History Of The Baaal'ock Clan

History Of The Baaal'ock Clan And Their Fall

Long ago, when the race of man was still in its infancy the elven race was split by a Great War. The Elves have always followed a clan-based structure, were, although individually many deities are followed as whole each clan has one or two patron gods. Around this time a young goddess was beginning to take followers upon herself, Qua’ress queen of insects, she who births a thousand young every spring and devours them each in turn every winter. Several clans of elves began to follow her, driven further and further from their brethren. Among these clans was the Clan Of Baal’ock who dwelled in the great coniferous forests that blanketed the north near what is now grom and meribor. The Baal’ock were master of metal, for they posses weapons of iron and steel when there brethren had only copper and flint for blades and heads for there arrows. To the Baal’ock the violent emotions were not things to be surprised but things to tap, to use them to bring you unimaginable strength. They Built huge pyramidal temples to Qua’ress, whish towered above the trees like no building prior to that time, and within these temples they had massive wood fired forges, every tree a sacrifice to there goddess, and every sacrifice of flesh was burned to fuel these forges swell. The smoke choked the sky.

War broke out among the neighbors of the Baal’ock and themselves… the Baal’ock gathered all other followers of Qau’ress to them and amassed a great army, They were led by Xharlayix Nightwind known as the wicked, who wore for her clothing the skin of her victims, and used there femurs for the hilts of her twin singautas.

The war lasted over a thousand years, hundreds of casualties on both sides, battles raging among elves, those who would be Nethar allied or not with the Baal’ock reigned deviation of there brethren. And the forests of the north where reduced to little more than carrion and ash before the final battle took its hold, for the Baal’ock had been driven into there last remaining city, revealed there most horrific creates, golems of iron and stone 5 meters high, armed with massive hammers and flails stormed from there gates, rending the a third forces laying siege on the cursed city into a thick paste before the warriors of iron were finally destroyed. The battle lasted 7 years before, in there finale throws of death the clan of Baal’ock consumed itself in a massive blood sacrifice… letting. Calling forth a swarm of locust so thick that it blacked out the sun for 9 days, consuming all vegetation in its path.

In the end, though the Baal’ock were no more and, after such defeat, the remaining clans loyal to Qua’ress hid themselves in the bowls of the earth and cursed the sun, and those elves who stilled dwelled beneath it.

And so they dwelled, brooding in there dark caverns, an odd sort of self consuming stability granted to them bye there brutal society, at least until the Darkest Night when, as the ancient gods returned from eons of banishment, Qua’ress finally fell, and the power she had granted her followers also disappeared. Leaving them scrambling for every demon, demigod, or charismatic leader whom would supply them with a replacement.






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