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The ongoing undercover operation to expose a link between the Ardiel station bombings and the New Domai Independents seemed to be on the verge of a major breakthrough when the trio of intermediaries - Wolf, Bull and Hawk - invited the undercover team to a meeting at a new, remote location, asking that they come unarmed. Given the danger involved, the Treatise Body sent a backup fire team for extraction, just in case.

The meeting took place inside a floating piece of space wreckage, where the undercover team were invited to cross to the shuttle housing Wolf's team. The meeting was far more friendly than past encounters, at least until Wolf's special guest, a man named DeSilva arrived. DeSilva seemed to Yalara to be more politician than soldier, and informed the team that their next target would be Station Prime itself. Adrian had already ID'd the unlabeled schematics they were given as the C-Sec hangar, a military target that would go a long way toward evening the odds should open conflict erupt.

As Jake pressed DeSilva for more information, the meeting was interrupted by a stranger appearing on the monitor. Realizing they looked different after their former body had been incinerated on Ardiel, Le Cafard introduced themselves, claiming they'd planned to take out the undercover team en route to try and rebuild old bridges with New Domai, but then they spotted the fire team shuttle shadowing and were able to uncover the undercover team's IDs, flashing them on the screen. Seconds later, Le Cafard showed the very missiles that were supposed to take out the undercover team's shuttle instead taking out the fire team, as well as DeSilva's escape shuttle. Le Cafard mentioned a third missile en route and offered Wolf's team safety on Shrapnel City in exchange for DeSilva's head.

As the connection winked out, chaos erupted in the shuttle. DeSilva, with the only weapon, drew on the group and started cycling the airlock behind him. Jake and Yalara were able to win over Wolf to the idea of a temporary truce, but Bull's hate for the TB ran too deep. He leapt at Jake, catching hot coffee in the face for his troubles. Meanwhile, Adrian reached out to Hawk, offering cred in exchange for help escaping.

Working remotely, Hawk overrode safety protocols and opened the outer airlock before there was a seal, venting DeSilva out into space before he got his helmet on. He fired wildly on the way out, nicking the doctor in the artery by chance. Jake seized the moment, kicking the raging Bull out into space before helping the doc seal her wound as she clung to something to avoid being sucked out into space. With the team sealed up in their suits, they started crossing back to their shuttle to escape the incoming missile. Despite Jake's pleas, Wolf opted to stay behind with his ship, but urged the group to find Hawk, who goes by 'Dee,' and would likely go to ground somewhere neutral with the kind of tech that lets her thrive. She should have all the data they need to expose the link to the NDI.

Back aboard their shuttle, the team was able to narrowly avoid the last missile, which destroyed Wolf's team's shuttle. With the news of Le Cafard's return and vendetta, confirmation of the link to New Domai and the lead of tracking Hawk/Dee, the team returned to Station Prime otherwise unharmed.

XP Rewards
- Adrian: 1G, 1I, 3S
- Jakob: 1G, 1P, 1C, 2S
- Yalara: 1I, 1C, 3S

Other Rewards
- TB Administration Rep: +4

Session held: 
Saturday, May 6, 2017
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