Iskrania Religions

The Religions of Iskrania

All religion in Iskrania is centered around the story of Kosmos, the founder of the very city as well.

However the doctrines can vary greatly, with ranges of factions proclaiming Kosmos had ascended to godhood to those considering them as mortal, but more as a prophet type being as an inspiration to the people that would make the city grow.

The citizens of Iskrania can get very passionate about their views and confrontations and conflicts are part of daily life as one of the most holiest events was Kosmo creating the proverbial line in the sand which they had used to hold the Vaxian Empire's forces at bay. Tenacity and force of will being seen as akin to passion of one's beliefs.

Here are some of the common religious organizations, though the doctrines of Kosmos is prevalent everywhere in Iskrania.