Simulation Nights: Ghost House Party

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Simulation Nights: Ghost House Party
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Session starts here:

The simulation creators were back at it again! This time they had prepared a spooky haunted mansion simulation with lots of wings to explore. While it was definitely not for kids or the faint of heart, it promised to be a fun time. They had bonus objectives for each wing, and while many teams were scoring points, the bragging rights were the real goals.

They were given some basic character types to play, and then allowed to customize their avatars in any way they chose. Everything from the name to the look of the weapons could be chosen.

Adrian- Chose a cool bony skeleton as his avatar, "something humerus" as his callsign, the Kickpuncher class, and a big bone femur as his main weapon.
Darcy- Chose DJ Katt as her avatar, the callsign 9Lives, the seeker class, and a huge mallet as her weapon.
Pepper- Chose a Cyborg Cat as her avatar, the callsign Pepper, the support class, and an old fashioned zap gun as her weapon.

As they entered the sim, the house was layed out in four wings before them. Each had a theme and it's own objectives. And there was a central hub to give them a chance to decompress and plan between wings. They figured out a plan of attack, and then got started.

First Wing: East
Their first location was a straightforward haunted house. Complete with spooky paintings that revealed their true morbid images in flashes of lightning. There was a strange glitch with the fog outside, but the programmers quickly fixed it. They were greeted by a terrified ghost who led them to the boss of that wing. A terrible looking half tree creature with rooted legs and arms ending in razor sharp branches instead of fingers. Thankfully the three of them coordinated well and were able to use a combination of holy water and attacks to bring her down. They freed the ghost that had helped them, and they completed the first wing with 750/750 possible points earned.

Second Wing: West
For the second wing, it was all about body horror and medical heebie jeebies. They were quickly assailed by some ghosts, but they were able to fend them off. Pepper was feeling worried and the programmers came in to help turn down some of the details for her so that it would be less upsetting. With that, they were free to go after the big baddie. The evil surgeon was no match for the team, who used traps and attacks to completely mess him up. As they were preparing to leave, the textures around them suddenly disappeared and a warning message came up. It only lasted a moment before the programmers again fixed what had happened. After some healing, they headed back to the start with 750/750 possible points earned in this wing as well.

Third Wing: North
The third wing was a stinky bayou level, complete with rotting plant smell, huge spooky trees, and eerie animal sounds in the darkness around them. They were constantly on their toes to avoid the mucky ground as they made their way toward a small house in the middle of the swamp. As they neared it, they avoided the three behemoths outside and used a trash trap door in the kitchen to get silently into the house. They were then greeted by a creepy looking young girl and a very old man who had a sapphire in his chest. They retrieved the sapphire, knocked out the girl, avoided and injured the behemoths, and set fire to the house all before escaping back out the way they came. They beat a hasty retreat to a giant oak that they then slotted the sapphire into. The tree seems to awaken and summon giant toad like creatures that surround the group. The behemoths show up, and it's unclear whether they're all working together or not. But before too much damage can be done by anyone, the entire group feels heat start to grow around them in their pods. All of the creatures burst into flames, and even for them it's almost too much before the programmers stop a "problem with the firewall." David pipes in to congratulate them on completing the wing by discovering a "secret cheat code" and it sounds like he's even less sure of what happened as he forgets to silence his microphone before asking his team what happened in a very panicked voice. But the team gets 750/750 points total, and the sim is almost at an end.

Fourth Wing: South
The team had watched the previous group get completely destroyed by something in this ruined moss covered wing. So they came here last. Thankfully this one promised to have a waterslide at least. Which couldn't be all bad, right? They were greeted by a man down the hall who called to them to warn them of danger before he was attacked by something very big and fast. Soon it came back around the corner and they saw "Harold" the keeper of the wing. A terrifying creature that used sound to track it's prey, it zeroed in on the group and started trying to hunt them. Pepper and Darcy headed to the library and found some treasures and a stack of boobytrapped glass orbs. Adrian started to set a trap, but Harold heard him and stopped him from going with the others. As Adrian tried to throw a trap past Harold, it malfunctioned, effectively gluing him to the enemy. Pepper and Darcy triggered their trap to try to help Adrian before jumping on the waterslide. As it looked like they were escaping, 400 more points popped up to give them 400/750 total for this wing.

Oddly enough, that's when things went wrong. It seemed like some mystery jerk hacked into the simulation. All the previous glitches were likely him messing with things on his way in. After a brief tirade about some missing people, he invited everyone to come and find them to help figure out where the missing citizens had gone. But it was starting to look like it was also just a chance for him to prove he could remotely break into a very heavily controlled sim. After his speech, the simulation ended and they woke up in their pods. The programmers apologized profusely and gave them some parting credits and snacks as an apology for the way it had all gone. They seemed angry and embarrassed and the rest of the matchups were cancelled until they could shore up their defenses against an attack like that happening again.

The day after the sim, Adrian, Pepper, and Darcy would all get a message from the programming team. They apologized again, and gave them some in game achievements/emotes to apologize further. It wasn't much, but they seemed to want to make it right. And after how weirdly things had gone it seemed like there would need to be a better setup in the future.


Adrian/Pepper/Darcy- 15XP each (5Pxp, 5Ixp, 5Sxp)

100 credits each

In game item:

Achievement Unlocked- "Escaped the Swamp" This achievement unlocks an ultra rare VR game "/Heart of the Oak" emote where the character starts to toss a version of the heart of the oak sapphire into the air before one of the frog beasts leaps over their heads and devours it before running away and disappearing into a puff of snow. This is an account wide emote tied to the player so any time they log into one of these sims they can use it on any class they choose to play.

[Note: Thank you again so much for coming! I loved running this for you all and it was absolutely excellent to see you all kicking butt and taking names in there. You rock!]

Session held: 
Monday, November 27, 2017
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