Knights Aleator

  • Status of Organization Active
  • Active Membership 45
  • Where Based and Areas of Influence Iskrania
  • Leadership Vindrish Balray
  • Legal Status In good standing
  • Distinguishing Marks TBD
  • Known Enemies Servants of Kosmo’s’ Mercy
  • Known Allies

  • Origins and History
  • In 2950 a small group of those in the Church of Noxnoctis had grown tired of what they felt was too much bureaucracy impending their advancements and idealogy. So they broke off and formed their own religious cult.

    Not wanting to repeat the same mistakes as Noxnoctis, they decided on keeping their leadership small, with those proving to be the most suited through a combination of ideas and feats of strength.

    The first was a man whom was a brilliant strategist, but was also quite erratic and eccentric. But in his time of lead, his strategies helped the group sustain themselves in the chaotic and rabid nature of Iskrania. Though eventually he disappeared and the group went through a series of leaders all trying to prove their methods would work. Even with the fluctuations the Knights survived having managed to carve themselves out a niche in Iskrania.

    They did manage to recruit others to their group, playing to those that wanted a sense of freedom from the yoke of too structured order and hierarchies. The other churches, syndicates, and groups did not see the Knights as much of a threat, if anything it could be said some helped them cull the herd of the not worthy.

    In 3005 when the war in Iskrania broke out some former members had returned and helped convinced the Knights to take action to claim a more prominent spot within the city, to help further ‘liberate’ its people from the oppressive order of hierarchies. Playing into their niche, and the promise of having Iskranian’s keep the city, they recruited those lost in the falling of the churches and general population that had become irritated at foreigners using this chaos to invade their city.

    This allowed them to rise to better prominence with the city, as they not alone held their own against the other remaining factions, but even took on GHOUL forces when provoked. This helped them remain in some form of power once the dust was settled, still boasting they are a power of Iskrania and swear to bring freedom in chaos to the people.

    They often clash with the Servants of Kosmo with lingering wounds from the last faction war, and that they represent the very essence of strict order and hierarchy they rally against.

  • Organization structure
  • There is no real formal structure. Leadership can often change hands depending on the current political/cultural climate.

    The closest organization structure they have is the leader at current, whom often chooses one or two others to work alongside them. They mostly represent the group politically, while also serving as a group mediator and help manager group resources.

    Any member may challenge for lead, and it can be any kind of challenge so long as it proves in some form they can represent the Knights and have their best interests in mind.

    Members are encouraged to be largely autonomous in their pursuits and actions. This often leads to many of the sermons served to be unique, erratic, and a bit eccentric.

  • Current projects / Interests
  • Membership related information:
    • How to join: Any member can bring in new recruits, or anyone interested can talk to a new member.
    • Any benefits of membership: After gaining a certain level of trust members can gain access to resources collected by the group (Requires rep 15 and above)
    • How to maintain membership and obligations: There are no hard requirements for remaining a member, though members get from the Knights what they put in.
    • How to leave (if you can): Leaving is easy, you just renounce them. However depending on what you may have been involved in, members may retaliate.
    • How to get kicked out and any punishments incurred: Removal can occur if you do anything that can be considered a betrayal, or attempt to impose strict rules or order. Most punishments will involve a smear campaign to ruin one’s reputation, and drive them out of Iskrania. Some members may seek more physical retributions.




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