When you give a Coyote a missile.

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When you give a Coyote a missile.


My apologies for being late on this.
I thought I had my summary typed up already but I haven't been able to find it.
So more apologies for the rough summary as well.

It was looking to be just another help sort out some trouble with rather infamous trouble makers the Desert Coyotes.
However once those that had recieved the message requesting the help had gathered and were off on their way, things took a more worrisome turn as suddenly all signals went dead.

Fortunately those present, while keeping wary as they should, had the presence of mind to keep calm as they were introduced to the one that had called them.
A Ms. Kazia NĂ©meth, whom is one of three sibilings who run the Intrepid Depths Mining company.
While apologizing for the ill concieved clandestine meeting, she explained her reasoning as she had become aware of some rather troubling news.
Plans of the Coyotes to attempt to raid one of her company's sites on the planet as well as evidence which indicated that the Desert Coyotes were recieving help from those that appeared to be well situated to pass along intel to keep them ahead of any attempts to stop them, and perhaps even her own company.

Once appraised the gathered team agreed to help her out, especially as she explained the site they were heading to was suppose to be a hazardous materials holding site, which could provide the Coyotes with some nasty resources should they prove successful.
However due to the suspicions raised of inside help, the gathered team was now Kazia's insurance that they would keep the site safe and truly locked down. While also trying to see if the suspicsions were valid.

Upon arriving a supposedly active site appeared utterly abandoned - but not at the last moment as much of the equipment and facility already seemed to be moved or locked up. A bit odd considering this 'raid' chatter had come up fairly recent.

The team headed into the building, with full access provided by Kazia. Once inside they soon started to find many things that wasn't adding up.
Speculation came quick that perhaps Kazia wasn't telling all, especially considering first impressions. However with some indepth poking they discovered that Kazia was just as surprised as the rest of the team to find that not everything was as it seemed with the facility.

As the team secured the location, they soon discovered as they were digging about the digital records that someone else was remotely accessing the place trying to copy and destroy the records. Fortunately the team was able to undo some of the damage and recover some copies for themselves. While also leaving in traps which would alert them should anyone try accessing that data again.

However time soon ran short as the Coyotes started sending some arsenal to take the facility as they battled it out with a gathered Treatise Body Military (whom had planned to ambush the Coyotes, but as the team listened in and could see - the ambush was expected as Kazia had feared.) Eventually the Military prepared to pull out as they called in an air strike to deal the final blows to the Coyotes. Especially as later in the battle they were joined by an unknown ally, a sniper type, whom had started taking out some of the Coyotes anti-aircraft guns to help clear the way for the flight team and shuttle.

The team made quick work of the make shift battle truck and tank that approached. Clearing out the Coyotes that were driving them as well. Just in time for their ride out of there to land to extract them just as the air strike approached.

The ride out was a bit bumpy, but they managed to make out safe.
With new information which confirmed that the Coyotes apparently did have connections in some high places, something weird was at that facility, and the Coyotes really pissed off a sniper, South Ridge wasn't as empty as some had thought, and someone was out there recruiting kids (or someone kid like at least) to do some dirty work for them.

There are some more goodies, but I seemed to have misplaced that notebook ><
So its going to take me a bit to try and see if I can find a copy of the notes or reconstruct them. Very sorry!

Reward 300 silver
Darcy - 3xp, 2IXP, 1PXP
Jesira - 3 PXP, 3XP
Skittles - 3 IXP, 3XP
Jake - 1 PXP, 2IXP, 3XP
Dakas - 3XP, 3IXP
Adrian - 3XP, 3IXP
Konstantin - 3XP, 3PXP

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