Followers of Light

Followers of Light

  • Status of Organization - Inactive - they were dismantle after their defeat to GHOUL in 3009 though many of the surviving members joined the Servant's of Koso's mercy

  • Active Membership - None

  • Where Based and Areas of Influence - Formerly Iskrania
  • Leadership - Atellus, Hemitz Meitner Kazu Vedu and Ceres Curie

  • Legal Status - Wanted criminals in Iskrania and GHOUL

  • Distinguishing Marks - Nine pointed star/asterisk

  • Known Enemies - GHOUL, Knights of Aleator, Senphara Nox

  • Known Allies
    • History

      In the early 3000s, some members of the Diluculo church felt that they were becoming too lax in their beliefs. They felt they had gone from truly standing for all that was holy to merely becoming more pawns in the polotical power games of Iskrania. In time these members began to congregate on their own. Preaching on how it was only a matter of time for them to return Diluculo to its proper glory and the weapon to purge evil from the world. The movement soon gained momentum, with Atellus, Hemitz Meitner, Kazu Vedu, and Ceres Curie at the front of the moment. Together they organized and led the movement turning it into a full fledge faction of its own calling themselves the Followers of Light

      Under more formal leadership the Followers of Light quickly gained traction, rapidly gaining popularity within Diluculo, evening gaining members from the highest ranks of the church whom was not about to turn away such an opportunity. Soon any of those that would question the dogma of the Followers of Light within Diluculo was ostricized. After a couple of years the Followers of Light had complete control of Diluculo.

      They were then able to use Diluculo's resources and information to begin the next phase of their plan. Taking on the other churches. They were able to convince a few of Iskrania's syndicates to join their plan with the promise of opportunity to have power and control of the city, as well as opening up what limited magic access there was to the syndicates. With the aide of the syndicates the Follower's of Light were able to bring down Iskrania's city wide magic controlling grid.

      Once it was discover the magic control grid was no longer in operation, all hell broke loose between the other churhes, the syndicates, and zone of mages. The Follower's of Light was able to take advantage of this along with a mix of subterfuge, magical items, and continuing assistances of the syndicates to unseat and take over the territories of Plornim and Veuris They were also to take a portion of Khastenk's territory and resources. Using the infrastructure from these conquests, they swiftly climb a lofty position of power in Iskrania, taking a majority control of the city.

      In 3009 the Followers of Light were defeated by GHOUL. This lead to a dissolvation of the Followers of Light with all their leaders captured, dead or vanished. As part of the negotiations of their surrender to GHOUL the remaining members of the Followers of Light would sign an oath that they would never take up arms against GHOUL again would be allowed to form the Servants of Kosmo's Mercy.


      The basis of the beliefs of the Follower's of Light was the same as the Church of Diluculo, as they were once a faction of the church before over taking it. They also believed Kosmo was one whom was kind and gentle that used the powers of peace and charm to save their ancestors. Though the Follower's believed fervently that Kosmo was indeed a a perfect god of light, life, holiness, righteousness and goodness.

      The central belief was the idea of achieving an Utopia. If they could vanquish all evil in the world, then Necromos (whom to them was akin to the Devil) would be defeated, and Kosmo would return to the world. He would then bring all the righteous to come rule over the world, where everything would be perfect and the righteous would live forever.

      Kosmo's Laws
      In order to be one of the righteous to live in Utopia one had to follow to the word Kosmo's Laws and to cleanse themselves of sin. The three main laws were one must not practice evil, suffer abominations to live, or allow evil to be practiced upon you. According to them the most common evils/abominations included, but not limited to:

      • Undead of any kind
      • Werebeasts
      • Orcs Goblins Trolls Ogres Giants and, Nethar
      • Constructs of any kind
      • Magic that animates or makes use of deceased beings or parts of the body
      • Magic that affects the mind
      • Magic that makes use of manipulating Time
      • Magic that makes use of shadows
      • Magic which alters the natural state of the body
      • Sex out of wedlock, rape, prostitution
      • Gambling, combat for sport
      • Torture, cruel & unusual punishment (actions done in the name of repenting or cleansing sins was not considered torture or cruel and unusual)
      • Slavery
    • Organization structure

      Grand Bishop - the leader of the Followers of Light.
      Bishop - also known as the High Priests. There was 8 of these at any time and they who ran the cathedrals.
      Priests - same rank as Paladins - referred to as Father or Mother, focus on studying various holy magics or other related magical talents approved by the Bishops and academics
      Paladins - same rank as Priests - primarily focused on physical combat and rooting out evil
      Monks - referred to as Brother or Sister - who did most of the busy work in the Church while working on their training to become a paladin or priest.
      Acolytes - trainees just starting their climb in the ranks.
      Parishioners - civilian participants of the Church.

      Notble Members:

      Grand Bishops

      • Grand Bishop Atellus


      • Bishop Prospero
      • Bishop Sergei Silversmith
      • Bishop Persephone Tussex
      • Bishop Ceres Curie
      • Bishop Kazu Vedu, deceased
      • Bishop Chastity Drayka, deceased
      • Bishop Hemitz Meitner, deceased
      • Two others killed in late Altar and early Vesta of 3009.

      Other Members

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