Food and Drink

Food and Drink

Gutter Brew

Gutter brew is the common term for a vile beverage consumed primarily by the Orcs of Meribor, brewed from a prickly little weed, one of the few plants tenacious enough to survive naturally in the badlands. It has been described as tasting like rotten meat, raw sewage, or armpit. Consumption of Gutter Brew has been known to cause diseases : digestive difficulties, liver and kidney impairment, fevers, extra-terrible hangovers, and of course vomiting. It even has only a moderate alcohol content, so one must consume a fair amount to get buzzed. In short, this beverage has no redeeming features whatsoever.




Food and Drink

Food and Drink

For everyday consumption characters are not actively charged for their meals, this is reflected by their Economy Score and their disposable income. (See Economy System)

A player can use their character's economy score to play out what kind of meals they may be able to afford and partake of regularly. (Remember a score of 25 is the standard, the average.)

The only time a character will be charged for any food or drink is if it provide some kind of bonus.

When crafting food a character will have access to all necessary materials to make food. The character does not need to purchase the materials unless the player is looking for raw materials that provide some kind of bonus.

It is safe to assume that any kind of food or drink exists in Vaxia, though if you have any questions about the subject feel free to ask in the forums.

This is a collection of types that have popped up over time specifically for the setting and is for reference to add extra flavor to your role play.

Alcoholic Drinks:

  • Gromian Rod Wine: seasoned with cinnamon and cloves and cut with vodka
  • Nebrakian Mulled Wine: seasoned with nutmeg, cloves and citrus
  • Elven Sundew: the taste of which can be described only as "like sunshine"
  • Jorkanan Hot Wine: seasoned with cardamom, bittered orange, and brandy. Served with chocolate pudding
  • Nethar hor'mugar: brewed from a strange flowering fungus common in the underworld, tastes vanilla-y
  • Iron Desert Lizard Wine: often with lizard inside of the bottle
  • Land of Witches, in the far western reaches of Shi Inkahan serve fermented moose milk
  • Naga Ceremonial Snake Wine: used in the religious rites with the body of a small venomous snake resting at the bottom of the bottle
  • Mojingan's of the Shinkan Army: alcohol fermented from the greens found in the stomachs of slain prey (think haggis wine)
  • Mojingan Fish Wine: a bizarre and foul-smelling (but surprisingly not foul-tasting) concoction involving fish oil
  • Gutter Brew: a foul drink from the Orcs of Meribor
  • Nakaje, the national drink of Shi Inkahan
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