that nightmare. And if Kazia didn't know, he had a sneaking worry that her brothers might not either. At least he hoped that they wouldn't have sent their sister into a mess like that willingly. Maybe it's just the big brother in him trying to project, but he hopes that maybe it isn't quite as sinister as it all seems.

Waiting a moment to let everyone else ask their questions, he clears his throat softly. "I'm not sure what kinds of records there will be after all of this. Obviously we had to leave in a hurry. But if you find out anything about what had affected the life support like that, could you let me know? I'm curious as to who or what made it behave that way." He said gently. "If it's all classified or just didn't make it out of the facility, I understand. I just thought I'd ask."

After that, he'll remain quiet and just try to relax until they get home. It was a tough day. It's been a while since he's had to use his weapon and he's ready to go back to his room and sleep. Then it'll be back to the routine of wrenches and dusty vents... Which is something he didn't think he'd ever feel kinda relieved about.

Thank you so much for the wonderful session Zxe! This was super duper exciting and awesome! Excellent RP all around, everyone! :D


Once it looked like everyone

Once it looked like everyone was on, the pilot began moving just as they were shutting the doors.

"Looks like we got them all yeah? Now hang on, we are about to get caught between this flak and the incoming strike."

While they were still managing to try and avoid giving anyone a concussion, once they started lifting up the sky was disappearing under a sudden spray of flak as the Coyotes were trying their damnedest to get the shuttle, but also now just start shooting anywhere to try and take out any aircraft part of the strike.

It was loud, like thunder was just outside of the walls, and the shuttle rocked hard. THere was a couple of sounds which sounded like someone just tried to take a very heavy hammer to the side, and the shuttle swayed. A faint indiscernable yelling could be heard from the pilot, though anyone's guess in this moment was it was every curse word and word of encouragement to their shuttle all in one.

Though they quickly cleared the zone, even if it seemed to take much longer then it actually did. Pulling around quickly to head above the incoming strike with a quick exchange between the pilots for confirmation and check ups on the crew, the pilot then hit the thrusters to full and got them the hells out of there.

Kazia looked around in the moment they seemed clear.

"Did we get everyone back?" she would pause for an answer, before looking a bit more relieved.
"That was, not anything like I was expecting..." she murmured, before starting to look a bit more angry. "I think, one of my brothers has something to answer for. For it is as feared it would seem. We have moles in all sides." she seemed for a moment quite hurt even, in a way she had expected a mole working with the Coyotes in her company, however considering everything she surmised this was going much higher.

Then in a moment she did her best to compose herself.
"I will make sure your compensation was worth this trouble. Had I any idea. I am sorry." Was all else she could muster before she just slumped in her own seat.

The rest of the ride would be uneventful. Those wishing so may ask Kazia questions that she would do her best to answer as she could, but it would seem she truly had no idea of the true state of the facility. But she would make sure they all got taken back to the station

*Session End*

Sorry for all the delays, so much stuff wanting to eat face :/

If you would like to do some questions and answers with Kazia we can arrange that. But it might be a bit as I will be out for Gen Con.

I will try and get the write up as soon as I can, but it may be delayed cuz of Gen Con as well, esp as this opens up a few easter eggs for peeps go to do scenes for ;)


Skittles will be able to set

Skittles will be able to set some of the remaining robotics in the facility to act as additional security. There are a couple that would be able to weild and even pull parts from reinforced containers and what not to thicken the walls. While others would use themselves and whatevet to put in an extra layer. There wasn't much of them, but key areas would have an extra layer of reinforcement before the place was to completely power down, she would ensure some of those ports and connections got shut down and bit quicker then what is usual for the powering down protocol and make sure that their backup power went out as well. This was going to be a very good box.

Her reroute is also set up and its a doozy. If anyone comes poking about there she will know.

As Jake peers at the colored smoke a memory does stir of a mentor whom had a habit of during certain situations going in with absolute radio silence. The colored smoke served a couple of purposes for their needs, not only for long range communications, but also as a lure. Which became all the more evident as on the Shuttle feed shows off in the distance where the source of the smoke would be a small group of Coyotes' heading towards it. But no sooner as they got close in the smoke became engulfed in a flash of very colorful fire before smoldering out. Nothing like getting a message out to potential friendlies/neutrals and getting a target. A tactic of his mentor's Jake knows's well enough.

Adrian is able to set up his recording, however what comes on out over the comms sounds something like a chipmunk speaking and half it is seemingly intelligible, with the last line sounding something "Cucumber wants doctor hugs."


It would seem that once they

It would seem that once they had handled what remained of the tank it had become the calm before the storm.

The radios would pick up chatter from the Coyotes, they were getting fed information about the air strike, but it would seem that their retreat wasn't going to be as clean as some of their past ones as with the other sniper helping out with old school forms of communication, the cat and mouse game just got closer.

This enabled the shuttle a more clear window to land then previously, even more so since a tank wasn't pointing its barrel right at it. Though there was still some flak fire causing some turbulance.

With no communication back from the tank and the Coyotes trying to salvage what they could of the situation, the back up that was heading for you all was re-routed in an effort of taking down some possible closer targets before strike came in.

So you all have a clear moment to board the shuttle.


Throwing off the coyotes was

Throwing off the coyotes was a success. But unfortunately it seemed whoever they were after wasn't going to make his job easy. Or possible, from the look of it. Which was unfortunate, but not entirely unexpected. "The Coyotes couldn't find their ass with both hands and a mirror right now. But I can't get a lock on the sniper." He replied to Jake as he headed to catch up with the others.

"I was mostly on distraction detail so you'll have to ask." He replied to Darcy, shrugging softly. "Whatever the Coyotes were after I'm sure they'll be pretty pissed that the cost of failure was so high." He added, sounding quite satisfied about that fact as he put his datapad away. "Nice job fucking up their tank, by the way."

As the group headed toward the extraction point Adrian switched back to his rifle once again. Mainly providing suppressing fire on the tank so that the group could get to the shuttle.

Once at the shuttle Adrian would head inside, getting out of the line of fire before pulling out his datapad once more once he was strapped in. Tapping away for a minute he began setting up a recording that would play on loop on the channel the coyotes were using. A recording that was simply his voice repeating the phrase "Thank you ladies and gentlemen, you've been a wonderful audience. Remember to check your sock drawer for bugs."


Jake hissed in annoyance at

Jake hissed in annoyance at the missed shot. Well, nearly missed more like, he did hit the man just not as dramatically as he had hoped. But time was ticking down and the shuttle was thankfully here to pick them up -

He looked up from his shot in time to catch Adrian's words - "There's what?" Crap - "Do they have a line on him?" Jake sounded a bit more worried than he really should have given the other sniper was virtually unknown. He had his guesses though. "Do we have a line on him?" He eyed the flares, squinting a little as he searched over his own memories trying to recall if that was a signal he'd been taught in the past.

As the shuttle landed safely though it looked like it was time for them to clear out. He held position for a moment, giving cover for their fighters who had gotten a little further out before snagging his own rifle and following after. He tapped the comms. "Jes, I'll play leap frog with you on the way back, looking clear from back here."

To Darcy: "I think Skit's got something more useful, I was in second chair for this one -" He smirked, nodding to the rifle he was carrying as he worked his way back towards the shuttle with (or at least in tandem) with the others.

keeping eyes peeled and only shooting if i need to to cover someone on the way back


Konstantin had fired at every

Konstantin had fired at every motion from the coyotes. And it paid of, he sighed of relief at the sight, and grunted softly due to the wounded shoulder. And as he was about to struggle to his feet the group started moving towards the shuttle. Dahl was not about to stay around, but he did let most of the others go first, as he watched their back. Rifle still firmly against his good shoulder. And apart from a few muffled curses as he turned his torso, the old man said not a word.

Rolls for potential threats only.


Skittles watches the bunny

Skittles watches the bunny disappear and for a tick longer, then starts closing any chat windows. She whispers under her breath, "bye bye bunny..."

"Hey, the stuff down there is... pretty like... crazy and we really don't want to bury it forever. Just long enough to get some more people here, okay? So don't air strike it!"

While she's talking and walking, keeping her head down and following the group towards the shuttle, she'll work to lock down the facility more; setting robots to weld doors shut behind her and setting the system to cut off listening ports to external connections and to any peripheral devices where someone might try to manually connect. She'll also set it to reroute the audit logs through a send-only connection back to her private data drop, to keep an eye if the facility detects any attempts to enter.

First roll to program robots
Second to harden the facility against future interlopers.

The goal is to make sure no Coyotes get in, even if that means making it harder for the good guys to get in as well.


Jes exhales a mere split

Jes exhales a mere split second after the round goes out from her rifle; watching the driver slump over at the same instant was slightly perplexing (depending on distance), but a welcome sight. The trace and pings of other bullets coming from the plant simply told her that Jake and the others were not far behind when she went out.

She holds to her position, even as the shuttle begins to radio in; being the forward one out there, Jesira would take it upon herself to provide more cover fire for the others while the arranged to get out and on the shuttles.
But then, the curious flares began to catch her attention,
and she struggles to remember where she might have seen such a thing - having been off the ground for years,
it wasn't until the chatter about Belham sparked her memory, and she cursed under her breath for a moment,
though things seemed a bit removed, including whatever danger that sniper posed.

Now, with the ten minute warning, she taps in to the comms for just a brief burst. Em's got cover fire, land and load, I won't be far behind.

Shifting in her position, she orients herself to keep an eye out on anything presenting an immediate threat from the Coyotes' area, including the tank, toward the shuttle or the others coming from inside the facilities. Should she see something, she'll take aim and fire another round.

AWA for finding other things to shoot, combat roll if she finds something to shoot, rifle and scope apply to combat only, not the awa.


As the trends come off, Darcy

As the trends come off, Darcy ducks back behind cover, breathing a sigh of relief and listening to the shots from the rest of the team pepper the tank and its crew. With her heart pounding in her ears, the wave of relief from the shuttle pilot's call is a welcome balm.

She works quickly to disconnect the designator from the new protocols and straps it to her back again to get ready to move quickly to join up with the others and get to their extraction point, looking to reconnect with Jake, Skittles and Adrian specifically. "Find anything good? What's the deal with this place, anyway?"

"Is it a giant radioactive dinosaur down there, come to warn us against our reckless delving? It is, isn't it? It's okay, you can tell me, I have clearance. Radioactive dinosaur clearance."

With the designator on her back, she keeps her shotgun at the ready to help cover the retreat as best she can, though she's definitely more of a last last line of defense sort of helper...

Combat roll purely for defense if needed, blocking for anyone nearby about to get shot at


As the tank exit is somewhat

As the tank exit is somewhat plugged up, Dakas breathes a small sigh of relief. It's never a good feeling to shoot someone in the chest like that, but the coyotes don't garner as much sympathy after all the shooting they've done either. Pushing his nerves down, Dakas just keeps his eye on the tank for the time being.

The ETA for the airstrike comes in and Dakas is ready to get out of the strike zone for sure. Ten minutes seems like plenty of time, but anything can happen when there's a firefight.

If anyone pops back out of the tank, he'll take another shot at them to help provide cover for the team to evacuate. But if not, he will just do his best to keep up with them and get to the extraction point.

The whole time in the building it's felt strange to him. It seemed like there were so many traps and outside forces that someone would almost have to have been conspiring against them. Maybe they were all just traps for the coyotes and their group accidentally triggered it, or maybe they were trying to stop the team. But whatever is going on, it feels unsettling. Like an ice cold hand on the back of his neck. He's ready to put a lot of distance between the team and whatever was in this facility.

Combat rolls only if there is need for covering fire as they get out of there. Otherwise he's just gonna get to tha choppa. :)




Sorry for the wait, but thanks for being patient. However this will be the last 'round', so we can begin the wrap up.


The shuttle was at last able

The shuttle was at last able to make a landing on the facility.

"Couple of close calls, thankfully this thing was made to take a beating from getting pummeled by asteroids, but now is probably not the time to see how much ordinance this thing can handle. Needless to say probably want to hustle here, looks like we have a window to get out. Best not to waste it."

No sooner then the message from the shuttle ends, another call out from the military forces comes in. They were giving an eta on when the airstrike will be hitting. They had about 10 minutes to get out of there before the booms.

Also off in the distance a set of colored flares went off 2 green, 2 red, 1 black.

Chatter from friendly and Coyote comms indicated that it wasn't anyone from their own groups. Though the Coyotes was starting to seem excited as it being possibly the sniper they were looking for.
"Damn, I haven't seen that old Belham Sniper Code in ages, is one of yours running in radio silence?" Though with that, they switched chatter to address the airstrike team to let them know about the additional anti-aircraft ordinance that was coming in and the movement of the Coyotes to allow for a better strike.

The Shuttle feed will catch some of that before it moves in to pick up the team. At a glance it just seems like the flares come from nowhere. A review of the footage though may provide some clues, after all no one can be the absolute perfect ghost...can they?


Against the tank.

Against the tank.

She is able to find a fantastic perch which gets her a clear line on the driver, and keep well covered from retaliation.
Then when it came to her shot, there was no hope for that poor driver for as no sooner then she pulls the trigger she sees then slump over the controls. That tank wasn't going to be moving any time soon.


She sets the drones once more to make continue dismantling the tank.
With a now still tank the drones make quick work out of the treads, just demolishing them, the tank even falls to the ground with a loud thump as the left side pretty much was now just a pile of scrap metal.
This ended up shifting the reaiming drones to aim a bit higher as they took out a bit more of the paneling, opening up more gaps in the armor. Needless to say the tank was likely not going to be holding together for much longer.


He goes to join in the ranks having a shooting gallery that is the tank.
With Darcy's work on the armor of the tank he will have no shortage of openings to take advantage of to get a line on the gunner. He manages to get a get a good shot situated, though at the last moment his target shifts and he only catches the gunner in the shoulder for 7 pts of dmg. With that and Jesira's taking out of the driver they seem to have started a bit of panic as the ones inside the tank were starting to feel a bit like fish in a barrel there.


His first short goes a bit wide, bouncing off some of the remaining armor, but his second shot pegs one of the Coyotes trying to scramble out, right in the chest for 12 pts worth of dmg. They are still alive, with that kind of wound they are currently clogging up what was the best route out of the disintegrating tank.

He helps provide some cover fire to keep the jammed in Coyotes from gathering their senses any time soon, which serves to help out their snipers. However he does manage to take out the Coyote trying to move the one Dakas had injured out of the way so they could get out and try and find a better position. But now that they was another body on top of the injured one, they were kind of stuck for the moment. It was not a happy situation for those poor Coyotes.




He is able to tap into some of what the Coyotes was using to try and locate whom the other sniper was, and mess around with some of their trajectory calculations that they were trying to use. Needless to say they won't be finding the sniper any time soon.

However when he goes to try and connect with the other sniper - he doesn't find any other signals that he wasn't already aware of in the area. Whomever this other shooter was, either they had some hella awesome encryption and security on their stuff, or they was doing it the very old fashion way and without anything with a signal or connection.


After Jake's message goes out

After Jake's message goes out, whoever is on the other end goes silent for a bit. Not even a single shutup your dorkusface which would be an expected retort. It could be taken as a sign that his words may have hit something.

[Why, why will you say something like that?]
[No, no.]
Though for the moment their activity seems to cease.

However when skittles takes over, there is a slight flicker of the screen. Which seems a bit odd, as the other hacker remains quiet even from Skittles totally awesome burn.
Then a message scrolls up on Skittles screen, and only her's

S̵e̵e̶m̷s̶ ̸l̷i̴k̶e̷ ̴a̶n̷ ̷i̶m̷p̶r̸e̵s̴s̴i̷v̴e̸ ̷r̵e̸s̷u̴m̸e̶ ̵m̸e̷.̷
̵Y̵o̶u̵ ̷s̵u̸r̵e̸ ̸y̶o̸u̷ ̴a̶r̴e̷ ̵o̵n̸ ̷t̴h̷e̵ ̷r̷i̸g̴h̸t̸ ̷s̴i̶d̴e̷?̶
̴W̵e̵ ̴s̷h̴o̸u̴l̴d̴ ̸t̸a̶l̵k̵.̶ ̸I̸t̶ ̶c̴a̸n̸ ̶b̵e̴ ̵w̶o̴r̸t̸h̷ ̶y̷o̸u̷r̸ ̶w̸h̷i̶l̷e̷.̷
̸J̸u̴s̷t̶ ̴l̶o̶o̷k̷ ̴f̸o̵r̸ ̷t̷h̸e̸ ̷b̷u̵n̶n̸y̴.̷

( . .)
C(") (")

Then the little bunny acssii started moving about the screen causing to to glitch out for a couple of minutes before returning to normal.




She is able to make her way into the computer system of the labs of the 'basement' area. The sensors are mostly designed to detect the bare basics of anything designated as harmful from a set of samples (which from at a glance seemed to be all the usual suspects.) However they did have a setting to go off if anything other then breathable air mixture falls below a certain percentage. These don't look like they would be much help in what she wanted.

Though as part of the the lockdown protocol Kazia had initiated, the lab's database is currently uploading itself to off sites backups, before being deleted locally. Since this also includes sensor data, Skittles can see this going and pretty much use it to get into part of the their lab's database and snag a few of the files from there.

Much of what she does grab is what you would normally expect from a mine, pretty much just sample data and purity levels of the 'boring' minerals.
Though buried among some of them she finds a couple of files which would peak her interest.

When she looks at it, what is there is a bit beyond her basic knowledge, and really in general, as she goes through some of the observation notes and there is a bit of chatter that what they had here was displaying properties that was unexpected and well, awesome. Even in the dry lab report style text there was a hint of excitement of something new.
What she is able to glean is that they were having trouble mapping out the structure of the new substance, it seemed every test they ran it came out altered in some way, from something teeny tiny, to drastic.

There is part of a report, where one lab was utterly destroyed by a tiny sample. With more notes discussing its high instability in its pure state, which they seem to have a theory that it seems related to its constantly shifting structure. Even more so as they have some of the data in regards to the trouble trying to mine this substance. And that it would seem a few of their tunnels had even suffered similar destruction. It would seem its explosive tag is mostly a cover, and it does tend anyways to invoke a bit more caution no matter what.

Even for as much trouble as this substance was looking to be, she eventually finds part of a report which may shed some light on why they still seemed to keen to pursue it. When introduced to other minerals or compounds in various points of its refinement it would pass on some of its mutability of structures, allowing for more direct manipulations of the structures, and it also served as a very excellent catalyst in some cases. This stuff was doing a bit of incredible things, and could really revolutionize some things.

Though in that last bit she would also find snippets of something seems out of place, a collection of stories from the region which talk about some of the more weird things involving the unlife, such odd behaviors, forms, and what not. The kind of things you expect around trying to screw with your friends then an actual science report.

Then to her commentary about the Coyotes having access, Kazia shook her head a little. "While a possibility, we have no idea what kind of aftermath if anything upon its destruction, its too much of a risk, as it seems nothing is as it should be. At this rate I wouldn't be the slightest surprised if it was something nuclear. Kazia said, a bit of exasperation showing in her tone. But they won't be able to access it either. The layers we have the basement section stored in are not that easy to get into. We our facility was designed with the possibility of a military invasion in mind, in fact all of them are. Resources that we provide are some of the most valuable things and make for a good strategy to capture. So it is fortified to withstand such conditions. They are likely to try, however they will not get anywhere anytime soon. We will be able to regroup and come back with more proper forces long before they will even make a scratch. Hopefully though e will get more answers what is going on even before then."


The tank begins lining up a

The tank begins lining up a shot towards the building, though once the shuttle begins to make its approach, they could see the gun of the tank began to readjust to try and take a shot at the shuttle.

Fortunately though, the change of target seemed rushed and the shot narrowly missed, even more so as the shuttle barely reorients itself to avoid another shot getting scrapped for its trouble. Its still ok but the clock is ticking. Especially as the tank won't be needing to adjust again.


Konstantin shoot blindly at

Konstantin shoot blindly at the gap, and knew nothing of the damage he caused the tank. It felt pointless to shoot at the vehicle from up there.. But. It could draw potential attention away from Jes. That was enough for the moment, all they needed was time.

With another agonised grunt Dahl reloaded his rifle, took aim and fired again.


Clambering over some of the

Clambering over some of the terrain and infrastructure in her path, Jesira moves toward something where she can kneel behind something solid - a jut of rock, a concrete barrier, what have you, and gets into that position. She takes a few quick breaths - all that running, after all, required a bit of air to replenish and calm herself, before she brings her rifle up and aims it in the general direction of the tank, waiting for it to come into view.

When that finally happens, she is oblivious to Jake gunning for the gunner; her interest, though, was in the driver. What with all the drones peeling parts off for the team, she hoped to get a good glimpse of the person behind the wheel. She hoped, with getting rid of that Coyote, it would leave the vehicle immovable long enough for the others to come up and out of the facility to help her out on the way to the shuttles.

As Jes scans through the scope to line up the shot, she will continue to try and steady her breath, enough so that when she's got a solid indication and a clear shot, she can hold her breathing and take a near-perfect shot.


Skittles nods at Jake, "I got

Skittles nods at Jake, "I got this."

She pulls up her datapad. [Pulsar more like Priss-sar. I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Space Navy and I’ve been involved in numerous space raids and I have over 300 confirmed space kills. You think you're so tough why don't you come over and face me you little punk. Anyway only babies like Rocket Rabbit Brigade. Are you a little baby? Waa waaa waaa! Sure hope someone is over there to change your diapers little baby.]

Skittles licks her fingers and marks a little score in the air.

When Dakas makes his pun, Skittles coughs a few times and backs behind Jake for safety.




Hey y'all. An impromptu trip with the hubby has come up, so its likely I may be spotty over the weekend.


Listening in on the coyotes

Listening in on the coyotes took some work but that was to be expected after they'd been such a pain to the Coyotes thus far. Once he'd got a lock on their signal Adrian started to switch his attention back to his rifle. though the comment about the sniper made him pause.

"Some shit's going down out there guys." He said over the group's private comm channel. "There's a sniper out there and unless we got someone where they definitely shouldn't be it's looking like we've got a third party joining the... party...?" There was a short pause before he finished with. "Anyway, shit's weird!"

In fact, it was weird enough that the fact it was on his mind seemed to hurt Adrian's aim a bit. Though that seemed to be a running theme this mission. He wasn't the best multitasker it seemed. Then again, he was trying to shoot a tank...

"Okay, back to work. Keep it up." He said nodding to Dahl briefly before ducking down behind cover and once again turning his attention to his datapad.

First came the problem of the triangulation. Provided that he could get a read on the signal used to do so Adrian would quickly try to hijack it. At which point he'd attempt to point them in the wrong direction.

Whether that failed or succeeded, he'd quickly shift focus once again. This time scanning for any possible devices being used in the area the sniper seemed to be. After which, barring any failure to do so, he'd send through a message to the mysterious second shooter.
[Not sure if your distaste for Coyotes is business or personal but I respect the drive. Looking to make a friend?]

First 2 trying to intercept the Coyote's Triangulation
Second 2 trying to get a message to the sniper


With complete and utter

With complete and utter relief Dakas watches the systems start circling back on themselves. He stops focusing on it just in time to hear that Kazia's team is telling them that it's time to go. With the generators basically helping keep the doors open until the charge runs dry, it seems like an excellent time to make a break for the shuttle.

"Let's make like a tree and leaf." He agrees. It's a bit of a shame he's not a dad and able to embarrass his offspring with constant terrible puns. But he can embarrass himself just fine.

As the team continues taking care of the coyotes outside, Dakas works to keep up with the group and provide assistance as needed. He's not quite as good a shot as the rest, but if he can help with a bit of the work of keeping everyone safe and securing a safe path to the extraction point, he will.

So he raises his trusty old rifle and keeps his eye out for any potential danger that could be lurking as they make their way away.

Sorry for the delay! Both rolls just for combat if needed, but otherwise just hurrying to keep up with the group and get out safely. :)


He scrambled out as the team

He scrambled out as the team did, nodding to Kazia on the way - her willingness to stay put to make sure things stayed under wraps was nice to see from a corporate type. Actually a little bit of responsibility there. "Good call, good design -"

But when the datapad pinged again he paused midstep to eye the latest string of babble. It took a moment to place the cartoon they were talking about since it had been awhile and that wasn't what he had been expecting. Then he registered the rest of it - damn and double damn. He hissed between his teeth trying to recall any of the plotlines of the old show.

A few seconds later, "[Remember when Pulsar stopped to help that couple stranded with the broken ship? And it turns out they were lying and tried to sell him to the BeeGees? Are you really sure you're working for Ace? He always said 'Double check to be double sure.' -]" And even as he's typing that Jake's rolling his eyes at himself. Oh god the catchphrases that stick in your head to adulthood.

But right now, that was the best he could do, so he tucked the datapad up and snagged his rifle. Cause now they had a tank to deal with before it dealt with the shuttle. "I'm swapping back to shooting - Skits, you got this?"

As they got clear of the building, Jake scanned for a good spot to fire from himself aiming to give cover to Jesira if she pulled back or the others as they ran. But the opening in the tank gives him another idea entirely. He grinned as he found a good view on the tank and lined up his shot. Taking, for once, a moment to aim as he brought his breathing down and tried to get his heart steady.

A few moments of aiming later, he was trying to focus past all the other chaos in the surroundings. The shot he had in mind was a bit of threading the needle but if it worked, then the results should be pretty spectacular. Breath in - out - and once he thought he had the shot - squeezed the trigger, careful not to pull it. If he could pull this shot off the tankers would have a lot more to think about than firing on that shuttle. Like cleaning the brain matter out of their eyes.

DIES at the comment from the radio re: fucker then reads triangulating - uhoh. Does adrian let the rest of us hear about that sniper?

So I'm doing something a little complicated here, you said 2 rnds worth of actions right? So what I'm trying to do is the social manipulation and an aim action on rnd one taking the MAP. Then the second rnd is taking a shot on the tank - ideally trying to thread the shot in a gap in the tank (large one or viewing/aiming one either will do) to take the gunner trying to fire on our shuttle.