Shrapnel City Sting - The Audition

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Shrapnel City Sting - The Audition


Characters involved: 

After the recent series of attacks on TB installations carried out by third-party agents, the Treatise Body is desperate to expose what seem to be plots from the government of the New Domai Independents or a rogue element within their ranks. Part of that is an elaborate sting operation to pose as explosives suppliers and experts to replace their recently lost agent in Le Cafard.

Setting up several dummy businesses on the orbital derelict called Shrapnel City, TB Intelligence set many rumors in the wind and waited for someone to take the bait. Finally, it looks like they may have a lead.

A strange trio approached one dummy business - a scrap shop called Rosco's - to inquiry in barely vague terms about the possibility of acquiring explosives. Two of the three entered the shop while the third stayed outside to keep an eye out for trouble. Adrian, also outside, managed to snag the feed for the wireless cameras the lookout was using before approaching her to distract her from the goings-on inside. Sophia ran similar interference with what seemed to be the leader of the trio, an older gentleman with heavy scars who claimed to be shopping for his despondent nephew while his younger accomplice propositioned 'Rosco' (in the form of James) in allusions so heavy-handed they belonged in a black-and-white film.

But the young man got the point across and gave the team a thousand-credit advance for a 'demonstration' of their product and expertise. His target was a housing project - little more than a shantytown built from ancient debris - near the aft docks that he claimed the government was using for secret surveillance. The fact that he was right suggests their little band is either lucky or well-informed, the latter of which definitely points to the New Domai Independents.

While the conversation went on with the young man largely acting alone as his two colleagues were being artfully disrupted by Sophia and Adrian, Jake set up a lure in the form of an in-store surveillance camera, following the link back to the lookout's datapad and learning as much as he could. The trio had been in Shrapnel City a week and were exceedingly careful not to leave any lines tying back to where they'd been before. Again, a care and coordination that suggested a military level of expertise.

As the trio left, interrupting Adrian's deal with the lookout's side business of reclaimed planetary antiques, Adrian followed them using the camera feeds. He got the impression that the trio had bought the undercover con, but wasn't able to trace exactly where they went. James, leaving the shop soon after, got to the scene too late to find any other evidence of where the three disappeared to.

With that, all that was left was the audition. Jake pinged their contact with TB Intelligence to clear the housing project without it being seen, assuming that the lookout had wireless cameras on the scene. Sophia put together an early warning system to signal anyone lagging behind before using her sonic bomb to bring the fragile structure down in spectacular display after Dakas confirmed that the destruction wouldn't damage the station at large.

In the end, they seem to have successfully hooked their fish, and the scarred man and his two associates will almost certainly be back for a more legitimate job in the future. With luck, the Treatise Body can use that moment to expose their true affiliations and put pressure on New Domai to answer for the recent violence.

XP Rewards

  • Adrian - 1C, 1I, 1S, 2X
  • Dakas - 2I, 2S, 1X
  • Jakob - 3S, 2I
  • James - 2C, 1I, 2X
  • Sophia - 2C, 1I, 2S

Other Rewards

  • 250 Credits - the TB confiscated the 1000-credit advance and all profits from goods sold as part of the mission, but they still awarded everyone a stipend for putting themselves at risk without a support team
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Thursday, December 22, 2016
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Confiscated our pay!

Confiscated our pay! Jerkfaces! Though... that's actually a better split than the profits would have been so just as well? ;)