"By His Light Shall They See, And By His Grace Shall They Be Saved."

Diliculo was one of the stricter and holier churches of Iskrania They believed that Kosmo now called Lion, was a kind and gentle man that used the powers of peace and charm to save their ancestors from the Ramsalonian troops. Their color was obviously white, their beliefs were those of peace, kindness and good will. Their fighting force was known as Lion's Pride, burly men, all of which have red hair and are versed in the arts of the Whiteflame, a holy magical art.

Their beliefs were very compatible with that of the Followers of Light so when the FoL rose to power, the Diliculo submitted after only a little resistance, and their organization was subsumed whole and became a significant portion of the FoL, helping to influence their beliefs in the direction of charity and kindness to the poor.

Church of Diluculo wrote:

Pride. The heart of darkness. The original sin, the birthplace of evil, the destroyer of men and angels. Pride. That which cannot be escaped. Intellectually, the Priests of the White Cloth know this. But they also know that the game must be played, and played hard, if the Truth is to survive in Iskrania. The truth being that Kosmo was a man of kind heart and gentle word, and that peace is the true way of Kosmo. They know that peace must be fought for just as any other prize, and fight they do. They are, in truth, among the most cunning of the churches. In open battle, they are a force to be reckoned with, a power only the Black Church can even hope to match. The Lions of the White Pride fight with a righteous anger and a holy passion that makes them all but unstoppable, even without the use of Whiteflame. Wield the Fire of Angels, their presence strikes fear into the stoutest heart. The fear of Kosmo. The certainty that sin and pride will have their reckoning, that a day judgement does await us all. When the White Pride goes to battle, it can be seen across the city, as brilliant light gleams over the skyline, blinding in its intensity, and cracks like thunder roll through the streets.

But rarely do they go to battle. The Church Diluculo is perhaps the most tactical church in the city. Its leaders are renowned, not only as warriors of the faith, but as manipulators, men and women of incredible skill at the games of faith. They know that they alone are Iskrania's one hope for salvation, they the only keepers of the truth, the only ones who can lead the people of Iskrania down the paths of righteousness. They must survive, and in the end, they must win, or there is no hope. It is said that no action of the White Church achieves less than three goals at once, that every word spoken by the White church has three meanings. It is said that if one tries to decipher a word or action of the White Church, one will come to the conclusion that "that's just what they want you to think." It is said that some analysts of been driven insane, looping over than one thought, stacking it on itself until their minds rebelled. It is said that that's just what they want you to think, that the real meaning is instead much simpler, and that the White Church lets its plans be overanalyzed by design. Of course, it is also said that that's just what they want you to think. It is said that no other church acts but in the direction and manner the White Church permits, guided thus by the subtlest, most complete manipulation imaginable. It is said that the White Church gives freely, yet no gift comes without its price. It is said that the White Church manufactures destinies as the factories produce robots. It is said, within the White Church, that the White Cloth bends to the winds of time. It is whispered, within the White Church, that when eyes are straightened in the end, the world will see who was really bent, and who was really straight.

Beware the Church Diluculo. They really are there to help you. No one in need of healing will ever be turned away, nor will one who comes in search of guidance be sent away but with the wisdom of kings and a clear path to success. No price will ever be asked, no debt ever called, but those who go to them have a way of discovering hidden destinies in short order, of finding themselves turned inexorably down a path they never intended. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. It is impossible to anticipate the White church.





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