A Harrowing Harvest

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A Harrowing Harvest


Characters involved: 

On the eve of a harvest auction, four intrepid folk found themselves in different parts of the grounds set up near the Ramsalon Farmlands. Declan, perusing for things he might be able to bring back to his bar, finds some curious, foreign fruit that he inquires whether it could make a good jelly or jam. Nearby, Sephtis was asking about children's preferences in fruits, along with whether there were any particularly over-ripened fruits for her picking. Jessica and Moreaaiwe honed in on some seasonal cider, getting close just as things began to take a chilling turn.

Declan, gesturing toward some fruit while talking with the vendor, is slapped by a vine as his hand passes over. The stall-minder, perplexed, was unsure what to say to him or Sephtis; at the cider stand, a pavilion close by lost a strut, creating a small commotion as pretty particular pesky produce from Candenord was beginning to lash out at auction-goers. Jessica moved to assist with getting that stand back on its pegs, while Moreaaiwe worked some clairvoyance to find several past symbols that were related to things now happening in her present time. From there, Declan searched for direct clues to the source, while Sephtis kept eye out for other mischievous vines; eventually, her supplication helped subdue a handful of rotten-seeming stocks. Jessica worked her fire magic to decimate the tendrils in her area, while Mo worked her own wiles to connect the dots of the past, while simultaneously bringing some respite to the uneasy throng.

Jessica was one of the first to discover that handling some of the affected fruits or vegetables leaves a bit of a numb sensation where it touches the skin; Declan helps with some of the sorting out just as the rest of the citizenry begins to collect any suspect fruit and centralize it into the auction square for an impromptu bonfire. Moreaaiwe divines an odd sensation of ultra-concentration, while Sephtis keeps an eye out for any odd produce that gets dropped or left behind on its way to the bonfire. But, at the center of that, the assembled fruit starts melting into a contiguous blob; its condition is supported by the left-behind bits that leave splotches of rot on the ground where they rested. Soon, Moreaaiwe sends Scaramouche to track down an old acquaintance from the city, tied to an event at the docks a year prior. While waiting, Declan attempts to copy a leafy symbol he sees on some of the crates hauling the Candenordian goods, with some struggle. Sephtis gets to smashing the remainder she can identify.

Soon, Jessica noticed that the efforts to start the bonfire were falling flat, and, with the help of some boosting magic from Mo, helped light the pyres underneath the oozing blob. Sephtis built upon her previous work with the strange portals, opening one in the center of the mass so it would collapse on itself and abate, somewhat. Declan managed to get the images right in his head, and makes a good enough artistic replica to take with him for further research. And, sooner than expected, Wareish the Druid appeared, brought on by his own findings and the eventual news of what was taking place. He honed in to their exact spot with Scaramouche's help, and a short discussion ensues while Sephtis and Jess finish more of the rotten mess in the square.

With hints at a lingering entity bent on decaying things to an unknown end, Wareish strikes up a dinner deal with the group to put together notes and decide a future course. Witherbark's spite is starting to heat up in time for winter - how hard could it hit Ramsalon to compound with the cold and snow?

XP: (Declan left early, but met the average posts, so will receive equal. May his player recover in due time!)

Declan: 3 Intelligent XP; 2 XP
Jessica: 3 Magic XP; 1 Intelligent XP; 1 Physical XP
Moreaaiwe: 2 Support XP; 2 Magic XP; 1 Charismatic XP
Sephtis: 3 Magic XP; 1 Intelligent XP; 1 Physical XP

All gain +5 with the Ramsalon Populace.

If a kind ASH2 - Full SH would be so kind as to add the XP and rep for the characters (well, more than one, due to not being able to edit your own Cs with this stuff), I am grateful. Thank you for the in-house feedback, and I look forward to continuing this saga a little earlier than a year from now. Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017
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Everyone but Jessica are now covered :)

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Added XP to jess