Shrapnel City Sting - The Show

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Shrapnel City Sting - The Show


Characters involved: 

After a trio of would-be bombers took the bait in Shrapnel City, they tugged on the line again with a new job, and a real target. Eager to link the terrorist group to the New Domai Independents, the Treatise Body sent another undercover team, along with the strange force bomb the terror cell had requested, to a meeting inside the wreckage of an ancient derelict.

TB Intel still had no names on the trio, and so gave them codenames of Wolf (the elder and apparent leader), Hawk (the hacker) and Bull (the muscle). Wolf and Bull came aboard to inspect the bomb, and to give the group their target - the marketplace on Halo Station, the safe haven for psionics away from the general populace who fear them given the Crowned infection.

Forced to maintain radio silence to avoid blowing their cover, the group proceeded to Halo and docked, knowing that the moment they disembarked Hawk would be watching via station surveillance. A schism emerged in the group, with James and Natalya keen to go through with the mission as planned, bombing the citizen center of Halo station and leaving, while Jakob contacted a local to try and clear the area discreetly and work to contain the blast.

While they both made plans, Yalara was able to decipher the group's real intentions for bombing Halo: a force bomb made of disintegrating components would make the blast seem like a psion overloaded, adding to the general panic about the safety of Halo station and psionics in general. It would further disrupt the morale and unity of the Treatise Body citizens and send panic through the stations, something that benefits few outside of the New Domai Independents.

With that link at least logically established, the doc noticed the timer on the bomb activating, giving them a mere fifteen minutes to decide on a course of action. They brought the bomb off the shuttle as Jake killed the camera feeds, allowing James and Chavez (their local contact) to clear the area through random gunfire and one pulled ventilation alarm. With the citizens safely out of range, Yalara gave Chavez and her shielding powers a boost. The girl did all she could to contain the blast, but it triggered a flare of familiar red around her temples. The shock distracted her, and the shielding failed, releasing a (thankfully much reduced) blast that knocked the team back and knocked the doctor unconscious.

Collecting themselves, the group headed back to Station Prime with a few leads to follow up on to try and track down Wolf's team. Even if their cover is still intact, Hawk's early triggering of the bomb put them all at risk, so they know even better now who they're dealing with.

On the ride back, Jake's 'honeypot' with the comm buoy set up during the initial meet to try and lure Hawk into biting pays off: in the logs, he has enough data to gain access to her systems if he can get within range. That may mean scouring Shrapnel City or New Domai for devices, but if he can find it, he can access it, and then they may have the answers they need.

On top of that, Yalara still has the "down payment" - experimental Galanoran combat drugs, a very unique cocktail that may help them pin the group to the NDI.

It's a fair bet they haven't heard the last of Wolf, Hawk and Bull, but they now have clues enough to possibly go on the offensive, and pay the group back for putting them all in danger.

XP Rewards

  • Natalya - 2E, 1S, 2X
  • Yalara - 2S, 1I, 2X
  • Jakob - 1C, 1G, 2S, 1X
  • James - 2E, 1C, 2X
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Friday, January 27, 2017
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