Moreaaiwe's New Job!

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Moreaaiwe's New Job!
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Although it was only the afternoon, the Nightshade nightclub was already buzzing with activity to prepare for the evening's opening. Today even the owner had come down early to conduct a job interview. Upon arriving, Moreaaiwe was taken back to a booth by one of the security guards who was waiting to start their shift. He went to fetch the owner, and came back a bit disoriented (though alright). A minute later, Nightshade came out to begin the interview.

After talking business (which impressed Nightshade quite a bit), they got down to the details about scheduling. Then Nightshade asked Moreaaiwe to sing. She headed to the stage for the most important part of the interview. Moreaaiwe chose an uptempo song for her first one and she absolutely nailed it. For her second song, she sang an exquisite slow number where she told a beautiful bashful story about love. Nightshade was enthralled and she offered Moreaaiwe a job.

After making some final arrangements and explaining that if Moreaaiwe ever found other performers that they could have an audition at the club the interview came to an end. With a flexible schedule on both sides, it seemed like a very lucrative business deal. After answering a few final questions, the interview was over. Moreaaiwe had a new job.


A job at the Nightshade nightclub. +5 Econ

+5 Reputation with Ramsalon Performing Artists

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Monday, March 7, 2016
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