Upgrading to Drupal 9

We are upgrading to Drupal 9! This is not a quick or easy process so you should expect this site to be temporarily out of commission at various points during this process. Please bear with us and check back with us later when we're ready to re-launch!

For Returning Players

If you're a returning player and you haven't reactivated your account. There's an automated process for that now:

Getting Started Again

Get started here to see if we still have your old account: http://vaxia.org/content/returning-player

Once your account is active again, you'll get an email to get you started. Check your Spam and Junk folders! Those emails like to get eaten by email systems.

You'll want to get your characters resubmitted so we can get them up to date with the new rules systems. Why? Cause we've gone through a lot of changes and we want to get you on the same standards as the rest.

You'll find your characters listed here: http://vaxia.org/character-sheets/mine

When you click on a character you'll see the "Workflow" tab, just set the character to submitted to get things started again!

Site Administration Changes

So the biggest and most significant chance you're going to see is the one you're probably never really gonna see much of in the day-to-day. We have a Site Constitution / amendment system put together now. We now have a clear and written down way of handling stuff on site, clearly outlines roles, powers, and limits. And ways to address if someone is screwing the site up and abusing their position.

Initial governance proposal here: http://vaxia.org/proposals/site-governance

And initial set of amendments: http://vaxia.org/proposals/amendments

And the ongoing list of all the amendment stuffs: http://vaxia.org/wiki/site-governance

Short version: site constitution, players have rights, leadership is elected and held to public standards, we want to see as much Transparency as possible, and we have a Social Department now (again?) that handles the people end of things. Plus mediators that will be acting to assist the social department.

Major Changes!

Here are the walkthrus here for learning the ins-outs of the departments. These also double as player training:




Updates and Recent Changes

There's some rules updates if you're interested in those:


And setting updates: