Dhilantis was one of the larger yet weaker churches in Iskrania They had no firm beliefs but were the religion of spontaneity, changing their beliefs and views to fit what the common man wished to hear. If the popular word was that Kosmo was an elf, then they modified their belief to reflect that. They were desperate for funds and members, they were by far the most invested in machines, using them to perform most tasks in their district. Their color was purple and their fighting force was called Legion, a sizable army of machines of various size and shape, magically programmed and commanded by the priests.

Dhilantis was crushed by the church of Antioch's Knights Aleator but their indistinct beliefs and use of machines fit well into the larger church, so they were subsumed pretty much whole.

a Dhantilis priest wrote:

And Lo, Did Kosmo Come Unto The People...

Who is Kosmo? Well, who is he to you? Reach inside yourself, and you will feel Kosmo there, and you will come to know him. Fear not these dogmas the other churches proclaim. Kosmo spoke no dogma. He is different for each of us, and each of us has a different relationship with him. All he asks is that we acknowledge him, and serve him as best we know how. The Church Dhantilis; robed in the royal purple which Kosmo passed down to us, to let us know that we are all kings and queens in our own way; will serve him, and serve the people, faithfully, always. Have you a need, my child? You must but only ask, and you shall receive. Kosmo's grace shines upon you, and and go in peace.

Edvard Nym, Owner of Nym Parts (8 factories) wrote:

Dhantilis The opiate for the masses. A situational religion. A useful ally, too, worth every penny we pay them. Kosmo knows those plebes would have rebelled years ago without the distractions that church gives them. And the games. Oh, those'll be rich. Might even be able to lower wages again without too much hassle.




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