Space Station Showdown

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Space Station Showdown


Characters involved: 

In an effort to ease orbital tensions, a group of unaffiliated individuals drawn from the various stations put together a friendly tournament in the Legion of Heroes team game to let folks vent their feelings in a positive environment. Unbeknownst to most participating and watching, the group R.I.S.E. was secretly behind the tournament, using the large audience as an opportunity to disseminate links and resources to allow citizens of all four stations to protect themselves and their data from the governing bodies of their respective regions.

But despite the ulterior motive, the claimed aim of the tournament remained intact as all four teams - Station Prime, New Domai, Gargorian Station and Pinnacle Station - got off to a riotous start with a number of close, well-fought matches. As Dakas watched from a public setup on the lawn in the Station Park, however, he spotted a familiar and unfriendly face. Armand, the man connected with the mysterious "Nemesis" project who had interfered with the rocket race months back, was watching the tournament while tinkering on his datapad. Using the distraction for his own purposes, Jakob also spotted some strange network activity giving Team Pinnacle an advantage in their match with New Domai.

Dakas reached out to Jakob for help on the tech front while approaching Armand to get a peek at his datapad, which showed an incoming download of military schematics, as well as video feeds of secret briefings in A-Sec - feeds, Jake soon discovered, were borrowed from his own cameras, installed during A-Sec's reconstruction. At the same time, Jake learned that the source of the noise on the line in the tournament match was coming from Pinnacle Station and a familiar source - Dee, the talented hacker previously associated with the mercenary bombers working with New Domai. Apparently after their last meeting went fatally south, she retreated to Pinnacle and was now working on their behalf (or against her former employers) to subtly shift the balance in the match.

With bigger fish to fry, Jake worked to clone the tail end of Armand's feed while Dakas artfully kept him distracted and avoided raising his alarm so that he didn't abort the download prematurely. He also managed to sneakily get a picture of Armand, which Jake's software tied to the public profile of a man rescued from the Rohearn region in the early days of the Inferno. From first glance, it looks to be a carefully crafted false ID.

When Armand quit the scene, Dakas was able to follow him for a while but lost him somewhere in the corridors of B-Sec before doubling back, careful to watch his steps so that he didn't give away his own interest in the man. If they meet again, hopefully he can continue to play innocent. Jake used his access to the game feeds to insert his own little message, primarily to the New Domai crowd, offering links to more information for those curious about their government. R.I.S.E. spotted the 'hack' after the broadcast and has made a formal offer of support if/when the responses begin coming in.

Possibly due to Dee's assistance, Team Pinnacle held off New Domai in a long and tense bout before going on to lose to Team Gargorian in the finals. With both 'titans' out before the championship match, any remnant tensions among the fanbase largely faded away, and everyone was able to enjoy a goodnatured "robots vs. aliens" competition before returning to their lives. There is no mention yet of future tournaments, but given the success of the initial offering, it seems likely R.I.S.E. may look to organize similar events in the future.

XP Rewards
- Dakas: 2C, 2I
- Jakob: 2S, 2I

Other Rewards
- Jakob: +3 R.I.S.E. reputation

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017
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