Children of the Infinite Memory

Children of the Infinite Memory

  • Active Membership: 20
  • Where Based: Ramsalon
  • Leadership: Caiaphas
  • Distinguishing Marks: A black masquerade mask with golden flecks around the eyes, like rays from a drawing of the sun, and the Inkahani character for "infinity" on the brow.

The Children of the Infinite Memory are cultists formed around an initial chance encounter with a powerful spiritus mage named Caiaphas, who convinced them he was a demon from a dark world, come to claim Vaxia for his own. He promised them great power if they assisted him in the endeavor, pointedly recruiting alchemists and practitioners of the forbidden magicks, notably blood magic and spiritus magic.

The Children of the Infinite Memory worship Caiaphas as a sort of dark god, calling him "The Infinite Memory" for his ability to possess others, and the fact that none of them has seen his corporeal form. They have been led to believe that he is coming to claim the world and subjugate all in it, and that in helping him, they will be granted places of great power to rule over all who survive.

Beliefs as to the exact nature of the Infinite Memory or his plane of origin differ from member to member within the organization. Some consider him a "lord of hell," a dimension of unending, personalized punishment, while others feel he originates from the Void an endless expanse of pure nothingness. The 'demon' himself has never confirmed any one philosophy, telling any followers who ask that the answer itself would be enough to drive them literally mad.

The Children of the Infinite Memory have been encountered twice: once in the forests outside Ramsalon, and again in Manida Memorial Hospice in the Beth Bow region of the city.

In the forest, they were making ritualistic sacrifices in the marshes, leading up to the attempted (but thwarted) sacrifice of a soldier of the Elven Alliance kidnapped from the outpost. All members there encountered were slain in the course of rescuing the elven scout, with the last being briefly possessed by Caiaphas himself before biting off and swallowing his own tongue.

The hospice was an elaborate ruse created to capitalize on the destitution following the Inkahani Invasion of the city. With housing, schooling and food for the homeless in the area, the hospice seemed like a boon, which was precisely what the cultists were counting on. During the night, their members would take blood samples and inject strange alchemical drugs into many of the sleeping boarders. Said boarders began to report strange nightmares, but the in-hospice clinic naturally assured them is was merely a result of trauma suffered during the invasion and succeeding months.

In secret, in a laboratory in the sewer access behind the hospice building, the members of the Infinite Memory were working on using the blood and dreams of their patrons to conjure and bind spirits and raw spirit energy to the area. What final purpose their experiments had has yet to be revealed.

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