Diseases and Curses

Diseases and Curses

Diseases and Curses are conditions or a disorder of structure or function that can that affects part or all of an organism. In some cases a disease is how a curse manifests itself.

Many of the conditions tend to have a negative impact on the organism causing it to get sick. Though some can be transformative, changing the organism in some way.

Curses are largely magical in nature. Some curses may cause animals that are not accustomed to the magic to become nervous or agitated.

Diseases can be both magical and non magical in nature. Some non-magical diseases may also be mistaken to be a curse.

Many diseases are rather simply to cure with natural and magical remedies, however there are some that have become more resistant to either approach.

Here are some of the more known diseases and curses in the setting:

    Byrk's Warts


    The common cold


    The Purple Death

    Black Hand Curse - The curse that was used to turn people into Drads This curse was broken when Razzine and Merguth disappeared, removing the source.

    The Black Oil Plague

    Ox Lake Transformation - a disease that is caused by exposure to the toxic sludge pumped from Iskrania into Ox Lake. Victims are often physically deformed, especially if exposed during the pregnancy, leprosy like symptoms.

    Vampirism - a necromantic curse that turns someone into a kind of Undead that must use the lifeforce of others to survive.

    Therianthropy - A shapeshifting curse tied to the phases of the moon. During the time of the full moon a werebeast may undergo a forced change and is feral being a danger to even loved ones.