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Buck Wildstar Adventures Series
Chandler Hobach's ten-part series "Buck Wildstar Adventures," a wretchedly written collection of dime novels of a fictionalized "wild west" version of the formation of the Rohearn city-states. Buck Wildstar, the main character, is a grizzled ace gunslinger from Bolivnia. The books are a loose amalgam of cheap action scenes and atrocious dialog, and yet they sell like hotcakes. Science has yet to explain why.

Music exists much like it does in the real world, but with a bit more focus on electric, techno and house music. A popular pastime on fleet is writing music to be played in Extravia's Live club. It is also relatively easy to create your own 'channel' and be broadcast over the intraweb or locally.

Battle Buddy song! "When you hear the sound of battle, don’t you get too scared. Just grab your battle buddy, and say these psionics words: “Fuck you, Mutaren You can suck my dick. You can’t get me, Mutaren, because you’re just God’s farts."

Television Shows/Movies
As popular as they ever were, with movie serials and sagas being a big focus. Military movies are the most popular currently, as the Fleet taking off into space is a source of pride for Sirian.

On the Extravia there is a holographic games system built into the central social gathering location of the ship as follows:

This Holographic Suite is designed primarily for head to head games. The games are viewable from projected screens around the balcony showing team statistics, individual players, or specific angles and encounters happening in the game. The Club has begun to become popular after the Ship’s Crew began hosting games a few times a week. Until now, Extravia personnel previously only knew it about.

Current Popular Games:

StellarAce: A flying simulator with a head to head competition of fleeing from an objective to a starship through an asteroid field. And Combat mode of trying to capture something from an enemy satellite.

Team Fortress: A classic team verses team game involving a set of buildings or mazes where one team must stop the other from capturing their base. There is an optional “Free For All Assassin” feature allowing one player to move about and kill anyone at his or her leisure adding a new level of challenge.

Head to Head:– A classic dueling scenario. It can involve physical combat, gunplay, psionics, anything you can throw at the other person causing them no permanent physical harm. Ohh, it does hurt though.

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Vaxian Empire
The Vaxian Empire does not regulate Marriage It does not tax or treat married people any differently than any other sort of individual. Marriages are often conducted in churches, but any couple (or group) can declare themselves married and the Empire makes no distinction.

Divorce in the Empire is as simple as marriage is. If a couple is registered as married with a church, they will typically present themselves to the church for divorce. Other than that, divorce is considered to have occurred whenever all parties involved declare it to be so. If disputes over property or child custody cannot be settled amicably between the parties themselves, outside arbitration is usually necessary, but this does not have to be government arbitration.

Marriage and divorce are handled in much the same way by the government of GHOUL

Elves Elves (aside from city elves) typically do not engage in the human activity of 'marriage'. Two partners will form a life bond, which works just the same way as a typical marriage, except the ceremony itself is somewhat more private. Elves claim never to form life bonds for any reason other than pure love. Neither adultery nor breaking a life bond occurs with much frequency and both are strongly frowned upon in elven culture and result in ostracizing.

Marriage among the Nethar is typically a purely business contract, typically performed without fanfare or elaborate ceremony for the purpose of strengthening both Houses involved. Nethar occasionally marry for love, but this is frowned upon. Oddly, breaking a marriage contract is as frowned upon in Nethar culture as it is among the elves, but adultery is accepted and common (though children born from adultery are often treated as second-class citizens or simply aborted or killed, due to the importance of pedigree amongst the Nethar).

Shi Inkahan
Shinkan marriage ceremonies tend to be elaborate and expensive affairs, especially among the aristocracy. Arranged marriage is very common in Shi Inkahan. Families that have had good relations in the past tend to arrange to have their children marry, or else marriages will be arranged for optimum social benefit. Upward mobility tends to be limited, as hierarchy, order, and structure are of paramount importance at all levels of society, but love marriages are not generally condemned. Divorce is generally a great scandal on the rare occasions that it occurs at all.






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