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Yep, as well as can be.

Yep, as well as can be.

Just been quiet, trying to focus on the workload and all ;)

Hope you doing ok as well.


Its been since February since

Its been since February since anyone has posted in here.... Hope everyone has been doing well, its been quite a while.


waves back possibly belatedly

waves back possibly belatedly. Is just seeing if it might be possible to get some information about his old Angra account. However that is for another day has work in the AM..


the tldr for that is

the tldr for that is basically

life is hell and honestly most of us are barely keeping the fires from roasting us whole heh


fams already demanding pics

fams already demanding pics of house, I remind them house is empty

fams want to dish on fam drama and phish to see if I have any, I play the no one tells me anything