Upgrading to Drupal 9

We are upgrading to Drupal 9! This is not a quick or easy process so you should expect this site to be temporarily out of commission at various points during this process. Please bear with us and check back with us later when we're ready to re-launch!



For Returning Players

If you're a returning player and you haven't reactivated your account. There's an automated process for that now:

Getting Started Again

Get started here to see if we still have your old account: http://vaxia.org/content/returning-player

Once your account is active again, you'll get an email to get you started. Check your Spam and Junk folders! Those emails like to get eaten by email systems.

You'll want to get your characters resubmitted so we can get them up to date with the new rules systems. Why? Cause we've gone through a lot of changes and we want to get you on the same standards as the rest.

You'll find your characters listed here: http://vaxia.org/character-sheets/mine

When you click on a character you'll see the "Workflow" tab, just set the character to submitted to get things started again!

Site Administration Changes

So the biggest and most significant chance you're going to see is the one you're probably never really gonna see much of in the day-to-day. We have a Site Constitution / amendment system put together now. We now have a clear and written down way of handling stuff on site, clearly outlines roles, powers, and limits. And ways to address if someone is screwing the site up and abusing their position.

Initial governance proposal here: http://vaxia.org/proposals/site-governance

And initial set of amendments: http://vaxia.org/proposals/amendments

And the ongoing list of all the amendment stuffs: http://vaxia.org/wiki/site-governance

Short version: site constitution, players have rights, leadership is elected and held to public standards, we want to see as much Transparency as possible, and we have a Social Department now (again?) that handles the people end of things. Plus mediators that will be acting to assist the social department.

Major Changes!

Here are the walkthrus here for learning the ins-outs of the departments. These also double as player training:




Updates and Recent Changes

There's some rules updates if you're interested in those:


And setting updates:





Can I use a character I like from pop culture, like anime or video games?

The short answer is 'no.' Bringing in a copy (or a very close version) of a pop culture character into Vaxia is not allowed for several reasons.

First, there are the legal concerns of taking someone else's intellectual property and playing it like your own. Someone else made that character for a book, movie, show or video game, and you're taking it and using it like it were yours. That's disrespectful to the creators of the original character. It's also unfair to the other players who took the time to develop a unique character concept from the ground up while you are simply trading off the work of someone else.

Second, remember that you're making a starting character. The 'cool' characters and protagonists in almost all games, shows and movies are seasoned adventures (often with plot-appropriate dice luck). Trying to replicate that style or flair in a starting character is often a setup for disappointment when the starting-character numbers don't match up with the epic level of the original character and their performance. Playing someone else's character is often a way to set yourself up to be frustrated later.

Third, simply put, it's not the point of RP here. Playing a character that isn't yours is more of a "what if" scenario than the exploration of a unique character in our Vaxian or Sirian worlds. "What if Wolverine went to Sirian" might be a fun thought experiment, but it's not the kind of rich RP with three-dimensional characters that we strive for.

Our character Evaluators will send back any character that mirrors a pop culture character, and often a total overhaul is required before that character will be acceptable. If they don't recognize the character your character concept is based on, but someone else on the site can demonstrate the parallels later, it may lead to the character being locked until you can make major modifications to ensure it doesn't so closely mirror the pop culture character.

Having a character who is inspired by a popular character, however, is allowed, provided there's enough distance between the two. It's one thing to roll up a smuggler with a dark past and a heart of gold, but calling him Han Solo and giving him an ally who is a great woolly beast is a couple of steps too far. Our evaluators can help you establish how much borrowing is too much.

Just remember that if you're still expecting a more generic character to become that iconic character who inspired them, you're almost certainly going to be disappointed. Instead, treat them like their own character with their own path forward, and you're likely to be a lot happier.

Save yourself the time and effort and work on an original character from the start. If you need any help with ideas, feel free to ask your fellow players any time - we're happy to share ideas and help you come up with someone you find fun to play that is uniquely yours.




Scene Creation Guide

One of the features we have here are called Scenes.

Scenes are basically 'recordings' of roleplay for a variety of purposes such as learning a new skill; earning rewards like reputation, silver, or xp; keeping a personal record of some roleplay a player may want to reference in the future, or just want a record of it; crafting an item; creating a save point for a character; doing in character maintenance as part of a special condition a character may have; or doing some extra investigation into on going or past plot lines to see if a character may discover something new (also known as Player driven scenes or Speculation RP); and so much more.

Not all scenes need to be submitted for a SH to perform a ruling, just the ones where the player's goal is to earn some reward or further some progress in relation to an ongoing plot.

To start creating a scene first find the scene creation link.
It is located on the left hand side or in the Side Bar menu when in a chat room.
Scroll down to the section of Create Stuff
Then look for the word Scene - click on that link to go to the scene creation page.

Once on the Create Scene page there are some boxes to fill in text with and some things to select. Remember anything with a red * is required.

Title - The title of the scene, put in whatever you want to call that scene

Attention To - The default is 'any A/SH' as most scenes will be just for whomever can get to the ruling first. However if your scene is related to a specific session or plot line or it was done as an assignment from a specific A/SH just replace the 'any A/SH' text with the name of the A/SH that is to do the ruling.

Character - Name of the character doing the work in the roleplay for the scene. One character name per box, so if there is more then one character involved click the Add another item button to add to add another box to put in another character name. Repeat that for as many times as needed to add in all the characters involved.

Goal - It lets us know what is trying to be done with the scene. Select which one of the options best fits what is being done.

  • Generic ruling: This one is the catch all for anything that may not fit with the other options and one of the most used. This goal is for things like learning a new skill, investigating a plot from a session or news/rumors post, just doing some speculative rp to see if the character may find anything.

  • Crafting an item: For any kind of crafting or item creation with the intent to make an actual item for use.

  • Making some silver: For anything that may be used for making some extra money on a character.

  • Gain reputation: For anything that may be used for earning some reputation with a group/organization.

  • Maintenance: For some character conditions that come with extra work or rules, or anything that may come up IC that a player has to do and it has to be tracked.

  • Save point: A save point is basically a back up of a character that requires 1000 silver paid and a scene to be recorded to reflect the back up being made. See Character Death for more details on Save Points.

  • Private record: This is for when a player just wants to save some roleplay that they may want to reference in the future for something or want a quick way to find the roleplay without needing to search the archives for it.

Difficulty - For most scenes 25 will be the difficulty. The other difficulties are mostly related to crafting items which have a tier of build points and difficulties. If not completely sure on what to pick, just leave it on 25 for the submission and then an A/SH can help determine if a different difficulty is needed. See Crafting Rules for more information on crafting.

Scene Assistant - Nothing needs to be done here. Its a tool especially to help crafters or any scene that needs a certain amount of PP generated. This tool will populate either after the scene is saved, or when the Refresh scene button is hit. The posts in the scene will load and any rolls made will be ruled with the selected difficulty to give an idea of PP generated. (Note: The Refresh scene button currently does not update the change in difficulty, in order to see PP generated on a different difficulty setting just save the scene in the draft state to update it.)

RP Bonus - Not required, but is a perk for players that really get into the roleplay on their character for their scene. Needs to be more then one line in per post order to qualify.

RP Posts - This is where the posts that will make up the scene get added. In order to add posts click the Add items button and that will launch another window. If a window does not pop up - check your browser settings to make sure it is not being blocked in anyway. If still having issues post on the technical forums with the issue.

Once the window is open there are two fields to fill in.
Room: The name of the chat room where the role play happened. This field is required.

Character: If only needing posts from a specific character for the scene then filling in the character name will only list posts from that character. Leave blank to see posts from all characters.

Hit the Apply button to have a list of posts from a chat room show up.

Select the check boxes of the posts that are to be used in the scene.
Once the selection is made, scroll to the very bottom and hit the Submit button to add those posts to the scene.

The window will go away and now there should be a lists of the posts selected under the RP posts section.
(Note: selections will not remain when going to another page of the post selection window, so be sure to hit submit before going to another page.)

Notes - A place for extra information related to the scene, such as description of an item being made, any OOC questions relating to the scene, if learning a new skill or language information on the skill or language to be added, clarification of any goal in the scene, etc.

Change Scene evaluation state - this changes the workflow state

  • draft - keep this one selected if the scene is not ready for evaluation and its being worked on.

  • submitted - select when ready to be ruled/evaluated.

  • not for submission - select this one when the scene is for a private record with nothing that needs to be evaluated.

When all done click the Save button and the scene will be created and you will be taken to the page of the scene.

At the top of the post will be a set of tabs: View Edit Workflow. In order to change or update the scene click on the Edit tab and it will take you back to the scene creation page.




Text Color Help Guide

Where to find the Color # and Background # boxes
Text Background Colors
Color Readability Experiment Site

Here on Vaxia we are able to customize our text color of our chat posts. We even now have the option of three different background colors - so the possibilities are endless!

Our site uses hexadecimal color codes for text color
For example black text would be #000000 and white text would be #FFFFFF

Here are some websites that can help you find the Hex codes for several colors:

Do try and be respectful of the other players and keep your text color readable. This is even easier to achieve thanks to the choices we have in back ground color. So if you really like a text color but others comment about it being hard to read on the background, try selecting a different background to make it more readable.

So how do you set your text color and text background color?
    One way right underneath the chat boxes on the left hand side.
    Look for the bold text that says Color# and then in the box under that type in your color code (no need to include the # just the six letters and number combination that makes the color you want)
    Then to change the background of your text box - find the text Background# - under that will be a drop down box, click on that and then chose which color option you want to use.
Scroll down to see the pictures that demonstrate where these boxes are and the colors of the different text backgrounds, or click these links.
Where to find the Color # and Background # boxes Image
Text Background Colors Image

Try not to spam Limbo with text color adjusting.
We have a couple of places where you can do to work on finding that perfect text color and background color combination for your use.

First we have the Testing Grounds
Just like the name says it is a OOC chat room that you can use to test stuff out.

Second there is a website out there where you can change the background and the text color.
http://colaargh.blogspot.com/2013/03/colour-text-readability-experiment.... (Many thanks to Bastlynn for pointing this out!)

You can also click around on the red, green and blue bars under the words Text Color to change the text color there. Then you just look where the red circle is and that is the color code. Now this already has the background color of our chat boxes put in so when you go to that site you will have to change it from #000000 to #555555.

Here are the color codes for all our text background color options:

    Grey = #555555
    Light= #888888
    Dark= #222222



Behavior in Sessions - An Etiquette Guide

A list of common Do's and Don'ts in Sessions

Do respond to the forum announcement if you intend to come

Don't be afraid to ask the A/SH if you can join late

Do try to attend a session if you want to go and are available

Don't feel obligated to go because you haven't made it to a session in a while or because it's part of a saga your characters have been in previously. It's always okay to sit one out! Even in Saga sessions, you can get caught up with the Session Report afterwards.

Do include some notes on why your character is in the location when you post your first post for the session. It doesn't need to be expansive, just give the A/SH running some idea of what brought your character to the spot, what they were just doing or what they plan to do first now that they've arrived.

Don't be afraid to be the first one to post - someone has to start us off!

Do be sure to read the other characters' posts as much as you can. Their characters might be addressing or trying to interact with yours, or trying to coordinate approaches to a problem that needs your attention.

Don't ignore another character just because your characters haven't met IC before the session. Sessions are a great opportunity to create IC friendships or at least connections with other PCs - it's often better to focus on the PCs yours hasn't interacted with before rather than constantly sticking to the PCs you already know.

Do read the entire narration as carefully as you can. If you're able, read it twice before you post to make sure you understand what's happening, especially around your character.

Don't automatically assume your character knows everything in the narrative. If another PC spotted or uncovered something, your character may not know about it yet without asking.

Do ask the A/SH over private messages or via the OOC box if you need clarification on what's happening

Don't worry that it's just you - you'll never know until you ask, and the other players may appreciate the clarity!

Do include a quick summary in the OOC box to clarify what your character is doing when your post gets a little poetic and flavor-full. This is especially important in combat, where "defending" could mean blocking, dodging or parrying, and the A/SH rules each one differently.

Don't try to 'coach' the A/SH on how to rule your action via the OOC box, even if you're an A/SH yourself. Just let them know what your character is trying to do and trust them to rule it. You may be happily surprised!

Do try to make your posts timely. In fast-posting, that means within about 10-15 minutes of the narrative (or the PC that posted before you, if you'd like to stay in order). In Slow-Posting it means once a day. Don't be afraid to post a tiny post to get the point across if you're running short on time or distracted during the session - better a short post than a late one!

Don't break rounds by posting 2 or more times without A/SH permission. If an A/SH has specifically stated 'free posting,' then it's safe to post as often as you like, but it's still considerate of the other players to give them time to compose a post before adding another of yours.

Do what feels most natural for your PC for that situation. Sometimes that means doing nothing, sometimes that means trying to save the world. It's your character, determine their appropriate response.

Don't expect combat every session. Some sessions are more about intrigue or more creative challenges. Check the flags on the session announcement for a sense of what sort of session it will be if you prefer one type or another.

Do thank the A/SH for running if you think they did an okay job. It's a lot of work to craft and run even a so-so session, and good feedback can encourage them to run more and do better.

Don't forget that the A/SH is only human. Even in a bad session, be gentle and make sure any feedback is constructive and courteous.

Do remember to share. Whether it's sharing the spotlight in a given scene, sharing the attention of a key NPC in the session, or sharing the loot you find, remember that you're not the only player attending, and the others deserve a chance.

Don't forget to check the session report! Sometimes loot will be handled after a session, and you may have a choice to make between a number of options. Be sure to claim your rewards!





Associated Chat Rooms: 

Limbo is our primary OOC location. It's the break-room of the site, and a good location to get to know your fellow players. It is considered a strictly OOC location - so you area allowed to post on your personal account in this room. This room is a great location to ask for casual RP, or coordinate more complicated plans between players. During a session it may also be used by the A/SH to coordinate players or answer OOC questions during play.

Otherwise, the same Site Policies apply in Limbo that apply elsewhere: Be nice.




How time works in Vaxia and Sirian

How time works in Vaxia and Sirian

The worlds are persistent. Though real life may intervene, and players and even Story Hosts may come and go, it is important to remember that Vaxia proceeds in real time. Each day that passes on Earth is a day that passes in Vaxia and Sirian.

How does this work with roleplay and sessions?

While what can be a three or four hour roleplay may only take ten or twenty minutes in-character, this is a necessary evil, because of our limitations as humans -- it takes more time to type out a description than it does for those events to occur.

The same goes for sessions. A session can take four to six hours, and while that may only be ten minutes (in some cases with combat one minute), this is because we the players and storyhosts describing the actions take time.

How does this work with roleplay and sessions that take place over multiple days?

Sometimes there are sessions or roleplay that are started but not ended on the same day. IE, a player got tired, something came up, or the session was too big for one day.

In these cases, the day that the roleplay or sessions begins is generally the day that all the action takes place. So, while something may start on a Friday, and end on a Saturday, in the game those events all took place on Friday.

Sometimes there are roleplay or sessions started one day, but the players can't get back together until a few days later. In these cases, the action still takes place on the day it began.

Any exceptions should be discussed with Setting so we can keep events documented in order.

What if I was gone, but my character would have done something to stop ABC XYZ?

Unfortunately, that means your character was not involved. If you're not there to participate then we can't retroactively add your character's actions to the story. You need to be present to participate.

How does this work with roleplaying previous events (before sessions, world events, things that happened earlier)?

Sometimes you may want to roleplay before an event happened, or before a session happened. That is acceptable, so long as you are explicit about the timing. You should not, however, use this as a chance to roleplay things from more than a few weeks before, or to do anything that conflicts with prior RP. Please check with Setting for exceptions - we want to keep the course of events organized.

How does this work with roleplaying things in the future?

Sometimes you may want to jump forward a bit and rp something, because of out of real life interference, time constraints, etc. Unfortunately, that can't be done. That future roleplay may come to interfere with a session thrown that weekend, or some kind of in character event. Even if that seems harmless, it can very quickly have ramifications.

What about running a session involving an alternate past, present or future of Vaxia or Sirian?

There are alternate dimensions, pockets, Realms or whatever ever term may be used to describe these situations. However, they are non-canon. The only canon timeline is the shared timeline. Any sessions involving alternate timelines can only be run with Setting approval beforehand.

How does this affect skills?

Divination is a form of seeing into the future, however divination is either accurate or precise, it is never both. As an example, the character may see it raining and four dead bodies are found in a bakery. However, when that event turns up it may be sunny and four bodies. Or raining and three bodies. It shouldn't be raining and there be four dead bodies in the bakery. That would mean the characters can not affect their future.

Chronomancy is a very regulated skill requiring world approval. Official policy is that when a character goes back or forward in time, they're going to a different timeline, leaving the original one intact. If this is only a minute or two forward or back, and not at all world-affecting, that's usually fine, and the new timeline is declared the canon one. But if they travel farther than that, or do anything that would cause any sort of nontrivial paradox, then the original is the canon timeline after all, and since the character has traveled to a different one, he simply winks out of existence from our perspective and is irretrievably Gone, with a return to the canon timeline possible only with careful thought from the character and multiple 100s rolled.

Slow Post Session Guidelines

1. If a character is in a regular session or a slow-post session they should avoid participating in any other sessions until the first is completed. Casual RP and casual slow-post RP which seldom results in lasting consequences, is easy to nullify after the fact and your character may be in as many of those as you would like. Please try to avoid using information from unresolved sessions in your casual RP to minimize situations that may need to be nulled.**

2. SHs and Players are expected to post daily. This character is effectively tied up until this session is finished so SH's should make the effort to move things along as quickly as possibly, especially for those Players with single characters. Keep in mind that the pace for a slow post is even tighter than that for a session - keep it brisk.

3. SH's should present the idea to World ahead of time to prevent any issues down the road, such as in the event of the SH having a RL issue. That way World or another SH could step in for a short time to keep things progressing. Also, this prevents any problems coming up that may end in changing or even nulling weeks of rp.

**Specifically for the players, please keep in mind if actions happening to your C will impact more than just them. These would be life altering events such as death, jail, etc. Generally, this is related to other characters such as loved ones, friends, or family members. This may also include your involvement with other plots or businesses. If something comes up, please inform the SH so that they may make any necessary decisions or prepare for post-session events as your character will be out of time with other C's on the site.





Care and Feeding of Your Character

XP Breakdown

After your character is created and off to the races, it's good to know a few details about how the long term life of the character will be shaped.

XP Management
In Vaxia, you can earn experience points two ways: by posting in-character, and by participating in sessions.

We have XP, KXP, BXP, RXP, and HXP

70 KXP = 1 XP
XP: Experience points. This is what you will spend to make your character more powerful.
BXP: Banked experience points. These points can not be spent, but have to be unlocked through roleplaying.
RXP: Roleplaying experience points. These points can not be spent, is more like a counter for how much XP a player earned by roleplaying.
HXP: historical experience points and is a record total amount of XP the character has earned. When you retire a character you can transfer 75% of their HXP to a new character.

KXP is earned by typing out a post. The system will automatically count the characters posted and then award up to 10 KXP a post (you can't earn more then 10 KXP a in a single post). This is how a player primarily earns XP on their character. SHs can directly award XP to a character as a session reward.

Each time a character earns 1 XP by getting 70 KXP they earn 1 RXP. This RXP can not be spent in anyway, but rather acts like a counter. It does come into affect when a character gets awarded XP from a session, or when a character has BXP. If a player has 0 RXP, and they are given XP from a session, then all that XP goes into BXP and has to be unlocked. This is done by earning RXP - so in order to unlock BXP a player has to roleplay their character.

Gina has a character she goes to a session with. The RP actions she types out earns her character 1 XP (70 KXP). This means her character now has 1 XP that she can spend, and 1 RXP counter. Her character is awarded 4 XP for participating in the session. This means that now she has 2 XP and 3 BXP, and 0 RXP. She only has the 2 XP because she got 1 for her own RP, and then 1 from the award to her since she only had 1 RXP. This means the remaining 3 XP from the award goes to BXP.
The next day Gina does some casual RP with a friend, she does another 70 KXP worth of play earning another 1 XP; however since she has BXP, she also unlocks 1 BXP. Therefore earning 2 XP. So now Gina has 4 XP, 2 BXP, and 1 RXP. She can spend that 4 XP to improve her character Stats and skills.

The design is to encourage players to participate in session and non-session play (causal). There's nothing wrong sticking to just session play or casual play, but many of our players find that a blend of the two is the most rewarding tactic, and not just in terms of XP.

Money and Livelihood

While not essential for everybody, it's a good idea to review the Items List to see if there's anything you wish to purchase for your character. Items and silver are awarded during some sessions as well, and many items can be sold for their base value: just ask any SH to remove the item from your list and add the corresponding value in silver.

It's also a good idea to review the explanation of the Economy System to understand your character's Economy score, which determines their relative lifestyle in the game world. The score represents their core earnings for a given month, how nice a place they have to live in, how fancy the clothes they can afford are, etc.

The character's silver total is whatever is left over (your free spending cash). You can invest this total to slowly raise your Economy score over time. Even characters who don't have a steady in-character job have some way of getting their daily bread, which is precisely what the Economy score represents. A character can not earn more silver once they have hit their Monthly Disposable Income.

Invest in silver on your character sheet under the "Sheet" tab.

Skill Growth

As you gain XP, you can spend it on a combination of your character's stats and skills. Stats cost slightly more than skills, but there are many situations where you will have to roll a stat without any applicable skill. Both stats and skills get more expensive the higher they get, so it will often be easier to build a character with a broad scope than one who focuses in one or two particular areas.

Most characters begin play with 3 or 4 skills, but as your character gains XP, you may wish to broaden that list. Review the rules on Acquiring New Skills and Learning Languages to find out how to continue to build out your character's skill set as they grow and change.


Sad as it may seem, there sometimes comes a point where we are ready to put a character aside and move on to others. When that happens, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Retiring a character doesn't necessarily mean the character dies, simply that you're no longer playing them. If they're not dead, there's a chance other characters may go looking for them or notice their absence, so be prepared to explain what they're likely up to once you stop following their day-to-day activities.

To avoid having to start completely from scratch, you have the power to transfer your retired character's XP to a new or existing character on your account. Look over the rules for Transferring XP to get a better idea of what's involved in the transfer before you decide to go that route.

Lastly, if you do retire a character and later decide you let go too soon and want the character back, under certain conditions, an old character can be restored. This requires administrative access as well as World approval, so you'll need to post to the Forums to make the request to have your character restored.

NOTE: if you transferred the XP from the retired character to another character, and then played the new character, restoring the original character is typically impossible. Please keep that in mind before retiring a character and transferring their XP - be absolutely certain you are ready to set the old character aside.




Character Art

We have four Pinterest pages! Two for each one of our settings. One is for general environment mood and inspiration and the other is for Character Art



If you're looking for some more good places to look for character art, we have a few recommendations:

Beatriz Gonzalez

Amy Edwards

Florence Torta

Jordan Greywolf

Norma Peters

All Avatars (Down - Status Unknown)





RL: Real Life. Our own selves in this planet earth B)

OOC: Out of Context/Out of Character. These are things related with vaxia, but not entirely in character. An OOC comment is not considered part of the In Character post it comes with, its player comment, outside the fantasy world.

IC: In Character. The life of the characters in the fantasy world is IC. We are not supposed to ever modify, control or mess with it in any way. Characters live by themselves, and the IC decisions they make, and theirs alone, and should not be influenced by our OOC preferences, unless RL is at stake.

Session: A simple but deeper interaction between StoryHosts and players, it can range from having an NPC talk to you, or simple descriptive posts of whats happening around you, to a full blown quest into the dungeons of some castle to rescue some prisoner or whatnot.

PvP: Player versus Player, its actually, a character vs character confrontation, that could be deadly. An SH is required to rule this and double check every roll. PvPs can as slow as they are important.

XPs: Experience Points, they are not necessarily linked to sessions. XPs are awarded by SHs based on your roleplay, in or out of sessions. Later on, you can invest these XPs into higher Stats for your character, that reflect his growth through time.

KXPs: Kage Experience Points, are automatically given to you depending on the length of your post. 70 KXPs will become 1 XP for you. Notice that the longer the post, the more KXPs you will get. You shouldn't make posts longer than 1400 characters, they tend to slow down the pace of RP a bit. Also, spamming for KXPs is a bannable offense, don't do it.

HXPS: Historical Experience Points, are simply the total of XPS you have ever received in a character. They accumulate, never decrease, and merely show for how long and how hard you have developed a char. Player HXP is the total of HXPS of all your characters. This number grows to reflect your time in Vaxia, and roughly, how much we can trust you with other privileges and responsibilities.

Flavor XP: Flavored experience points. They have different names, (GXP, EXP, SXP etc) that stand for Good, Evil, Smart, etc. These are given my SH's based on the character's behavior in a session. They provide a feedback mechanism so you can tell what sort of personality your character is portraying.

Stats and Traits

LFE: Life
HLT: Health
END: Endurance
CON: Constitution
STR: Strength
AGI: Agility
DEX: Dexterity
FIN: Finesse
INT: Intelligence
AWA: Awareness
SPI: Spirituality
PRE: Presence
CHA: Charisma
APP: Appearance


NPC: Non-player character.

ONPC: Open non-player character, an NPC that can be controlled by any ASH or SH.

C: Character. A player's character.

Newbie: A new player.

NH: Newbie Helper, a player especially trained who volunteers to answer questions for newbies, give some guided tours and help in whatever fashion.

ASH: Apprentice Story Host, normally referred to those learning to be a Story Host.

SH: Story Host, these are the people who run sessions on the site and keep the site active and lively. They do exciting things like breathing life into NPCs, or describing what goes on in the world around you, and tell the consequences of the acts your Characters do, and what happens to them. They also do a lot of not so exciting things necessary for the community, like evaluating new sheets, approving items and the like.

PC: Player character, see "C".


BI: Bards Inn one of the most popular places for new characters. Allows all kinds in as long as there is no fighting.

GGI: Green Grape Inn A very classy, luxurious high quality noble place before.

Limbo : A chat room for out of character conversation so players can arrange for character to meet, discuss ideas and thoughts.





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